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Enhancing the listening experience AND generate additional royalties each time your lyrics are viewed online!

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We submit your lyrics to the three leading lyric databases is an official content partner that populates a number of online lyric services. We process and submit your transcribed lyrics into the formats needed for Musixmatch, Genius, and LyricFind. Many artists have no channel to submit time-synced lyrics to LyricFind (unless they are with a major label). We process your lyrics to they become visible on services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, Tidal, Google, and more... This is not only an essential part of enhancing the listening experience for your fans/listeners, but also generates additional royalties each time lyrics are viewed. Did you know that 88% of the listeners / fans also look at the lyrics? You are losing out on extra royalties if your lyrics are not being displayed! (Click here to read more about monetizing lyrics.)

We don't 'dump' lyrics to services. We submit properly formatted and time-synced lyrics (most lyric databases support time-sync)!

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If you are only looking for help to get song lyrics on LyricFind, then these offerings may be of interest to you...

Note: If we have already submitted your lyrics to the three top lyric databases (see the previous offering), then you don't need any of the following services!

We convert your time-synced lyrics in Musixmatch to LyricFind

If you already have time-synced song lyrics on Musixmatch and want to increase your lyric exposure (& royalties), then this offering is for you! is an official LyricFind content partner. We can convert your time-synced lyrics from Musixmatch and submit them directly into the LyricFind systems.

This conversion is also a great solution for (independent) artists / managers / agents that do not have direct access to the LyricFind systems.

Note: Verified artists on Musixmatch have an option to 'hide' their song lyrics. We cannot offer this service if your song lyrics are not visible to us on Musixmatch.

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We submit time-synced lyrics in simple LRC format to LyricFind

If you want to have your time-synced lyrics on LyricFind prior to the release (on Spotify), then this offering on Fiverr will interest you.

The challenge resolved with this gig: Many artists delay publishing lyrics until their track is officially released, basically because they don't have the means to submit time-synced lyrics to LyricFind. This gig gives you the possibility to submit lyrics time-synced prior to the release.

Why would you want to submit lyrics prior to the release?

A growing number of services use the LyricFind database to automatically create and publish marketing teasers and lyric videos (prior to release). If you are following a carefully planned release, you can schedule the time when these videos are pushed to social media... helping to build up some pre-release excitement with your fans. This kind of pre-release excitement is what gets you lots of organic streams within hours of the official release, and that in turn gets you on the radar of the editors at e.g. Spotify.

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