Outsourcing Playlist Creation to Christiandance.eu

Our Capabilities

Way back, before we started ChristianDance.eu, we worked behind the screens of various Christian radio stations and playlist curators, and created / managed the basic content of their Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube playlist(s).

Your flavor, our / your data

We have grown into a position where we can put together playlists according to the flavor of the client, and refresh them weekly. We can use your data, our data, combine data sources, etc.. The client then reviews the proposed playlist, makes any changes as needed, and publishes the playlist as their own.

Top 100 / 2000 chart & playlist

We are also in a position where we can generate a very reliable Top 100 / 2000 chart & playlist based on the number of times that people have recently listened to a specific group of tracks on the major streaming platforms.

Christian only

Although our way of working can be applied to any genre of music, we have chosen to only work with the Christian music genres. For example:

  • Christian EDM / Trance

  • Christian Rock (your data only)

  • Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)

  • Conservative Christian Music

  • Praise / Worship

  • Orchestral works

  • etc...

Our Added Value

Everyone that curates playlists (or has seriously considered curating playlists) knows how much time goes into finding music and creating a weekly refreshed playlist that their followers enjoy. Once a playlist is created on one platform, the playlist needs to be synced across other platforms, without losing or changing the order of tracks.

We believe that we can seriously reduce the amount of effort that it would take most people to curate weekly refreshed playlists.

  1. Your data, we give you the content for the playlists - We can work with a list of tracks that you already have in place as the basis for refreshing playlists. You can keep on adding & removing tracks to this list as you please.

  2. Create your data from scratch, you/we keep your data up to date, we give you the content for the playlists - We can work with you and create a new list based on your requirements, and then use that as input for your weekly playlists. You can take over the list at any time and add & remove tracks to this list as you please, or have us keep your list up to date.

  3. Our data, we give you the content for the playlists - We can use our database of Christian tracks as the source to create/refresh your weekly playlists. We are constantly working on keeping our database up to date.

  4. Our data combined with your data, we give you the content for the playlists - We can use our database as the primary source and supplement it with tracks from your own list(s).

Turnaround Time

The actual amount of effort is usually just a matter of a few hours (with exception of creating a database from scratch), but it will take time to organize and execute the various tasks. So in general, we can have most requirements up and running within one or two weeks.

Your Investment

The investment is based on Capped Time & Material... so it is almost like having a dedicated team member creating and managing your playlists, but you only pay for the actual number of hours that the person is working for you. There is full transparency on the work that is performed. We also agree a maximum number of hours per week/month, so there will never be a surprize.


Reach out to us using our contact form.

We will organize a call with you (Skype / Facetime / Google Meet) to get acquainted and understand your requirements.