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Marcus & Jalyn McGill - We Want Revival (CCM)

Marcus and Jalyn McGill have released an electrifying new single, 'We Want Revival,' which is an anthem for those who long for a fresh move of God in their lives. The song speaks to the desire to experience a spiritual awakening in whatever form it may take, and the chorus is catchy and memorable. It is no surprise that the song has already become a congregational worship favorite, and the artists are gearing up to release a full EP titled 'Songs for this Season,' in the Fall of 2023. The lyrics of 'We Want Revival' express the deep yearning for something new, something that cannot be explained but can only be felt. The first verse speaks to the longing to experience revival in one's own life, while the pre-chorus calls for a willingness to surrender control and let God move in unexpected ways. The chorus declares the desire for revival in whatever form it may come, while the second verse reminds us of the historical revivals that have taken place and ignite

Red Letter Society - All Praise (CCM)

When it comes to worship music, few bands can match the passion and devotion of Red Letter Society. With their latest single, 'All Praise,' the band delivers a powerful and moving message of love and devotion to God.  Based on Deuteronomy 6:4-7, the song's lyrics speak of a lifelong commitment to following and worshiping God. The chorus is an uplifting and soul-stirring proclamation of faith, declaring that all praise and glory belongs to Jesus, who is enthroned on high. From the opening notes to the final chorus, 'All Praise' is a soaring anthem of worship that will lift your spirits and touch your heart. The band's signature sound, a blend of pop and a little bit of rock with an unmistakable Christian message, is on full display here, and it's impossible not to be moved by their passion and devotion. But what truly sets Red Letter Society apart is their unwavering commitment to their message. They are not 'just a band', but a group of believers fro

Jessie-Emma - Amazing Grace (Gospel)

Jessie-Emma's 'Amazing Grace' is a beautiful and soulful gospel song that inspires and speaks to the listener's heart, reminding us that we are surrounded by the love and grace of God. The powerful vocals, coupled with the heartfelt lyrics, create a moving and emotional experience for anyone who listens. The song's chorus, 'Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, you saved a wretch like me,' reminds us of the transformative power of God's grace. It speaks of the redemption and freedom that come with surrendering to His love. The song's verses highlight the embrace, shelter, and shower of God's love that we receive as we journey with Him. The bridge celebrates the freedom we receive from God's grace, and the outro reiterates the message of the chorus, that we are saved by His grace. This beautiful rendition of the well-known hymn encourages the listener to connect with God's love and grace in every stage of their spiritual journey. It is a re

Sarah Sorenson - TRUE (CCM)

Sarah Sorenson's song 'TRUE' is a powerful anthem for anyone who has struggled with negative thoughts and the battle between what our mind tells us and what the truth really is. The song's relatable lyrics and catchy melody are sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced anxiety or OCD, or anyone who has struggled to hold onto hope in the face of difficult circumstances.  From the opening lines of the song, Sorenson's vulnerability and honesty are on full display. She shares her own struggles with feeling inadequate and unworthy, but also shares the hope that she has found in God and the truth of who He says she is. Throughout the song, she repeats the refrain 'Just because I feel it doesn't make it true,' reminding listeners that our feelings and thoughts can often deceive us, but the truth remains constant. The chorus of the song is particularly powerful, with its uplifting melody and message of hope. Sorenson sings, 'My mind is always changin

Jaemie Gina - Our Father (CCM)

If you're looking for a calming and reflective experience, then I highly encourage you to listen to Jaemie Gina's acoustic rendition of the Our Father prayer. This song is a beautiful representation of the universality of faith and prayer, and it has the power to unite people of all beliefs and backgrounds. The delicate and soulful voice of Jaemie Gina, paired with the gentle guitar from Ingelin Reigstad Norheim and the cello from Sebastian Dörfler, creates a somber and emotionally stirring masterpiece. The lyrics of the prayer are timeless, and Jaemie Gina's rendition of them is both peaceful and reflective. As you listen to the lyrics of the prayer, you'll feel a sense of calm and clarity wash over you. The song's message is one of hope, as it reminds us to ask for forgiveness and to be forgiven, to resist temptation and to be delivered from tribulation, and to look to God for strength and guidance in our daily lives. In a world that can often be noisy and chaotic

VoxMusic - The Way You Love (Live) (CCM)

VoxMusic's 'The Way You Love (Live)' is a beautiful and uplifting worship song that reminds us of the profound truth that God is love. The song starts with a gentle, yet impactful drive that gives off driving down-the-road summer vibes, making it perfect for any occasion. The lyrics are a beautiful tribute to God's love for us and for the world. They speak of how God loves us in an overflowing, enduring, perfectly intentional, and unending kind of way. The way He loves is safe and steadfast, sacrificial and pursuant. The chorus repeats the phrase 'I know I'm loved by you' which can be a powerful reminder for anyone feeling lost or alone. One of the most beautiful aspects of this song is the way it describes God's love. It is a love that won't let go, chase us down, give it all kind of way. A love that never leaves, is nonstop, and is aware of us. The lyrics express how this kind of love changes us, and we are never the same once we experience it. Vox

Eric Jeffrey Hales - Try (CCM)

Eric Jeffrey Hales’ “Try” is a poignant song that will undoubtedly resonate with anyone who has struggled to overcome adversity. The song is an ode to heroic women who have been through unimaginable hardship, yet still manage to find the strength to try. With its raw and emotional lyrics and haunting melody, “Try” is a song that will move you to tears and inspire you to keep going, no matter what life throws your way. The song’s opening verse sets the scene in a frozen room with florescent lights, where a young boy is sprawled out on the ice, his dreams of playing in the NHL melting away as all his friends play well. The boy is clearly struggling, but he refuses to give up. With jaw clenched tight and stick in hand, he holds back tears and starts to stand, looking at his mom and letting out a sigh. “Don’t know if I can but I’m gonna try,” he says, embodying the spirit of resilience that runs throughout the song. As the song progresses, we hear the story of a woman who has lived in the

Thoughts & Notions - Mighty (CCM)

Thoughts & Notions’ “Mighty” is an inspiring song that reminds us of the power of faith and love. The song is created in collaboration with Ben Oribe. This uplifting track urges us to focus on God above all else and to let our faith guide us through life’s challenges. The song’s lyrics are deep and meaningful, and they are sure to resonate with listeners who are seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment. The song begins with the powerful statement that Jesus started a revolution to take over the world. This line sets the tone for the rest of the song, and it shows that Thoughts & Notions are not afraid to tackle big, bold ideas in their music. The lyrics go on to say that it’s more than just religion that will save the world – it’s the power of God’s love that has been sent from above. This message is particularly relevant in today’s world, where so many people are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. Throughout the song, Thoughts & Notions emphasize the impor

Moving Mountain Music - Fortunes of Jacob (Psalm 85) (CCM)

'Fortunes of Jacob (Psalm 85)' by Moving Mountain Music is a powerful reminder of God's faithfulness and the importance of waiting on the Lord. The man behind the music, Dale R. Rugge, recently underwent vocal cord surgery, and his recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. Despite his challenges, Dale has managed to capture the central themes of Psalm 85 in modern lyrical form. The song emphasizes the importance of seeking God's restoration while acknowledging that it is ultimately up to Him to bring about this restoration in His own time and manner. The psalmist expresses an urgency in seeking God's mercy, and the song perfectly captures this urgency. The sound of Dale's voice in the song (post-surgery) is a powerful testament to God's faithfulness and the power of prayer, a reminder that our God is a living God who unceasingly does His work in our lives. Dale sings about the Sons of Korah, who wrote Psalm 85 as a prayer to God for mercy on the people

Jonny & the Jazzuits - I Can See Clearly Now (CCM)

If you're looking for a song to lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face, then Jonny & the Jazzuits' 'I Can See Clearly Now' is a must-listen. This jazz gospel rendition of the classic song is played on the piano and is a prelude to their upcoming album, 'Songs of Deliverance,' which is set to be released in the Autumn. The lyrics are powerful and convey a message of hope and positivity, especially in these trying times. The song starts by saying 'I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,' which is a metaphor for overcoming obstacles in life. It talks about how all the bad feelings have disappeared, and there's a rainbow on the horizon, signifying that there's hope and a brighter future ahead. The chorus repeats 'Look all around, there's nothing but blue skies, look straight ahead, nothing but blue,' which is a reminder to focus on the positive things in life and not dwell on the negative. The song ends with a beautiful out

Sam Moore - Redeem Us (CCM)

Sam Moore’s song ‘Redeem Us’ is a beautiful anthem of worship that reminds us of the enduring love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us. The song is inspired by the central theme of the Gospel message, as portrayed in Romans 5:8-10, which states that ‘while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.’ Moore’s delivery of the song is filled with passion and energy, as he channels an uplifting message of hope to encourage the listener to keep the faith, even in the face of struggles and strife. The lyrics of ‘Redeem Us’ paint a vivid picture of the love and sacrifice of Jesus, who willingly gave his life and body to redeem us from our sins. The opening verse of the song describes how Jesus understood what was needed to redeem us and willingly gave his life to do so. The pre-chorus acknowledges Jesus as the Lamb of God and Heaven’s Son, given by the King of Heaven to restore and forgive us. The chorus then proclaims Jesus as the only one who could redeem us, with the Sun, Moon, and stars lif

Perry Lahaie - Crashed Into Grace (CCM)

Perry Lahaie's song 'Crashed Into Grace' is a powerful testimony of God's amazing grace and the transformational power of Jesus Christ. The song is a reminder that no matter how far we may have strayed from God, He is always waiting with open arms to welcome us back into His loving embrace. The background of the song reveals Perry's personal experience of shame and how it almost ruined his life. As a teenager, he struggled with pursuing his own selfish desires and was wounded deeply by shame. He believed that what he had done was who he was and who he would always be. Despite having started following Jesus at the age of 10 and experiencing an amazing filling of the Holy Spirit at 16, the wounds of shame continued to poison him. One night while playing pick-up hoops at the Rec Center in Cheboygan, MI, Perry suffered a devastating injury when he landed on someone's foot while going for a rebound. He was in excruciating pain, and his friends had to carry him home a

Emmanuel Adeniran - Morning Sun (CCM)

Emmanuel Adeniran's song, 'Morning Sun,' is a beautiful and uplifting track that uses the metaphor of the morning sun to describe the light of Jesus Christ in our lives. As we journey through different seasons of life, the song reminds us that we can always find hope and positivity in our faith. The lyrics of 'Morning Sun' are poignant and reflective, encouraging the listener to live with purpose and make the most of the time we have. The chorus is especially powerful, with the repetition of 'all hope's renewed, all things are new' reinforcing the message of new beginnings and fresh starts that comes with our relationship with Jesus. As you listen to 'Morning Sun,' you will be inspired to reflect on your own life and the ways in which you can draw strength and positivity from your faith. The song's message is universal and can resonate with anyone, regardless of their background or beliefs. I highly recommend giving 'Morning Sun' a li

Hayden Ortez - Seasons - Live (CCM)

“Seasons - Live” by Hayden Ortez is a beautiful song that reminds us of the inevitable changes that come with life, but also the steadfastness of our faith. The lyrics speak to the ups and downs of life, the changing of seasons, and the resilience we must have to weather life’s storms. The opening lines paint a beautiful picture of the changing colors of leaves on trees, a visual metaphor for the different seasons of life. As the song progresses, the lyrics acknowledge the difficulties we face in life, but also the hope that lies ahead. The chorus, “Leaves turn brown and they fall dead, then it’s time to start again, if I make it through this winter storm, I know there is Springtime ahead,” is a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope for a new beginning. What makes this song particularly special is its live performance, which adds a raw and emotional element to the already powerful lyrics. Hayden Ortez’s soulful vocals are perfectly complemented by th

Elisabet Hermansson - That's When He Sees You (CCM)

Elisabet Hermansson's song 'That's When He Sees You' is a beautiful and comforting piece that reminds listeners that they are not alone, even in their darkest moments. The song was inspired by a youth choir festival where Hermansson was a conductor, and the lyrics reflect the uncertainties and fears that many people face in their daily lives. The song is sung as a duet with complementary soprano voices, which adds to the overall emotional impact of the piece. The lyrics speak to the feeling of being lost and scared in an unsafe world, where love seems to have lost its authenticity and selfishness reigns. But in the midst of all this chaos, the song reminds listeners that Jesus sees them, even when they feel invisible or alone. He takes them in His hands and shows them that He will lead them through whatever challenges they face. The chorus encourages listeners to tear down the walls of worry that they have built around themselves and to trust in Jesus to give them the p

New Horizons Worship - Leaving Empty (CCM)

'Leaving Empty' by New Horizons Worship is a powerful worship song that encourages listeners to give everything they have to Jesus, just as He gave everything for us. The lyrics speak of costly worship, inspired by examples such as the widow who gave her last mite and the expensive perfume poured on Jesus' feet. The ultimate example of costly worship is Jesus, who emptied Himself on our behalf (Phil. 2:7), and the song encourages us to pour out our lives at His feet and give Him all the glory and honor. The song is filled with passionate lyrics, such as 'I wanna give you my last dime like the widow did,' and 'I'm leaving empty, I'm leaving empty.' The song speaks of losing all dignity and laying it all at Jesus' feet, in radical abandonment to the worthy One. The chorus repeats the phrase 'You're worthy, You're worthy of it all,' reminding listeners that Jesus is deserving of all our worship and praise. The bridge of the song decl

The Top 100 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) for Saturday, March 25th, 2023

We have 3 new tracks in this week's chart. The highest new entry this week is 'Build a Boat' by Colton Dixon and Gabby Barrett at position number 93. The highest climber in the chart this week is 'I Believe It (The Life of Jesus)' by Jon Reddick, moving up 37 positions to number 58. The Top 100 Music Chart is available as a playlist on: Spotify : Deezer : Youtube :   This week's chart... Rank - Title - Artist (Change) #1 'Gratitude' by Brandon Lake (+0) #2 'Way Maker - Live' by Leeland (+0) #3 'Thank God I Do' by Lauren Daigle (+9) #4 'Goodness of God - Live' by Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson (-1) #5 'My God Is Still The Same' by Sanctus Real (-1) #6 'Depression' by Dax (-1) #7 'Make Room' by The Church Will Sing, Elys

Phil Craig - Jesus Has Conquered (Confidence) - Acoustic (CCM)

As a Christian music enthusiast, I am excited to share a new song by Phil Craig called 'Jesus Has Conquered (Confidence) - Acoustic'. This song offers hope, encouragement, and confidence in Jesus, no matter the circumstances. Phil Craig is a Vancouver-based singer/songwriter and worship leader who has produced a beautiful acoustic rendition of his song 'Jesus Has Conquered'. This song is accompanied by beautiful strings, ambient guitars, and pianos, providing the perfect support for the inspiring lyrics of hope. The lyrics of the song remind us that we are not guilty nor free, and we cannot judge ourselves because Christ died for us. The King of heaven declares that we are free, clothed in righteousness, and the Spirit of God lives in us. With such a realization, we should not throw away our confidence but instead draw near to God, knowing that we can enter into the holy place. The chorus of the song affirms that Jesus has conquered, and we can find our confidence in Hi

Ben Buhler - By My Side (CEDM)

I'm writing about Ben Buhler's Christian EDM track 'By My Side,' and I'm struck by how powerful the lyrics are. The lyrics take me to a place of reflection and gratitude for God's constant love and presence in our lives. 'By My Side' is a song about feeling lost and alone, but also knowing that God is always by our side no matter what. The lyrics are very personal, and they speak to the daily struggles that many of us face. Buhler sings in the first verse about being alone in a corner, wondering why no one is home, and feeling lost and afraid. However, when he turns to God, everything changes. The song's chorus is extremely powerful, and it conveys a message that we all need to hear. Buhler sings about not wanting to go another day without God and how God will always be there for him. He admits that he has no idea where he would be without God, but he knows he would be living a lie. It serves as a powerful reminder that no matter what we face, we can

Miss Freddye - Something to Believe In (Gospel)

Miss Freddye's gospel song, 'Something to Believe In,' is a moving and uplifting tribute to her late mother that will resonate with all who hear it. The song's release on the anniversary of her mother's passing is a poignant reminder that even in times of grief, there is a higher power watching over us, providing comfort and shelter from life's storms. With her soulful and powerful vocals, Miss Freddye takes listeners on a journey of searching for meaning and finding hope in love and faith. The song's lyrics are simple yet profound, expressing the fundamental human desire for answers, belonging, and purpose. The chorus, with its repeated refrain that we all need something to believe in and a light to guide us, is especially moving, offering hope and comfort to those struggling with life's challenges. Miss Freddye's gospel roots are evident in the lyrics, which speak to the themes of salvation, spiritual guidance, and being watched over by angels. The

Mark & Sarah Tillman (ft. His House Nashville) - Greater is the Blood (Live) (CCM)

Mark & Sarah Tillman and His House Nashville bring us a powerful declaration of faith with the song 'Greater is the Blood (Live).' The song is born out of the scripture in Romans 8:39 which says that nothing can separate us from the love of God. It serves as a reminder that nothing can come between the sacrifice of the cross and the blood that was shed for us. The song expresses the idea that Jesus's wonder-working power is stronger than death itself. The lyrics of the song are a declaration of faith that the power of the blood of Jesus is greater than anything else. It speaks of victory that came from Calvary and the power of the blood to heal and set us free. The chorus repeats the phrase 'Greater is the blood' over and over, driving home the message that nothing can stand against the power of the blood of Jesus. The bridge of the song is a powerful statement of the resurrection power that flows out of the hands of Jesus. It reminds us that there is power, won