Our Volunteers

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We currently have one person leading the team (also working in other roles)

Internet team

This team deals with everything related to our internet presence.

We currently have 1 person (in the Netherlands) who is managing our website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, and all of the technical details (such as housing, hosting, domain, sub-domains, etc.).

Playlist Curator team

Quite a few team members contribute by keeping track of what they hear on the radio /  come across on websites / etc., and then check if those tracks are also in our database. - Many hands make light work...

We currently have 2 people who are gathering the tracks for this database (1 across the globe and 1 in the Netherlands). One person from the team also makes these playlists.

Lyrics Curator

We currently have 1 person (in the Netherlands) who is transcribing and publishing lyrics to services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Shazam, Google, etc..

The same person is also coaching others to become certified lyrics curators, and helping artists to become verified (so they can manage their own lyrics on various platforms). 

Why not join one (or more) of our teams?

Lyrics Curator Team

We are looking for people to support artists by transcribing and publishing lyrics. In essence, all you need is an account on Spotify.

About the task:

A large number of artists release music without publishing their lyrics (or they publish lyrics in such a manner that they cannot be displayed in various music services). Some distributors publish lyrics, and often these lyrics do not meet the publishing guidelines... and as a result, the lyrics are not displayed in the music apps.

The lyrics curators find lyrics (or transcribe the lyrics themselves), verify & correct the lyrics as needed, and submit lyrics into a special database that is used by various music services. The role requires discipline and accuracy. There are guidelines that need to be followed, and the published lyrics need to be accurate. There is no room for shortcuts or sloppy work, because every mistake affects the listening experience of other people.

We often receive lyrics from Christian artists, and there are quite a few resources where lyrics can be found. We are helping more and more Christian artists to manage their own lyrics, in some cases, you may even become part of the artists team. Your motivation is the pleasure of knowing that you are directly helping to increase the listening experience of many fans... as fans will be able to read the lyrics and sing along with their favorite songs. 

You will have access to a very exclusive support platform that we have for this task. We coach you towards becoming a certified lyrics curator, and help you with any questions / challenges that you may face.

It is up to you how much time you spend each week. It is a very rewarding task to perform.

Playlist Team

We are looking for people to support us with our playlists. In essence, all you need is an account on Spotify (we have a system running in the background that duplicates a number of playlists that we curate on Spotify to playlists on other streaming platforms).

About the task:

We run an automated search for new music every day, and this search results in a number of tracks that could be relevant. The technology that we use to gather new releases cannot filter out all inappropriate/irrelevant tracks. That is why we need volunteers to verify that songs meet our standards before it is added to the database.

Friday is what we call "Release Friday"... it is the day that most artists/labels release their new tracks. Release Friday causes a peak in the workload, and that is when it can take between 15 - 45 minutes per genre to collect and screen all of the new music in the CCM, CEDM, Gospel & CHH genres. The verification on other days of the week can take anywhere between 0 - 15 minutes.

On average you will spend a total of 1-2 hours per week, per genre, with a peak on Fridays.

A number of volunteers take their efforts a step further and search for the story behind the songs that we share with our followers/readers.

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