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... an endless passion for people, for music, for charity, for love, and our God.

Our passion is Christian music. If our ministry somehow contributes to saving one soul, we feel that it is worth it to do a million times more to save one more.

All of our activities are 100% independent. Music picks and featured artists reflect our personal taste (which is not for sale). We curate playlists on various music streaming services, send news updates to our ChristianDance.eu Facebook page & Twitter feed, create podcast episodes to share newly released music, and help (beginning) artists publish their musical work to online music streaming platforms and online music stores.

Our motivation is to help you find new Christian music and artists, as well as support musical talent. There is so much good music and serious talent out there.

Music can help change moods and minds. For some people their whole life is about (their) music. It’s how they identify who they are. They wake up and fall asleep with earbuds in their ears listening to their favorite music. We believe that if we can create playlist with good and positive music, then music becomes a seed that will grow and help to soften a hardened heart. Perhaps it may help a person to make a decision to consider going to church with their friend… We dedicate our efforts to God and hope it will help to touch people and turn their hearts and minds to the Lord.

Our listeners can be confident that they will be listening to music from Christian artists and there will not be anything offensive or contradicting a Christian lifestyle in the lyrics.

The efforts of our team are not only aimed at our listeners, but do what we can to support artists on their journey to reach people and expand their fan-base. We provide a platform to support new / less known and well-known Christian music artists in their efforts to reach larger audiences.

  1. We use our digital platforms to promote artists and their music.

  2. Create and promote playlists on multiple streaming platforms (e.g. Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, and Youtube).

  3. Connect fans to the artists.

  4. Help starting artists in the Netherlands with the recording.

  5. Mastering of musical work.

  6. Publishing to Online Music Streaming Platforms and Online Music Stores.

We feel honored and privileged to unashamedly identify ourselves as a faith-based, Christian publisher / playlist curator.


What we believe is simple. Jesus Christ is the son of God. He died for our sins and rose again. We believe that Jesus is as alive today as he was on the first Easter morning and that he is present with us today, even though we cannot see him or physically touch him. We call Jesus “Lord” because he has saved us from the power of death and the power of sin and because, through his sacrifice, we are able to know the fullness of God’s love for us.

We also believe that Jesus will one day return to the earth to complete the task of creating a world where justice, peace and love rule and evil is no more. To those who believe in Christ, such an event is seen with joyful anticipation. Because Jesus showed that not even death can stop God’s purpose and God’s activity, we know that we have life and hope forever.

We also believe that DANCE is a Biblical form of worship. As seen in Psalms, David danced for the Lord. The Lord finds pleasure in our dancing as well as our singing. This is why we want to make Christian (DANCE) music easily accessible. Our belief is firmly rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ and we believe that the Bible is the Word of God; inspired, infallible and unchangeable from Genesis to Revelation (2 Timothy 3:16).

We have no issues if you don’t agree or believe the same things we do. All we ask for is respect for our beliefs and our Christian way of living. Regardless of what you do or do not believe... YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

More about our activities

Our activities also include screening music, maintaining a music database, corresponding with artists (& agents/labels) about their releases / collaborations / lyrics / etc., manage playlists on major streaming platforms, and provide the best new releases of Christian Dance music for broadcasting to internet radio stations (upbeat CCM, CEDM, Trance & CHH).

New Releases

We support New Releases by posting about new releases to our blog and Facebook page. We also have a playlists dedicated to New Releases. This new releases playlist will sync across from Spotify to a number of streaming platforms (from Spotify to Deezer, YouTube, and Qobuz).

Top 50/100 Charts

We also have the privilege to access data on how often songs have been streamed on the major online music streaming platforms. We use this data to create a Top 50/100 charts for a number of Christian Music genres. We humbly call this an example of Christian Crowd Sourcing, that is enabling us to create the charts every week.

Support artists with publishing their work to Online Music Streaming Platforms and Online Stores

Not every (beginning) artist has been able to find a way to publish their Musical Work to the Online Music Streaming Platforms and Online Stores. We help (beginning) artists to get their music published. We can help with:

  • recording and post production (depends on the location of the artist)

  • mastering of their recording

  • creating cover art

  • publishing to Online Music Streaming Platforms and Online Music Stores

  • financing the costs for publishing

  • administration & collection of royalties

  • and making royalty payments to artists

As you can see, we are performing quite a large number of activities to reach people with music they love and can trust, and to support artists in their efforts to reach larger audiences.

Interested in how we curate our playlists? Then the following article may be interesting to you:

Ways you can help ChristianDance.eu

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  • Spend one or more hours a week as a volunteer - Would you like to support ChristianDance.eu as a volunteer? More details about volunteer work on our volunteers page. Due to limited resources we may not be able to respond as quickly as we would like, please be patient and thank you for thinking of us. (Click here for an overview of the volunteer teams.)

  • Pray for us! - Please add ChristianDance.eu and its staff to your prayer lists! We can always use your spiritual support!

* NOTE: ChristianDance.eu is an independently owned ministry. We are NOT directly associated with any band, artist, record label, other ministry, church, corporation or organization.

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