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*** DEMO PAGE *** Tuning Into Faith: How 'Nashville Recordings' Bridges Our Lives to God's Melodies

Saved By Grace has released live videos of the 'Nashville Recordings' EP (2024). These videos draw you into each of the songs, and take you along on their faith filled musical journey. Discovered by Dean Miller on social media, the band's trip to Nashville's OmniSound Studios turned out to be a pivotal moment for them. A collection of five songs that has not only made waves back at home in Erie, Pennsylvania, but has also solidified a partnership with Bless Up Records. Since their first release, 'God's Master Plan', the band Saved By Grace has grown. In these recordings you will hear a beautiful blend of electric and acoustic vibes, and songs filled with strength and harmony. Just listen to the tracks of 'American Revival' and the touching 'Closer to Jesus'. These tracks energize you with spiritual 'fresh air', as the scripture based lyrics inspire hope and encourage a life centered on biblical values. The lyrics remind you to celebr