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Internet Radio - ChristianDance Radio
Playlists omn Spotify & Deezer for Christian Dance
We have a nice set of of Christian Dance Playlists on Spotify & Deezer for your listening pleasure. Refreshed weekly, including new releases.

How to listen (on other devices)

You can listen to Christian Dance Radio on a large number of devices, such as your phone, tablet, PC, Sonos and any other device supporting internet radio streams that you own. Click [here] for instructions.

This webpage contains a webplayer (scroll down). You can also use other webplayers such as Play The Radio and Just the stream URL in your favorite app ( or check out the instructions for configuring various apps / devices.

Supported devices include: Web browsers, iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet, Chromebook, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Sonos, and many audio players such as WinAmp, VLC, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, etc.