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... an endless passion for people, for music, for charity, for love, and our God... and it is growing beyond our wildest dreams!

ChristianDance.eu is an independently owned Christian ministry. We are constantly looking for ways to support Christian artists and improve the listening experience for listeners. Music is an extremely powerful way to spread the word about all that God has blessed us with. If we somehow were able to help save one soul through our ministry, we feel that it is well worth it to do a million times more to save one more.  

Support us as we continue to promote Christian music through multiple channels and activities. 

Many artists tell us that we are such a blessing... but it is not us! God is in charge, He is in control! We are grateful to be instruments in His hands and be eye witnesses to a much larger plan.

We publish a free weekly overview New Music releases on our website, RSS feeds, and as playlists. Every week we collect data on new Christian music releases, every week, and usually within hours of the release. Because of our extensive coverage and rapid publication, an increasing number of Christian radio stations/networks, journalists, bloggers, music fans, and others rely on our New Music overviews (primarily via our website and RSS feeds). We cannot guarantee artists any results from this placement, but these overviews do bring music closer to the Program Makers, Directors, and Editors who make program/media content decisions. This placement is not only valuable in terms of music marketing, it also contributes to the effectiveness of the off-page SEO (Search Engine Results) for artists online release marketing activities.

We also curate playlists on various streaming services, help artists monetize their song lyrics, and constantly look for new opportunities to help (new) artists on their journey to expand the reach of their released Christian music.

How we make a difference...

We are proud to be unashamedly identified as a faith-based, Christian Music promotor & Christian playlist curator. 


Our passion is to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through music. In 2001, MercyMe released a song called 'Word of God Speak'. The lyrics of this song describe our intense feelings... "I'm finding myself at a loss for words, and the funny thing is it's okay. The last thing I need is to be heard, but to hear what You would say". We are frequently overwhelmed by the noise of each day, making it difficult to hear what He wants us to hear. Christian music has the ability to drown out the noise in our heads. "I'm finding myself in the midst of You, beyond the music, beyond the noise. All that I need is to be with You... and in the quiet hear Your voice." 

We work to promote Christian music, and while we tell ourselves that we are doing so to help the artists, the reality is that we are helping ourselves by helping others. We often feel blessed as we listen to artists sharing beautiful testimonies in their songs, honest testimonies about the glory of God, how His door is always open, waiting for us to knock and enter... These testimonies are also shaping us, keeping us focused, and filling us with a desire:"to be still and know that You're in this place. Please let me stay and rest in Your holiness."
We know that He is leading, guiding, and walking alongside us, helping us in finding a path that will eventually lead us to Him, no matter how often we stumble or fall. We frequently rushed to break the deafening silence, and as we grow we find the courage to admit... " I'm finding myself at a loss for words, and the funny thing is, it's okay!"


Our beliefs are simple. We believe that Christ is the son of God. We believe that He died for our sins and rose again. Although we cannot see or touch him, Jesus remains alive today, just as He was on the first Easter morning. We call Jesus “Lord” because He has saved us from the power of death and the power of sin and because, through His sacrifice, we are able to know the fullness of God’s love for us.

Likewise, we believe Jesus will return to the earth one day in order to complete what He started by creating a world in which peace, justice, and love rule. Such an event is viewed with joyful anticipation by those who believe in Christ. In Jesus, we learned that even death could not stop God's plan and activity, so no matter what happens, we will always have hope in life.

We also believe that DANCE is a Biblical form of worship. David danced for the Lord, as seen in Psalms. The Lord takes pleasure in our dancing and singing. That's why we want to help make Christian (DANCE) music easily accessible. Our faith is firmly grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we believe that the Bible is the Word of God; inspired, infallible, and unchangeable from Genesis to Revelation (2 Timothy 3:16).

It's fine if you don't agree with us or believe the same things we do. The only thing we ask is respect for our Christian faith and way of life. Whatever your beliefs, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

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