How to convert time-synced lyrics in Musixmatch to Simpel LRC

We have built a tool to convert time-synced lyrics into a format that is required for submission to LyricFind.

Why convert from Musixmatch to LRC?

This has to do with the DIY-workflow that we suggest that artists / lyric curators follow, and you see this in all of our DIY work instructions.

  1. Add & time-sync lyrics in Musixmatch

  2. Convert your lyrics from Musixmatch formatting to Genius formatting

  3. Convert time-synced data from Musixmatch to the Simpel LRC format used by LyricFind

The tools

We currently have a Google sheet and a MS Excel sheet that can be used to convert time-synced information in Musixmatch to Simple LRC.

These sheets are a temporary solution, until we have an online JavaScript version of the tool that can run in any web browser.

Google Sheet version:
Make a copy of this Google sheet and follow the instructions

MS-Excel version: The MS-Excel file can be downloaded from a note that I have in my Evernote account. Go to:
Download the MS Excel sheet and follow the instructions

Online JavaScript version: In development