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Home > Submit > Music Review and are the top platforms for promoting English-language Christian music releases and gaining more exposure. With over 8000 unique daily visitors, these channels are a great way for Christian musicians to share their music.

For US$20, our editorial team will use the information & lyrics you provide to write a 200 - 400 word write-up about your song. This is the best promotional package that we offer. Depending on what information you share with us, the post can also include a background story about the song, which helps listeners learn more about artists they may not be familiar with. We only accept Christian music, so you can be confident that your content will be seen by an audience that will appreciate it.

Every post includes...

Build social proof and get some traction prior to your release

OPTIONAL: We can also work with you on publishing a post on in advance of your release. Besides sharing the background and lyrics with us, the following two elements are needed to make this work:

Once the song is released, we will go back to the post and remove the announcement / teaser video and pre-save links.

Looking for examples? 

Just browse through the posts on our blog. We trust that after seeing a few of our posts, you can hardly wait for us to write about your song as well.

Order Now...

Order Now on if your music has been released publicly on Spotify and you are ready to share the lyrics and your story behind the song.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to extend your reach and connect with a broader audience. 

Submit your music to us today and let your songs be heard by the right people. We can't wait to showcase your talent and help you grow your music career!

Our lyrics services on

We also offer this service outside of Fiverr. See web form for details. (Payment using PayPal / Credit Card)

Traffic Volumes: traffic volume is approx. 5,892 unique daily visitors / 10,017 pageviews. traffic volume is approx. 2,621 unique daily visitors / 4,194 pageviews.


What genres do you cover?

Christian Contemporary Music (CCM), Christian EDM (CEDM), Gospel, Christian R&B / Hip Hop, Traditional Christian hymns/songs, Christian Instrumental, and Christian LoFi.

The song title and any lyrics must be in English.

What do I get?

We write about you and your music, and publish the post on and

We ensure that the article is listed in the weekly newsletter that has for Christian radio stations/networks, journalists, bloggers, music fans, and playlist curators. 

Evidence of completion: We will send you links to the published posts on and

How big is the target audience and who are they?

The two sites, New Release Today and, jointly receive an average of 8000 unique visitors daily, making them valuable platforms for reaching a global audience of Christian music fans, including program makers, directors, and editors at Christian radio stations and networks, as well as journalists, bloggers, music fans, and playlist curators.