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Use our weekly Top 50/100 Charts (& annual Top 2000 Chart) on your station / (digital) media - White Label service

Top 50/100/2000 Charts can be rebranded for your own use and used on any radio/tv station, television service, or digital media (no attribution needed). We share PDF versions of the charts on Gumroad. These charts show the Rank, Title, Artist, and change compared to the previous chart. The song titles in the PDF are clickable (opens on Spotify) to simplify the selection of tracks (for example, in your program).

The Top 50/100 charts are published weekly. The Top 2000 charts are published twice a year (summer and winter editions).

We offer a White Label license which will allow you to use any part of our charts during a 1-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription period, starting at € 0,79 per week. This license applies to all of the Top 50 / 100 / 2000 charts that we publish on Gumroad during the subscription period. With just one click, you can subscribe and stop the subscription renewal.

Details can be found at:

Christian Music Top 50/100 Charts - The Best Christian MusicThe