You've Got Music. Now What?

Are you a Christian musician chasing dreams of making music full-time, but unsure what's next? We want to see you learn and evolve with your music. So where can you go to further grow the skills and competencies needed as a musician? This page contains a list of organizations that offer Artist Training to Christian musicians.

ChristianArtist.Pro (CAP)

ChristianArtist.Pro (CAP) is a growing community designed to elevate the platform of independent Christian music artists by giving them access to training, tools, music industry professionals and fellow artists worldwide. From recording, to marketing, to social media strategies and booking, CAP exists to raise the bar for all of its artists seeking to thrive as independent creatives.


Christian Artists Seminar

This International Christian Artists Seminar exists for 40+ years and is hosted in The Netherlands. During the annual seminar, participants join short plenary meetings. These are extremely important, as we need this orientation about the real problems artists are facing in the real world. Those meetings are full of inspiration and challenge. Learning and inspiration is continued in workshops. Each day starts with worship in the chapel.

The evening will surprise you with presentations/performances by 7 different leading artists/groups/bands/companies; informal meetings and personal coaching upon request. This structure opens up many opportunities for learning, insight, inspiration, fellowship, and new European contacts.

Be ready to open your mind and be inspired. Be ready to improve technically. Be ready to grow spiritually. Be ready to develop your vision for life as on artist.

Worship Music Academy

The courses are Christian based teaching and designed for the Worship Musician. Taught by Jared Messer, a former Nashville musician, each course is presented in easy to understand language and delivers professional insights to make anyone sound like a pro.

The courses are designed to work for any skill level.

Jared Messer is a former Nashville pro with the heart of a teacher. He has led worship for more than 20 years all over the country, and created the Worship Music Academy to build up the saints for God's glory.

The Worship Vocalist

The Worship Vocalist is a community of worship leaders and singers from all over the world. We love to sing, but more than that, we’re committed to pursuing our craft and improving our skills as vocalists so we can more effectively minister to our congregations and create settings for them to easily encounter the presence of God through worship. The Worship Vocalist provides high-quality, affordable vocal coaching so that singers all over the world can improve their vocal and worship leadership skills—all from wherever they live!

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