The "Christian Music Discovery" podcast

We have a podcast series called "The Christian Music Discovery". The episodes are published on Monday, and sometimes we have an extra episode on Wednesday.

Our Monday episodes can be summarized as: "New Christian Releases, Hidden Gems and Tomorrow's Christian Hits"

On Monday's we look at the songs released in the past week and share newly released musical gems by lesser-known artists (artists that have not (yet) experienced a major breakthrough).

These episodes are a great way to know which newly released Christian CCM songs are performing the best and are also causing the most chatter (on radio, websites, social media, etc.). We take you beyond the mainstream artists, and point out musical gems produced by less familiar Christian artists.

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From time to time we also have a podcast episode dedicated to a single artist / band (published on Wednesdays). In these episodes the artist shares background about themselves and the song(s).

Join us on our discovery journey through New Christian Music releases! We are confident that every listener will discover something new during these episodes.

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