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Use our weekly Top 100 Charts (& annual Top 2000 Chart) on your station / publication (White Label)

Our weekly Top 100 Charts are available for use on your Radio/TV station, broadcasting service or media as White Label (rebrand for your use, no attribution required). Content is shared weekly on Gumroad as a PDF document. The chart shows the Rank, Title, Artist and the change compared to the previous week.
Access to these charts is enabled through a 1-month / 6-month / 12-month subscription.

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The Christian Music Yearbook 2021 (updated monthly)

A two-part overview of CCM, CEDM, and Gospel Music (with English lyrics) released in 2021. In part 1 we group the releases by the artist. In part 2 we group the releases by the release date.

The listing contains:

  • the name of the track, artist, album, and the release date

  • a link to the album cover

  • the record label, plus an indicator for Indie, Sony, Universal or Warner

We regularly 'discover' new artists and add their works to our database (including older works). That is why we continue to make updates to the 2021 Yearbook until July 2022.

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Older yearbooks:

The Christian Music Yearbook 2020

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Christian Artists and their Record Labels

This is a reference guide that is updated at least once every quarter (as part of your subscription).

The purpose of this reference guide is to provide an overview of Record Labels and the Artists using them. The overview can be used in a number of ways, e.g.:

  • understand which record labels are most popular with Christian artists

  • helping you to select those labels that add more value to Christian artists

We provide the information in two separate PDF files:

  • A sorted overview by Christian Music Artist with the Record Labels that they are using.

  • A sorted overview by Record Label with the Christian Music Artists that use this Label. For clarity, we have grouped the Labels together by Indie, Sony, Universal, and Warner Labels.

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