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We convert time-synced lyrics from your entries in Musixmatch to LyricFind

Your song lyrics are perfect and fully time-synced on Musixmatch. The next step is to submit your time-synced lyrics directly into the LyricFind systems.

Good news! We can re-use your time-synced song data on Musixmatch when we process this into the LyricFind system.

This conversion is also a great solution for (independent) artists / managers / agents that do not have direct access to the LyricFind systems.

Note: Verified artists on Musixmatch have an option to 'hide' their song lyrics. We cannot offer this service if your song lyrics are not visible to us on Musixmatch.

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Fair Use Donations

This is not a free service. We operate what we call the ‘fair-use donation’. We trust any Christian Music artist / distributor / label / agent that benefits from using our efforts, to make a fair-use donation through our donation page. We welcome donations based on what you / organizations think our effort is worth (based on local market value) and on how they use our work. Your donation(s) will really help us to continue developing and promoting best-in-class support and methodologies.

No 'fair-use donation' means that you are not happy with our past efforts (and/or we have failed to satisfactorily correct this). If we can't make you happy (or fail to see a donation as 'fair value'), then why should we continue to accept new requests? Why would someone ask us to do more work, if they are not happy with what we have done?

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In scope

Songs in the English and Dutch languages for the Christian genres: CCM, CEDM, and Traditional music