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Want to grow your Spotify/Deezer fanbase?

We are an independent Christian Dance playlist curator on Spotify and Deezer. If you are interested in submitting your music to our playlists, then first check out our review process (below).

We don't accept email submissions any more. That may come as a shock to some, but with some days up to 50 submissions a day, it is just too overwhelming and hard to keep organized. So we use special submission tools to keep everything organized.

  • Click here to submit via Soundplate
  • Click here to submit via SubmitHub
  • Click here to submit via our own form

All of our Spotify playlists are synchronized daily from to Deezer (provided your productions are also released on Deezer). Click the playlists button in the menu to see the playlists we curate.

We are looking forward to listening to your production!

How our submission process works

All submissions must first pass these criteria:

  1. We are looking for productions with high levels of energy and danceability.
  2. The submitted music must belong to one or more of the following genres:
    • CEDM (Christian Electronic Dance Music)
    • CCM (Christian Contemporary Music - High Energy)
    • Christian Hip Hop
    • Christian Alternative Rock
    • (Christian) Trance
    • Christian Indie
  3. The lyrics are expected to bring the heart closer to God (Ephisians 5:19). Lyrics that clash with a christian life style will be rejected. With instrumental works, we will look at the overall works of the artist.
  4. Our Music Gurus will listen to the music you submitted.

You will receive a notice when the submitted music is approved or rejected.

If you believe that your music qualifies, then submit your music (for free) using the form below (or use the links to Soundplate / Submithub)....