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We have two types of services:

1. Our Ministry

Freely sharing the talents that we have received to help enhance the experience of Christian music. For some efforts, we do ask for a fair-use donation (with exception of royalties, this is usually the case when someone has some kind of commercial/monetary benefit from the effort we perform).

Promotion of Christian Music

The type of promotional activities we offer is playlist placement, and posts on our website & socials.

    1. Artists / managers can pitch newly release tracks to our editorial team for consideration (using our submit form)

    2. We don't guarantee that songs are placed.

Lyrics Support (Do It Yourself)

Adding lyrics to songs on digital music platforms is beneficial for fans and artists alike. Lyrics are precious — artists spend a lot of time and energy crafting the perfect words to accompany their music.

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” - Lao Tzu

With DIY Lyrics Support, we share our knowledge (and offer guidance), so you know how to submit your lyrics to all of the major lyric databases (Do It Yourself):

Click here for the details about DIY Publishing Lyrics

All other requests are treated as commercial activities performed by our Professional Services team

2. Professional Services

Lyrics Services on demand

Individual training / coaching

On those occasions where more hands-on guidance is needed than what we can offer through our DIY approach. These activities are based on time and material. Rates are market-compliant in the Netherlands. Click here to start the discussion

Managing artist websites and social media

This is fully customized to your needs. Click here to start the discussion

Our team

Our Professional Services team members are devoted to honest analysis and work; we see every customer as unique, which is why we recommend the solution that is right for you, not just the latest or most expensive.

It is our goal to make working with us a pleasure. This is done by tailoring our support to suit your needs, ensuring the support runs smoothly, on time, and the cost is aligned with your expectations.

Our support is performed on-demand, without any minimum volumes, subscriptions, or notice periods.

Fair-Use Donations is part of our 'Win-Win' proposition

We operate what we call the 'fair-use donation' business model for our Professional Services activities. We trust every Christian Music artist / distributor / label / agent that benefits (commercial/monetary) from our efforts, to make a fair-use donation through our donation page. Donations keep our operations running and are our only source of revenue.

We see fair-use donations as an expression of 'Win-Win'. If either one of us doesn't feel that they are getting a fair value out of this arrangement, then we should stop! If we can't make you happy (or we fail to see a donation as 'fair value'), then why should either of us continue in this manner?