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Option 1: Promotional post on two leading Christian music websites (BEST VALUE PROPOSITION)

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Treat us to a cup of coffee while we listen to your music. You can use SubmitHub, Groover, or Share Pro to propose Christian songs in any Christian genre (except Christian Rock / Metal).

✔️ All recently released Christian music submitted to us will be listed in the next edition of our New Music Friday overview

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✔️ Listing on a relevant playlist for 2 weeks (*)
✔️ An article posted on the Blog and Social Media (*)

(*) conditions apply (e.g. max. 1 track p/week p/artist for Playlisting & Post, and when the story behind the song & lyrics have been provided) 

How you benefit from our weekly Christian New Music overviews

Our weekly New Music overviews include all of the newly released CCM / CEDM / Gospel tracks that we add to our database PLUS all of the music that we featured in one of our posts. We have extensive coverage of new releases and publish our overviews long before our subscribers in the United States and Canada start their work on Friday morning. Our weekly New Music overviews (& Top 100 charts) are relied on by an increasing number of Christian radio stations/networks, journalists, bloggers, music fans, playlist curators, and others. We cannot guarantee any results from this placement, but it will bring your music closer to the Program Makers, Directors, and Editors who make decisions about program/media content.

(*) CCM - Christian Contemporary Music, CEDM - Christian EDM & Trance

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