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'All Things' by Gray Steadman: A Melody of Faith and Fulfillment

Gray Steadman's single 'All Things' is a beautiful song inspired by Philippians 1:6. It speaks about how God is always at work, no matter the circumstances. From the mountain highs to the valley lows, your are in His capable hands (if you let Him).  Listen to how the lyrics remind you: 'You are faithful to complete what you started in me.' God began a beautiful work in your life, and He won't stop till His masterpiece is complete. Gray describes how the mountains moved and valleys bridged through faith-faith in a God that intervenes as part of His plan and is always there to support us.  When things happen that we don't understand, we are asked to shift our perspective so we can see how the things that were meant for harm are turned for good. Gray shares that we can make that shift in perspective by seeing life through a lens of faith, where challenges change into stepping stones that help us move closer to our intended glory.  Give 'All Things' a l

'Nostalgia' by LILLI - Missing the 80's and looking forward to Heaven

LILLI released an interesting debut track called 'Nostalgia'. A song that switches back and forth between the 80's and a longing for Heaven. At its core, the lyrics are about a longing for a place we haven't seen but know exists - our heavenly home. While LILLI misses the 80's, the key message isn't about looking back to the past, it is more about feeling connected to a glorious future that we've been promised.  The lyrics manages to captures this longing by speaking of a familiar unfamiliarity - like wearing clothes still new to us or exploring roads not yet traveled. It invites us into a shared experience of anticipation for what's beyond. A reminder of a promise that is so easy to forget in the hustle of life, our final & grand homecoming.  When you first listen, the song sounds like a trip down memory lane, looking back at past memories, but here is the kicker… it's about looking forward, to future memories and feeling that gentle pull of ete

'Love Poured Out' by Alverlis: Trust and Rest in the Arms of God

Alverlis' song 'Love Poured Out' is a song that pulls me back into my reality, a life where I know that I can count on the boundless love that God has for me / you / each of us. A beautiful song filled with a message of trust and unconditional grace, reminding me to acknowledge that with God, I'm never alone. The lyrics are a reminder that everyone can find peace and security in the vastness of God's mercy and love., a love we you can count on, regardless of the uncertainties life is throwing at us. Listen to the chorus, as Alverlis declares God’s commitment to us, 'Your love poured out, your mercy restoring, You draw me to you, remind me you’re for me.' Imagine accepting His truth into your life, allowing God’s love to fill and free you. “Love Poured Out” is an invitation to personally experience rest in His arms, and to place your trust in the one who adores you infinitely. Do yourself a favor and give this song a listen. This is a song about your struggl

VoxMusic's 'Be The Light': Living the Gospel Out Loud

VoxMusic’s latest song, “Be The Light,” intends to spark a movement that sweeps through the lives of Christians around the world. A movement that inspires us to be living examples of God’s grace. The lyrics remind us that there are times and situations where we may be the closest thing to the Bible that someone may ever encounter. The present world can be pretty dark, a place where people are in search of hope and security. The song encourages us to take a good look at our lives. Is our life serving as a beacon of hope for others? If not, how can we bring about change? The lyrics read like a prayer that reflects our desire to let God’s love show through us. It also remind us how powerful God’s love is and how our lives also impacts others. It also challenges us to break free from anything that could be holding back His light within us, daring us to live openly and purposefully in His love. This is obviously a journey where we will His need help, so we can hone our lives so that others

'Prayer Power' by Mikey Adebayo

With powerful melodies and words, Mikey Adebayo reminds you of the power in prayer. It lifts burdens, brings rest and hope to the hearts of the weary. This song is Mikey's personal testimony of the faithfulness of God to deliver and provide in his dire need. Prayer isn't some vague concept but a reality of the life as he was leading in medical school and since then, a life of being fully dependent upon God. This is the 'secret ingredient' that Adebayo is sharing in this song, and his invitation to experience the same peace and certainty that starts by believing in the power of prayer. While listening to 'Prayer Power,' may every word remind you that you're never alone. In this fight, in this struggle of life, God is beside you—always present, mighty in power, steadfast in peace, ready to carry your burdens. So hit play, and give your faith the boost it deserves. God's got you, and you've got this. (Related scripture: Matthew 11:28; Hebrews 11:6; Ephe

Charity Abbott's 'Turn My Faith': A Heartfelt Call Back to God

Turn My Faith' was written by Charity Abbott, Matt Moss, and Joy Dame. Matt Moss did the instrumentals and harmonies as a collaboration on the song with Charity. This song is such a powerful anchor of hope in the chaos of everyday life. Beautiful lyrics that redirect our focus to the One who will never fail us. The One who guides His followers through their darkest nights with a promise that He's always there, always ready to hold us up.  We all know that life can throw some nasty curveballs. We've all had moments where we're caught in the rush of doubts, fears, and the many 'what-if's' that cloud our days. Charity has faced these distractions as well and shares how she manages to refocus during her own battles with depression and anxiety. 'Turn My Faith' isn't just Charity's journey; it's a journey that may sound familiar to quite a few listeners. All through the lyric, there is a gentle yet powerful reminder to shift our focus from our

'Thank You' by Hanna Noel – Unfolding Simplicity in Praise

'Thank You' by Hanna Noel is a calming and uplifting song that is such a contrast with the busy and hectic world that we live in. Picture a setting where gratitude is as pure as the rising sun and as genuine as a child laughing. This is exactly what 'Thank You' brings - a moment to pause from the hustle and bustle of life and feel God's love and grace.  Hanna joined forces with three worship leaders to create a song that strip worship back to its core - a love song from the heart to our Creator. In the studio, the whisper of Isaiah 62:11–12 was added to the song, spoken by a child, God's words repeated back to us, affirming our immense worth and His promise for all that follow Him.  In every line, 'Thank You' calls us back to the basics - acknowledging God's goodness, surrendering in worship, and offering up the rawest form of thanks. It's a cycle of returning, kneeling, and dedicating everything to the One who is worthy of every breath.  So lean

'New Mercies' by The Luminate House: Uplifting Your Spirit with Endless Goodness

'New Mercies' by The Luminate House Collective is a powerful reminder that God pours out His goodness on His followers every day. His followers can be confident that as they start the day, His mercy is fresh and His victory is assured no matter what challenges you will be facing, . That’s the promise this song is emphasizing. Jonathan Soto and Ruby Cavazos lend their voices to express this dailt declaration of faith when life's stroms are tossing you around, with lyrics such as: 'Through the storm and raging seas, I will lift my voice in victory, for the war is already won in Your name.' When you're tired or fighting your battles, turn up the volume for 'New Mercies.' May it rekindle your spirit and remind you that with each sunrise there's a fresh pour of His grace and a new chance to experience His love. May it remind you that His goodness never fails, even when your life seems to be in surrounded with darkness. (Related scripture: Lamentations 3:2

'Joy Of The Lord' by 29:11 Worship - A Melody of Hope and Joy

29:11 Worship has outdone themselves with 'Joy Of The Lord,' a song that's as heartfelt as it is uplifting. According to Avery Chisenski, the band couldn't help but smile as they sang it, hoping it would spread the same joy to anyone who listens. And honestly, it's hard not to catch that joy.  The song is about finding strength and joy in the Lord's presence, seeing His hand in everything such as in promises that have been kept and paths prepared for us in tough times. When life seems to have you out of balance, then 'Joy Of The Lord' is a beautiful reminder that our strength doesn't come from the chaos around us but from our joy in the Lord.  So, if you're looking for a light in the midst of life's darkness or just need a boost to lift your hands in worship, may this song give you a gentle nudge. Give 'Joy Of The Lord' a listen. Let its melody and words remind you that no matter what, His joy can be your strength, too. (Related scrip

'Precious Lord' by Robby Robinson and Tony Galla: A Musical Prayer for the Lord's Guidance

In this delightful song called 'Precious Lord', Tony Galla and Robby Robinson remarkably capture the very spirit of the Christian gospel-blues genre. Tony Galla and the great Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons Hammond organist Robby Robinson have collaborated to bring you this lovely version of a classic hymn. Robby Robinson continues to surprise us with amazing collaborations and unforgettable music, each time causing us to stop what we're doing and allow the melody to fill us with new energy. This is such a delight, and we believe that this song is a beautiful and gentle encouragement to focus more on God. Robby Robinson's magic on the Hammond organ intertwines seamlessly with Tony Galla's impassioned vocals, delivering a performance that is both deeply spiritual and musically enriching. The track is a moving testament to faith, expertly crafted to touch the hearts and souls of gospel-blues enthusiasts. Connect with Robby Robinson and Tony Galla Website: https:/

'Stay Like This' by Grace Graves: Healing Through Music

'Stay Like This' by Grace Graves is the first song of a 4-song series called the 'Healing Series. The song addresses self-awareness and spiritual awakening. The series will explore themes of faith, struggle, and redemption. As the title for the series suggests, its intent is to spark healing, and Grace does that with lyrics that invite the listener to reflect on their own life.  In 'Stay Like This,' Grace sings about a feeling that is all too familiar … how feeling stuck and wrestling with fears can cause a sense of paralysis. Grace sings: 'I've got so many questions, you say you've got the answers,' reminding us to tap into divine guidance to chase away our doubts.  "Cause if I change nothing, nothing ever changes for me / And if I change nothing, I'm the definition of insanity" , emphasizing how essential change is in order to flourish and grow. We need change in our lives!  If your life feels stuck or full of fear, "Stay Like M

Taylor Pride’s 'Joy Comes in the Morning': A Musical Reminder of Morning’s Promise

Have you ever felt so weighted down that it seems like the night would never lead to dawn? Taylor Pride's 'Joy Comes in the Morning' captures that feeling, and points the listener to the promise we all have in Christ of a glorious transformation to renewal. The inspiration for this song came during a Lula Street Records songwriting camp, and basically wants to confirm to you that joy does come in the morning, just as promised in Psalm 30:5.  'Joy Comes in the Morning' is a declaration of faith, that when you are feeling at your lowest, weary and worn, there is hope. 'When I'm hurting when I'm weary / Lord I know that you are with me', what a powerful sense of God's unwavering support, and this feeling grows with each repetition.  You can feel Taylor's conviction in the live recording - it's almost tangible. The raw emotion in his voice, together with a gospel-infused harmony, really finds its way into your heart. This song is such an enco

'Confidence' by Chris Hart: A Melody of Trust in Divine Friendship

Chris Hart's 'Confidence' is about someone finding their footing again in God's embrace. Have you ever run out of strength and the will to continue on a track that you know is right? Have you longed for a voice to guide you and encourage you to carry through? Chris Hart's relationship ended badly in 2021, and this triggered a spiral of negativity that also affected his identity, emotional strength, and self-confidence. Chris shares: 'I remember sitting in my room and reading the Bible, and I heard God say, “place your confidence in me, stop trying to do this by yourself. “ I just began to cry as I was in such awe that I heard Him and that He loves me enough to even speak. That's when the words for the song just began to flow.' This song invites you on a journey from brokenness to the same kind of breakthrough that Chris experienced. By leaning on God's name you too will find that your faith is expanding and your the weight of your burden becoming li

'EVERYBODY' by Kosj Yamoah – Dance to What Truly Matters

'Everybody' by Kosj Yamoah is a call to prioritize the important things in life, because it's so easy to get stuck in the daily grind, where you are constantly pushed to reach more.  Drawing from personal heartache - the loss of their son Zion - Kosj, together with his wife, founded 'Out of Zion for families,' a sanctuary to help others celebrate life's fleeting moments with loved ones. The song, featuring Kosj's daughter Zoe-Elle, turns personal grief into a call to cherish each moment. A vibrant call to live each moment with intent, embracing faith, hope, and love.  Here's the scoop: You can't win the journey without faith, hope, or love. The lyrics, 'Go Go Go, Everybody trying to make it,' suggests that any success attained without these spiritual cornerstones is empty and hollow. Kosj encourages us to slow down, connect purposefully, and recognize God's joy that is surrounding us. Why not take a moment to listen? This song takes you b

Embrace God's Presence: 'Even Here (In the Waiting)' by Olly Kiff

Olly Kiff has released another touching song called 'Even Here (In the Waiting)'. Olly's recent releases come from moments of utter loneliness. And even in those dark moments of struggle and heartache, this song reminds you that God's presence and love are unwavering and within your reach! Olly has captured those feeling of being lost and surrounded, swamped with anxiousness, and longing for a sign of God's light. He continues to point out that, in these moments of despair and loneliness, you can trust that God is there for you. 'Even here I'll see You move, even here I'll trust in You,' Olly sings. If you're feeling alone and forgotten, this song will encourage you. Maybe you're just looking for a reminder that God loves you, in any case, this song is a great addition to your playlist. So, give it a listen. May Olly and Alison Kiff musically remind you that even in the darkest corners of life, God moves, speaks, and brings peace. He is alre

'Now I'm Yours' by Conley: From Chains to Change

Conley's 'Now I'm Yours' is a unique song because it tells the story of how God changed him from someone who was depressed and anxious into what Conley calls 'a brand new me.'  Inspired by Romans 8:15–16 and Galatians 4:7, the words remind us that our freedom has been bought at a price we can't even begin to understand. He sings about how he went from being afraid to having faith and from being tied down to finally being free. 'Say goodbye to what used to be, say hello to this brand new me,' Conley sings, encouraging people to give up their old lives and start living the new life they find in Jesus.  If you feel weighed down, or if people are telling you that you're too broken to be fixed, listen closely to what Conley is telling you. Through his own story, Conley makes it clear that change is a promise if you are willing to accept it.  So, turn up the volume and let the lyrics give you hope. Your freedom has already been paid for, and we pray th

'No Looking Back' by Lucio Hirales: A Melody of Freedom

Are you breaking away from your past and leaving the old you behind? This is exactly what Lucio Hirales sings about in 'No Looking Back'. We regularly come to a personal crossroad, a place where we leave parts of us behind, and move to a new and better version of ourselves. Sometimes we're freeing ourselves from small things, and other times it can be a major change. A past with all of its shadows and chains, and when you look forward, there's the new and better you. The past is so familiar and each time you think of it, it feels like it is begging you to come back to be that old you again. Lucio's message is one that assures you that there’s never a good excuse to give up the freedom, a freedom where you’re loved and your future is shining bright with promise. Lucio's own journey from brokenness to wholeness fuels this heartfelt anthem. He was once caught up in a web of addiction and guilt, when he experienced a transformation that was so profound, that it bi

'Your Way, Yahweh' by Zach Garrett: The Song That Guides You Home

'Your Way, Yahweh' by Zach Garrett is a song that changes your understanding of hardships and trust. Zach shared that this song started with a divine spark while he was in Nashville, TN, during a collaborative writing session at Red Street Publishing. The song is a declaration of surrender and faith. Zach didn't know it back then, but the message of this song actually became his own lifeline, as he faced some tough times of his own. In the years that followed, Zach faced several challenges, ranging from a respected pastor's sudden resignation amidst a scandal and an affair, his parents getting a divorce after having been married for 45 years, and the loss of his grandfather. Each one of these situations could have broken his spirit, but it actually was the echo of 'Your Way, Yahweh' that gave him the peace and strength to keep going.  What I like about this song is the reminder that we don't need to reply to worldly navigational tools or to getting approval

'Worship Through It' by Tasha Layton: Singing Praises in the Storm

Tasha Layton's latest hit, 'Worship Through It' has already received so many streams, and possibly you have already heard it on the radio. This song is such a heart-stirring encouragement, urging us to remain steadfast in our praises to God, especially when the going gets tough. Hence the song title: 'Worship Through It'. The essence is simple, but still so challenging… worship while you are going through tough times, when He can still help you through it all, and worship when all is well.  Tasha shares that she felt so much joy while bringing this project to life, and she hopes it will bless many. The song reminds us of God's ongoing faithfulness and encourages us to look beyond our troubles. Entrust your troubles into His capable hands.  My favorite part of the lyrics is Tasha's bold declaration of faith : 'I know my God can do it, so I'm gonna worship through it' . This song is about making a choice to see your struggles through the lens of Go

'Tears This Side of Eden' by Perry LaHaie – A Journey Through Tears to Hope

Perry LaHaie releases 'Tears This Side of Eden'. This song has a message that, despite knowing that Jesus loves you and has planted kingdom dreams in you to pursue, you may still have experienced so much shame, regret, and depression that you know there will be a lot of tears in the journey. Not just any tears; Perry is talking about the kind that stains the journey - tears born from regret and sorrow, and still so mixed with joy, as the Spirit floods you with love. What makes this song so relevant is that Perry LaHaie has walked this path and poured his heart into 'Tears This Side of Eden.' This song is Perry's story, and possibly it's your story as well. You see, Perry knew the struggles of shame and the burden of sorrow, but he also knew something far greater - the hope that our Savior gives. 'Tear This Side of Eden' was born out of the valleys and peaks of life. It's a reminder that even though you may be weeping on this journey, you are never al

'Living Sacrifice' by Jeremy Bilson: A Melodic Offering of Our Soul

'Living Sacrifice' by Jeremy Bilson is a song with a very deep message. When you really listen to the lyrics and start reflecting on them, this really gets you thinking about the meaning of sacrifice, and how this applies to us. It starts off with encouraging us to lay down every fear and every past failure at the foot of the cross. That's the first invitation Jeremy extends in these lyrics. Sure, this song is great to sing along to, and it encourages living out the lyrics on a Monday morning or in the quiet of a Thursday night, laying everything down for the One who gave is all for us.  The lyrics draw you into a conversation with God, with a promise to live your life as a tribute to His grace. To sing about becoming part of His family, embracing the freedom that only He can provide, and letting His truth change you. This song celebrates that your story is rewritten in God (or will be rewritten by God if you choose to accept Him into your life).  So, sing it out, 'Jesu

'Our Prayer' by The Praise Project: Echoes of Community and Faith in Music

“Our Prayer” by The Praise Project is about the feeling can sometimes have that following God’s path can feel like a mountain too steep. The song starts with a plea for strength to our Heavenly Father, gradually changes the focus into seeking wisdom and forgiveness, and wraps it up with a celebration of His goodness and faithfulness. The chorus confirms our faith in God’s perfect design and His rule over everything. What a powerful reminder that in every challenge or decision we face, God’s ways are always steadfast and true! An interesting detail is that backing for 'Our Prayer' is a 40-member choir! Such a beautiful way to echo the sense of the community we have in faith! The lyrics are a great way to trigger our own moments of reflection, or when you need a reminder of God’s grandeur in your daily struggles. This is a call to embrace God’s ways, trust His wisdom, and, ultimately, shape your hearts to love and adore Him even more. Give it a listen, let the verses touch your

'Anxious Mind' by Vivid Era: Embracing God’s Best in the Storms of Life

Vivid Era is back with a new song called: 'Anxious Mind'. A song based on Hebrews 4:12 and 1 Thessalonians 2:13, finds its way through the chaos to remind you where true peace is found.  Let's be honest here… we all face situations from time to time where feelings of panic chase peace away. In just one unguarded moment, that feeling of peace can be gone. Enter 'Anxious Mind'. A song that reminds you how to get your focus back to the most important thing in life - Jesus and His Word.  The song isn't only about getting our focus back on track, it also emphasizes the importance of applying the spiritual wisdom and discernment that we have received. We're taken back to the roots of our faith, to depend more on God's Word than on our own flawed way of thinking. Depending on God's Word also means that we need to read it, firsthand and not have it repeated by others in their own words with their own emphasis and highlights.  So go ahead and give 'Anxiou