General Press Kit

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Our mission

Our passion is to expand the reach of Christian music.

All of our activities are 100% independent. Music picks and featured artists reflect our personal taste (which is not for sale). We perform a number of activities:

  • On 'release Friday' we publish a very extensive overview of the newly released Christian music that we found.

  • Generate and publish our own Top 100 (weekly) / 2000 charts (2 x p/year)

  • Manually curate playlists on various music streaming services. These playlists also contain a number of selected tracks for promotion

  • Send news about new Christian Music releases to our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed

  • Transcribe and publish lyrics that appear on music apps, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Shazam, etc.

Our goal is to:

  • help Christian artists reach new listeners

  • make it easier to find (new) Christian music on streaming services

  • help listeners find new Christian music releases

  • enhance the listening pleasure of Christian music

  • assist artists in monetizing their song lyrics

Our listeners can be confident that they will be listening to music from Christian artists and there will not be anything offensive or contradicting a Christian lifestyle in the lyrics.

Our history

I have been involved with traditional radio and sound engineering since I was 16 years old. I had been looking for a Christian Dance radio station that could compete with many of the popular Dance Music stations that (my) (grand-)children are listening to. My concern was the lyrics of many songs, lyrics that glorify behavior that is frowned on in many homes... and I don’t know any parent who would be happy that their son / daughter is treated in a manner that we often hear in the lyrics of these songs. If we fill our minds with lyrics that glorify poor moral standards, then these standards will become a ‘normal’ part of our life,” explains Nico Zwaneveld (founder of

Nico started in April 2019, ... <Click here for more>

Our focus areas:

  • Website content - brief updates about new Christian Music releases (average of 1-2 updates per day, except on Sundays) and the weekly Top 50/100 charts that we publish. We want to become a go-to resource for new releases, stories behind the song, and song lyrics.

  • Creating & publishing overviews of newly released Christian Music - we actively monitor and screen various sources for new Christian music releases (past week). We have a very high degree of coverage for Christian music in the English language. Our new release overviews are an easily accessible resource for content creators in various areas of broadcasting and publishing.

  • Curating Playlists - We use Spotify as the primary source for our playlist creation, and automatically sync the content to other music streaming platforms.

  • Assist artists in monetizing their song lyrics - by transcribing and publishing lyrics to monetized databases, and explaining how to collect these royalties. Lyrics are visible on music services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Shazam, Google Search, Deezer, etc.

Our Playlists

Initially, the playlists and the radio station were aimed at the following genres:

  • Christian EDM (CEDM), incl. Christian Trance & Christian House

  • Christian Hip Hop (CHH)

The technology that we put in place behind each of the playlists also started to trigger quite a few requests from people who appreciate ‘other Christian genres’ and they requested us to create playlists for:

  • Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) - including CCM playlists with only English lyrics, Dutch lyrics, and German lyrics

  • Christian Ambient music (instrumental versions of (popular) Christian songs / hymns)

  • Traditional Christian music (a playlist with English lyrics and a playlist with Dutch lyrics)

  • Christmas music

  • Gospel music

  • Christian LoFi

  • New CCM Music Releases (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian)

  • New CEDM Music Releases

  • New Gospel Music Releases

We managed to get access to data about the number of times that songs have been played in the past 14 days... and this led to our creation of various Top-charts:

  • Top 100 Christian EDM (CEDM)

  • Top 100 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) - English language

  • Top 100 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) - Dutch language

  • Top 100 Gospel

  • Top 100 Opwekking (Dutch praise and worship published by Stichting Opwekking)

  • Top 50 of newly released CCM / CEDM music in the past week - English language

Characteristic for all playlists is that they are being refreshed every 1 - 2 weeks, and with exception of the Top-XX Charts, our playlists always include a number of new releases.

Most of these playlists are made available on Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube.

Click here for a full overview of our playlists.

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