Add Your Favorites to our Playlists (for Listeners)

Artists can best submit their music here

Do you have a favorite song that you would like to have added to one of our weekly playlists?

Proposing songs (Spotify account required)

We use 'Daily Playlists' to receive / process song requests by listeners. All you need to do is:

  • Select one of the available playlists (see list below); the links take you directly to the relevant submission page on the 'Daily Playlists' website

  • Enter the Spotify link of the song that you wish to add

    • If you are not yet logged in on Spotify, you will first need to 'Connect with Spotify' (a Spotify account is required)

  • Follow our playlist (using 'Daily Playlists')

What happens next?

  • On Friday we review all of the proposed songs. Songs that meet the acceptance criteria are approved and added to the playlist, and remain in the playlist until the next playlist refresh (on Friday's).

  • You will receive a notification from Daily Playlists when your song is added or rejected.

Acceptance Criteria

We accept music/songs by Christian Artists:

  • that match the type/genre of music for that playlist

  • is pleasant to listen to (by our standards) - good quality vocals & music

  • that have lyrics/title that brings the heart closer to God (Ephesians 5:19)

We limit the number of songs / tracks by the same artist in a playlist (max 2).