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Music Media and Promotion

CCM Magazine

CCM Magazine was founded in 1978 in the middle of the Jesus music movement and was a print magazine that was published monthly until May 2008. Since 2008 the CCM brand has continued to cover all forms of Christian music online at CCMmagazine.com. CCM provides news on Christian music artists and the CCM industry to fans, as well as extensive coverage of new artists, new music and releases, artist video interviews and song performances for fans of Christian music.

devote music

devote music is an artist representation / management agency for (emerging) talents and artists working in modern, contemporary jazz, electronica, pop, Christian, and all their crossovers, as well as those music styles that cannot yet be labeled.

devote music offers services all over the world, with a focus on Europe. They not only promote great musicians, they also support the (live) careers of artists in various countries and markets through their personal, boutique, and family-like approach. In addition, they offer (third-party) services, guides, and workshops to help artists grow.


Are you promoting your music? We collaborate with DropTrack to get your music heard by industry influencers.

DropTrack provides the tools for you to share your music with your contacts or submit it to DropTrack's directory of industry influencers. You gather feedback and analyze who is listening to your music.

This is an excellent service for getting your music heard by industry influencers. DropTrack professionally presents your songs and playlists in a clean and mobile-responsive format, complete with your logo and personalized branding. Global DJs, bloggers, radio stations, music supervisors, and playlist curators will provide feedback and support for your music. You will also see real-time analytics on who listened to your music, when they listened to it, and where they listened to it.

Do you want to see if DropTrack is right for you?

DropTrack is available for free for 30 days by clicking here or on the link below. There are no setup fees or contracts, and you have full access to all features.


NewReleaseToday is the largest Christian music and entertainment site online, welcoming over 650,000 visitors every single month who access over 1 million pages of content.

Christian entertainment fans can get FREE downloads and album previews and get the latest new release info, see exclusive video content, check out interviews and devotionals from your favorite artists, read movie reviews, catch up on the latest news, and more--plus listen to the NRT Radio Network, our five 24/7 online radio stations that have zero commercials and exist for one purpose: MORE NEW MUSIC.

Step FWD

Step FWD was created out of the hope to see more, especially 18 – 40 year olds renew their commitment or be brought into contact with the Christian faith. We work across all denominations and faith groups recognizing Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord; the significance of the cross; His death and His resurrection. We want to support especially the UK Christian music scene to reach a generation through the digital tools that are second nature to them. We have purposed in our hearts to achieve this without ever compromising the Word of God.

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