How To Use Our Christian Playlists For Business / Church Venues

In some venues, it just doesn’t feel right without some sort of music playing. Think about a café, stores, diners, restaurants and salons. If there is no music playing, it feels empty, and this emptiness doesn't contribute to setting the right mood.

When you are playing music at your venue (business / church / etc.), you’re playing for an audience...

When you’re playing music in a public space, like a retail environment or a coffee shop, the first thing to remember is you’re not playing for yourself. You’re playing for an audience.

Playing music in a public space requires different licenses than playing music as a consumer in places typical to a consumer (e.g. home / car / headset / earbuds).

Our playlists are published to Spotify, BUT please realize... Spotify is a so-called Consumer Service. The subscriptions you pay for these consumer services do not cover the licenses for business use, and the Terms & Conditions of Spotify prohibit the use in public places. The following section explains how to legally use playlists (like ours) for your business.

How To Use Our Spotify Playlists In Your Business / Church Venue...

The answer is fairly easy...

Use Spotify For Business (Soundtrack Your Brand)

Spotify Business is a commercial license subscription level. It enables you to legally stream and download music from Spotify and play it to anyone visiting your business. In other words, you can legally use our playlists through the Spotify Business (Soundtrack Your Brand) service.

Spotify Business has been renamed to Soundtrack Your Brand, and can be found at

When playing music in a public space, you have to deal with Performance and Mechanical licenses as well as Public Performance licenses.

For businesses in the U.S. and Canada, the Soundtrack Your Brand subscription also includes the public performance fees owed to the collecting societies (Performance Rights Organisations - PRO's). For businesses outside of the U.S. and Canada, your Soundtrack Your Brand subscription includes all the required performance and mechanical licenses, but you have to contact your local PRO(s) to get the public performance licenses.

Here is a list of PRO(s) to get the public performance licenses (if you are using Soundtrack Your Brand outside the U.S. and Canada). In cases where you may need to purchase additional licensing, you should contact your local PRO for more information.

We also have a link for you to a list of Copyright Collection Societies (PRO's) listed on Wikipedia: