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Alverlis and Her Heartfelt Song Stay With Me

There is so much longing and devotion in Alverlis' latest song, 'Stay With Me.' It's a song that grew from a prayer by Saint Padre Pio called 'Stay With Me'. Saint Padre Pio is a man known for his deep love for God. The desperation with which he pleaded to God to stay with him, otherwise he would surely fall, really touched Alverlis' heart. She wanted to compose a song that would express how she felt when she also prayed this prayer.  The words are a sincere plea for God's strength, presence, and direction. Lines like 'Stay with me, Lord, for I am weak, I need your strength that I may not fall' will speak to anyone who has ever been going through hard times and looked to God for His support. The lyrics sound intimate and familiar. They easily find their way to the heart, and confirm what we already know… that we all need God's light to shine on our path, especially when we feel surrounded by darkness and uncertainty.  Take a moment to listen

'Grace' by Raymond Okeke-Macauley: Embracing Imperfection

It can be so easy to overcomplicate things, especially when see ourselves, stumbling and imperfect. Raymond Okeke-Macauley's song, “Grace,” shares an important message, 'All that I need is just grace!' Raymond reminds us that God’s love is all-encompassing and always there to all who have let Him be part of their lives. There is absolutely nothing that is too big or to shameful that it can't be covered by His grace. So don't try to overcomplicate things! Raymond is from Sierra Leone and is a man of many musical talents. He's classically trained but boldly ventures into R&B, Afrobeat, Jazz, and other genres. Raymond uses this blend of styles to bring a fresh and exciting take on Christian music, one that will open more hearts to hear God's Word. The song “Grace” itself begins with a humble admission of our flawed nature. We're reminded that nobody is perfect. We all will fall short and make mistakes from time to time, and may even try to do everythin

Jaynie Hansen's 'Worthy': A Celebration of God's Unending Goodness

Jaynie Hansen's song 'Worthy' is a joyful song calling us to praise His worthy name. Jaynie wrote Worthy in college, sitting behind a piano in one of the practice rooms. She wanted to write something that was a bit more upbeat that the more reflective, slower-moving songs she usually writes. Inspired by Psalm 34:1, 'I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth,' Jaynie penned this song straight from her heart. She was speaking God's truth into her own discouragement and, at the same time, knew that there are people who need to know His goodness, either for the first time or on a deeper level. As followers of Christ, we need to be reminded from time to time of who we are in Him and why we can and should declare His worth. Jaynie captured the essence of why Jesus is worthy of our praise. The lyrics tell us about His awesome deeds - freeing us from death, transforming our hearts, giving us strength, and illuminating our path.

Zach Garrett's 'Give Me the Real Jesus' – Let Your Heart Be Touched

How do you find the right words to describe your longing for an authentic relationship with Christ? Zach Garrett's describes that longing in his song 'Give Me the Real Jesus'. Garrett grew up prioritizing the 'thou shalts' and 'thou shalt nots' over the genuine relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. A relationship with Jesus isn't about focussing on rules and rituals! It's a relationship that is focussed on a living, breathing communion with Jesus.  In 'Give Me the Real Jesus,' Zach cuts straight to the chase. Connecting with Jesus goes beyond the constraints of legalism. While full of good intentions, the rules and traditions of religion can sometimes become a barrier, leaving us merely 'reading the words and going their own way' instead of truly experiencing Jesus' love and grace.  We are and need His church, but we shouldn't be crushed under the weight of 'broken religion,' or better said, the weight of

Jeff H. Ulrich's 'Presence of God': A Journey to Peace and Redemption

Jeff H. Ulrich's song 'Presence of God,' was written back in 2001, after struggles turned into what Jeff calls a time of personal enlightenment. This alt-rock narrative captures those struggles, the transformation that followed, and the hope that Jeff has in his heart ever since. It's about moving forward from past challenges to finding the healing peace that comes from having God in your life.  Jeff's story is very relatable, and easily reminds us of those days where some dreams came true and some dreams needed to be 're-tuned' to align with His intent for our lives. Despite our not-so-perfect days, Jeff reminds us that big change will come to our lives when we let Him lead. It's not about material possessions or temporary gratifications. This is a peace that can only come when you actively work on building & maintaining your relationship with God.  I sense the renewal and gratitude that Jeff must have felt as he sings, 'I was lost till I found

Red Letter Society's 'Peace' - Finding God in the Valleys

When you listen closely to Red Letter Society's newest song 'Peace,' you'll quickly feel that there is more to this song than what the lyrics are sharing. Even when things look the worst, the lyrics remind us that God is with all who invite Him into their lives and will light up your ways. 'Through the valleys, darkest shadow, I will remain in perfect peace,' the song begins. Powerful words that invite you to experience God's peace even when surrounded by life's struggles, and a link is quickly made to Psalm 23. But what sparked this song was the heartbreaking loss of two miscarriages, and it's easy to imagine that this was a period filled with deep grief. As you would expect from Red Letter Society, they found solace in each other and the Scriptures, particularly Psalm 23, which talks about God walking with us through the valley of the shadow of death. A true message of hope. There is so much comfort to be found in the chorus: 'I will fear no

Embrace the Message of 'Steadfast' by Salvatore James

Have you already heard 'Steadfast' by Salvatore James? This song is a call to stay strong in your faith. With a unique blend of pop, R&B, and hip hop, Salvatore's sound is truly unlike any other. Born 'Salvatore James Aiello,' he fell in love with music at a young age. Inspired by his older brother, he began producing in high school. His life took a significant turn in 2020 when he started taking his walk with Jesus seriously. As Salvatore himself says, 'The whole point of my music now is to show people Jesus through every song.'   'Steadfast' encourages you to put God first in everything, seek His kingdom and trust that He will provide all you need. Sometimes this is easier said than done, and songs like this can give the extra boost needed to hold onto your faith. The lyrics are loaded with encouragement: 'Seek first the Kingdom and all will be provided. Don't turn away.' Although it is in our nature to try doing everything on our o