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... an endless passion for people, for music, for charity, for love, and our God.

ChristianDance.eu is an independently owned Christian ministry. We are constantly looking for ways to support Christian artists and improve the listening experience for listeners. Music is an extremely powerful way to spread the word about all that God has blessed us with. If we somehow were able to help save one soul through our ministry, we feel that it is well worth it to do a million times more to save one more.

Support us as we continue to promote Christian music through multiple channels. As influencer, we promote Christian music by curating playlists on various streaming services, posting about new Christian music releases to our website, Facebook, and Twitter feeds, transcribing & submitting lyrics to Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Amazon, & other services, and helping (new) artists on their journey to expand the reach of their released Christian music.

How we make a difference...

Music has the power to change moods and minds. We believe that our hearts are built on the foundation of our thoughts. The heart is molded and shaped by our thoughts. Thoughts are the blueprint of the heart, and the heart becomes the image of its thoughts. (Proverbs 23:7 - “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”)

We are what we think and what we fill our thoughts with. We believe that playlists filled with positive music help to keep our focus on God. The same applies to lyrics that are made more visible. We hope and pray that our efforts will, in some way or other, contribute to touching and turning people's hearts toward our God.

We can assure our readers and listeners that they are listening to / reading about Christian music and that none of the lyrics will offend or contradict a Christian lifestyle.

We are proud to be unashamedly identified as a faith-based, Christian Music promotor & Christian playlist curator.


Our beliefs are simple. We believe that Christ is the son of God. We believe that He died for our sins and rose again. Although we cannot see or touch him, Jesus remains alive today, just as He was on the first Easter morning. We call Jesus “Lord” because He has saved us from the power of death and the power of sin and because, through His sacrifice, we are able to know the fullness of God’s love for us.

Likewise, we believe Jesus will return to the earth one day in order to complete what He started by creating a world in which peace, justice, and love rule. Such an event is viewed with joyful anticipation by those who believe in Christ. In Jesus, we learned that even death could not stop God's plan and activity, so no matter what happens, we will always have hope in life.

We also believe that DANCE is a Biblical form of worship. David danced for the Lord, as seen in Psalms. The Lord takes pleasure in our dancing and singing. That's why we want to help make Christian (DANCE) music easily accessible. Our faith is firmly grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we believe that the Bible is the Word of God; inspired, infallible, and unchangeable from Genesis to Revelation (2 Timothy 3:16).

It's fine if you don't agree with us or believe the same things we do. The only thing we ask is respect for our Christian faith and way of life. Whatever your beliefs, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

More about our activities

Our activities also include screening music, maintaining a music database, corresponding with artists (& agents/labels) about their releases / collaborations / lyrics / etc., publishing lyrics, managing playlists on major streaming platforms, and publishing overviews of (the best) Christian music releases and Top 100 Christian music charts to anyone that is interested.

New Releases

We support New Releases by posting about new releases to our blog and Facebook page. We also have playlists dedicated to New Releases. These New Music Friday playlists will sync across from Spotify to a number of streaming platforms (from Spotify to Deezer, and YouTube). We also transcribe and publish lyrics for select songs, so that the lyrics appear on various services, e.g. while listening to a song.

Top 50/100 Charts

We also have the privilege to access data on how often songs have been streamed on the major online music streaming platforms. We use this data to create our own Top 50/100 charts for a number of Christian music genres. We humbly call this an example of 'Christian Crowd Sourcing', because we use your combined listening behavior on streaming services to create our weekly charts.

Interested in how we curate our playlists? Then the following article may be interesting to you:

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