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'Good Good Father - Acoustic Version' by Bria Jean: Rediscover Your True Identity

Just in time for Father's Day, Bria Jean has released an acoustic version of the song 'Good Good Father.' She shares: 'From the first time I heard this song, I was struck by how essential it is that we know we are loved by our Father.' Do you remember when you first realized you were fully known and loved, unconditionally? We all have a Heavenly Father who delivers on this promise, and wants nothing more than to be our source of unending goodness and perfect love. Will you let Him into your life?  With nearly 150K views on YouTube, and now available on major streaming platforms, Bria's rendition of this beautiful worship song is touching hearts. The combination of acoustic simplicity and Bria Jean's sincere vocals really brings the message of this song into your soul. For God, we are all precious and valued beyond measure. When you understand whose you are, that's when you'll truly grasp who you are.  Regardless of whether you're already familiar

'Desperate' by Mosaic MSC: Finding Strength in Vulnerability

This is such a wonderful live performance of 'Desperate' by Mosaic MSC, made at Mosaic, Los Angeles, in 2023. The lyrics are as if you are listening in on a heartfelt prayer to God.  So many people feel a huge void in their lives and long for something to fill that void. We realize that this is something that only God can truly satisfy. 'Desperate' is about our need for His guidance and presence and our deep desire to know Him more.  'Desperate' reminds us that there is absolutely nothing wrong about admitting that we need God. The lyrics also encourages us to trust, wait, and move with Him. It's a call to action to run to Him, even when it's 'dark aroung you,' because He's the only light we really need. This is a call to embrace your vulnerability and find strength in your faith.  So if you're feeling that pull and are looking for something to fill your void, then give this song a listen. Let it remind you that, in your need, we will fin

Blessed by Yair Levi: A Musical Echo of God's Unchanging Promises

Yair Levi released the song as part of ‘The Church Will Sing’ project called “Blessed,” a song about God’s promises. God’s words are perfect, His heart unchanging, and His promises forever standing. “Blessed” encourages us to be channels of blessing. Through acts of kindness and support toward "Israel," blessings flow back to us and outward to the whole world. The usage of “Israel” is where the present content filters on various platforms get in the way of God’s word. When lyrics are citing parts of the Bible that mention Israel, these content filters demonstrate the ignorance (or political pressures) of the persons who created them, blocking and even banning the user who put these lyrics online. That is what Yair Levi is facing at the moment. Living in Israel, putting up these lyrics, and the inability of a content filter to see the difference between a quote from many years ago that doesn’t have anything to do with present day politics or even distinguish the difference bet

'God Of My Life (Psalm 63)' by Cindy Clark: When Faith Transforms Fear into Freedom

Have you ever felt caught in the night, where fears seems to smother you and hope seems just out of reach? Cindy Clark's song, 'God Of My Life,' comes from this dark space and shows how God brings light into our darkest hours. Through her personal battle with panic attacks, Cindy experienced first hand how God delivers - an experience that that she shares through the lyrics and melodies of this heartfelt track.  Right off the bat, you're met with a raw honesty and deep longing that anyone who's been in this wilderness of despair is most likely to recognize. The first line of the song, 'Oh God of my life, I'm love sick for you,' sets the tone of the song that many will recognize, our heart's deepest desire to really feel God's presence. Cindy reminds us that despite our feelings of loneliness and fear, God satisfies this craving of the heart.  Cindy beatifully shifts our focus to look beyond the struggle, to finding peace and strength in the embra

'Lord of Life' by Robby Robinson and Andrea Hammond – How Music Bridges Us to God’s Unfailing Love

Robby Robinson and Andrea Hammond release a touching ballad with their song “Lord of Life”. This song underscores that nothing is able to separate us from Christ’s love, and that He is the “Lord of Life”. Andrea Hammond’s beautiful vocals and violin blend so nicely with Robby Robinson’s skillful piano, organ, and keyboard work. The result is a rich, jazzy sound, and the lyrics are a sincere call for forgiveness, healing, unity, and spiritual renewal. “The Cross of Death Became the Tree of Life,” the song’s main theme, captures the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection. This poignant line embodies the ultimate irony and redemption found in the Christian faith, turning an instrument of death into a symbol of eternal life and hope. The arrangement and production by Robby Robinson are masterful, balancing the rich sounds of his organ and keyboard with Andrea’s compelling vocals and violin to create a seamless and immersive listening experience. The beautiful video for this project was edi

'Surrendered Hearts' by Red Letter Society - How Music Can Lead Us to True Surrender

Have you ever noticed how performances of the same song can differ when artists are lead by the Spirit. It is as if the Spirit is making little tweaks to help finetune the message to a receptive audience. That is what makes this rendition of 'Surrendered Hearts' by Red Letter Society so special. I've listened to all of the previous releases of this song, and this release continues to grab me with its powerful message. This is a live recording made at The Heights, and this rendition triggers new thoughts about surrendering your heart to God. Maybe you're thinking that surrendering or laying down your own will before God is defeat... on the contrary! Surrendering your heart is how you can step into the life that God has prepared for you. Sin did a number on us, and totally messed up our relationship with God. This song points out how easy it actually is to return back to God, and get back to His blueprint for our lives. The first step is to allow the Holy Spirit to spark

Find Reconciliation in 'One Touch' by Dr. Mark Williams

'One Touch' by Dr. Mark Williams is a song that evolves around the biblical story of a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. Despite her medical challenges, she believed that it would only take one touch of Jesus' garment to heal her. Her faith gave her the strength to act and the courage to keep on going, even though people were getting in her way. She didn't give up! Dr. Mark uses this musical narrative to hold up a mirror-a mirror that reflects our own lives and struggles.  This woman isn't unique. We all carry burdens and scars from our past, and we can let this weigh us down. Dr. Mark's point in this song is that it is our choice what we do with these burdens and scars from the past. You have the choice to reach out to Jesus to bring about the change you need, or you can choose to sulk in the depth of your despair. This song is a message of hope, a reminder that your faith, even if it's as small as a mustard seed, can have a tremendous impact.  Heal

'Deeper Waters' by Jeremy Camp: Letting Go to Let God Lead

Jeremy Camp's 'Deeper Waters' is a call to action to take your faith to the next level. It's a call to explore the depths of God's love, understand the purpose and roadmap He has for you. It is a call to look beyond all of those shallow distractions you face that just waste your time and keep your focus on temporary outcomes instead of eternal outcomes.  As you listen to 'Deeper Waters,' you can't help but feel a stir in your soul. Something inside you knows that true life-giving refreshment only comes from a solid spiritual connection with God. Jeremy urges us to get together, seek revival, and let God breathe life into our tired bones (Ezekiel 37:4–5). True fulfillment and strength in faith isn't coming from running from (or ignoring) the darkness around us, they come from facing it head-on, with God by your side.  This song is very personal, because Jeremy is sharing some of the things that God has been teaching him and his family over the last tw

'Demonstrate Your Power' by Bukky Agboola: A Rallying Cry for Revival

Bukky Agboola's song 'Demonstrate Your Power' is like a huge block of positive energy that blasts its way into your life. You're not just listening to a song, you can't, because it does so much more! It's a song that gets you moving and prepares you to experience revival and feel united with the Holy Spirit.  If you're standing in need of a miracle, of a touch so divine that it reignites the very essence of your being, then get ready... 'Demonstrate Your Power' is talking directly to your heart, asking God for a fresh outpouring of faith, passion, and giving voice to a collective call for healing across the nation. Bukky's words will quickly become your words, where each word is lifted up like a prayer, asking God to fill your life with His presence, and to set your heart ablaze with His love.  May this song be a reminder that no matter what you face, you can call upon God to manifest His glory, to fill you with His word, and to guide you towards

'I Thank God Remix' by ADEM Project: Dance into Freedom

Just imagine that you are lost in the dark, not just any darkness, but the darkness of depression. And while it feels as if the world is putting it's full weight on your shoulders, your in search of a ray of light. Have you been there before? 'I Thank God Remix' by the ADEM Project is a response to those dark feelings, by offering rays of light with a beat that brings cheer and starts to put a smile back on your face. It's a remix that carries hope when you feel like you're at the end of the rope.  This isn't your everyday popular song, it's a spark of hope that brings revival. You can almost hear the words telling a story you've probably heard before: struggling with energy to get through another day, fighting the fights that already seem to be lost, and then that one moment comes by when everything changes and you realize you are not alone. It had you recalling how many times you've been picked up, turned around, and set back on solid ground by a p

Finding Your Way: The Power of 'Never to Grieve You' by whispering HOPE

There are many contrasting moments in life, where one moment is filled with challenges and the next moment we're celebrating victories, going from doubt to pure joy. These contrasts are keeping us on our toes. Whispering HOPE's 'Never to Grieve You' is a song for the contrasting times we go through. The words are a sincere plea, a promise, and a guide, all bundled into one. Whispering HOPE takes you on journey of faith, introspection, and to making a commitment to accept the Spirit's guidance in your life.  The lyrics reflect the struggles that many face with pride and temptation and also give a voice to the longing we have as Christians for God's guidance. Guidance that, despite the chaos around us, helps us to live a life that honors God and stays true to our faith. The song is a call to purify our hearts, to surrender all to God's refining flame, and to let His Spirit lead us in every aspect of our lives.  I invite you to listen to 'Never to Grieve Yo

'For The Sake Of My Soul' by Carli Lessing: Choosing God’s Presence Over Worldly Pleasures

Carli Lessing's song 'For The Sake Of My Soul' can be a bit of a rude awakening for some, because it is all about realizing what is really important in life. The lyrics are teasing you as the listener into taking a closer look at what you're doing throughout the day. Dare to challenge yourself and question how much time you are wasting on endless scrolling, and buying into the latest trends, only to feel that this is increasing your distance to true peace and fulfillment. This song gently points your focus to what your heart needs the most, a deeper connection with God, away from the noise and chaos, including the your social media. Carli calls to prioritize what truly matters, urging you to let go of worldly pursuits that lead nowhere, to turn off the distractions, and to genuinely seek God's presence. This isn't a new message, but it is a freshing reminder, especially if your in this constant tug-of-war between the world and the Spirit. The push for more, more

'Garland of Roses' by Andrew Macdonald: Uniting Our Stories with Heaven's Hymn

Andrew Macdonald's 'Garland of Roses' is an exploration of one of the key elements / traditions we have within Christianity, the tradition of prayer. A song that takes a closer look the meaning behind a centuries-old tradition of prayer. What I love about these discovery journeys is that my faith feels richer when I am able to see and understand the meaning that drives these traditions, even if it is not part of my own Christian way of living.  The 'Garland of roses' is a hopeful plea for guidance, where one asks for intercession through the Rosary. For many, the Rosary and other forms of prayer ropes play an important part in engaging with something bigger than us all, reaching out to God.  As the lyrics unfold, we're reminded of the joys, struggles, and glories of both Jesus' and Mary's journeys - mirroring some of the ups and downs we also face in our own lives. Through the ages, the essence of human experience hasn't really changed. Mankind has a

'She Got The Miracle' by Marcus & Jalyn McGill – A Melodic Journey From Envy to Trust

'She Got The Miracle' by Marcus & Jalyn McGill, is a tender melody that draws us into an intimate confessional. A song that may even mirror your own unresolved longings, envy, a maybe a feeling of impatience when you compare your life with others. Maybe you've seen the joy of others as they receive answers to their prayers, while your own pleas seem to go unanswered. We're living in a time where we constantly seeing messages through all kinds of media about people who are celebrating some kind of achievement of joyful occasion. A constant focus on achieving and more recognition. These messages can easily spark those hushed inner battles of comparison and envy. We start to question ourselves: 'What am I doing wrong?' Jalyn offers a candid look at a journey from frustration to faith. Her song prompts you to embrace God's timing even when it feels distant, and things feel as if we have been forgotten. The challenge isn't about being impatient. It is ab

Finding Hope in 'Ask Me How I Know' by Bill Luton - A Musical Reminder of God's Love

Bill Luton's song 'Ask Me How I Know' was created during a time of personal challenges and global travels. From Washington to Uganda, Nashville to Cali, Bill takes you along on a very personal journey filled with grace.  Bill sets a scene where you're feeling like you're constantly falling short, and that redemption is far out of your reach. This song echoes the beautiful and comforting truth that God's love and grace is boundless. God is on standby and ready to lift you from your deepest valleys. The song feels like a musical hug for anyone who's doubted their value or place in this world.  You are invited in 'Ask Me How I Know' to look at the challenges you face through the lens of faith. When you look at your challenges through the lens of faith, you will see that they are actually opportunities to see God's love working in your life. In fact, change is guaranteed through faith.  So, go ahead and listen to 'Ask Me How I Know'. Try to r

'Restore Me' by Marcello Cordova: An Acoustic Haven for the Weary Soul

Have you ever been surrounded by friends and family, but feel an eerie silence deep within you? Marcello Cordova's 'Restore Me' is about this feeling, a feeling that may be familiar to many listeners. It's an acoustic journey, not just to focus on despair, but to show hope and divine intervention. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Are you seeing someone that is hurt and battered by life's problems? What 'Restore Me' does is to turn this moment of vulnerability into a sincere prayer to God for comfort and strength. If you're feeling as if your lost in a crowd, this song will take you to a intimate encounter with God. While life will throw us curveballs, these lyrics are like lifelines. Lifelines that ignite a change from brokenness to healing and from hopelessness to rekindling your faith in God's love. 'Restore Me' is a prayer, and a testament to the power of reaching out to God in your darkest hours. May Marcello's earnest vo

'For My Sake' by Tim & Billy – Remembering with Hope

'For My Sake' by Tim & Billy is an ode to the loved ones that have passed away, a heartfelt conversation that's as sincere as those screen porch heart-to-hearts it describes. Billy began writing this song around Father's Day and quickly realized that the lyrics were about his own father and mother. Tim & Billy release this as a song for anyone who has lost or is missing a loved one.  As you listen, you can almost feel the cool morning air they once enjoyed and hear the creak of those old wooden rocking chairs on the porch. The laughter and the wisdom that is shared over countless cups of coffee. As the song goes on, we're reminded that even though we may be feeling sad, Christ's death bridges the gap between our temporary goodbyes in this life and our eternal hellos in heaven.  In Christ, our temporary pain of losing a loved one is met with eternal peace, and that helps to process the loss a little bit easier, and the separation more bearable. May 'F

'Shadow' by Kosj Yamoah: Embracing Life's Shadows with Faith

Kosj Yamoah's song, 'Shadow,' draws inspiration from the well-known Psalm 23. Kosj doesn't just recite these passage; he brings them to life by connecting this song to his journey with his son, Zion. The valleys and shadows are more than just metaphors. They're real challenges - doubt, fear, anxiety - yet put into a different perspective through an unshakeable faith in God's presence. Listening to 'Shadow,' you're reminded that life does throw shadows our way. But the thing about shadow is that there is only a shadow when there is no light. As soon as there is light, the shadow is disappears. Kosj acknowledges that faith isn't blind to life's realities, but that light comes from a deeply rooted in the truth of God's promise that He will always be with us. It's a call to recognize, maybe even cherish, the presence of these shadows, because shadows actually testify to the light that is surrounding, guiding, and comforting us. We haven&#

'I Wait For You' by Alane J: Finding God in the Waiting

Alane J's song, 'I Wait For You,' isn't about the silent, passive act of waiting. It focuses on active waiting that requires faith, especially when the waiting is for healing or for things to change for the better. What I also like about this song is Alane's honesty and vulnerability. As you listen to the lyrics, you may even start to recognize elements of your own waiting. When she sings about waiting for healing, for a sign, or just simply to be more aware of God's presence, it's as if Alane is also giving a voice to our own thoughts and prayers.  The lyrics are easy to relate to, and they are not just meaningful for people who are struggling. It's a song for anyone who has hoped, believed, or just needed to know that they are loved and not alone. Alane has beautifully used her own experience to give others hope. Her message also shares the joy you'll feel when waiting comes to an end.  Let 'I Wait For You' remind you that waiting isn't

'Far Off Father (Live)' by Taylor Pride: A Melody of Unseen Closeness

In those quiet moments of your day, when the noise of the world fades and makes place for thought and reflection, there's a song that helps to put everything in perspective. 'Far Off Father' by Taylor Pride is a passionate song with tender words and gentle strums, carrying a powerful reminder that you're never beyond the Father's reach.  Taylor Pride, with his soulful honesty, sings about our God, who isn't distant or removed from our struggles. Imagine a relationship where God is closer than any brother could be, one who sits right beside you during every moment of life. Taylor's message breaks through the loneliness that so many people feel, emphasizing that in God's love, there is no distance too far and no night too dark.  You may think God is far away, but He is right here with you. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can separate you from His love. No challenge, mistake, or fear can keep God away.  So, go ahead and give 'Far Off Father&#

'Anchor' by Circanineti and Mireya Harris - Find Stability in Life's Storms

Do you remember the story of Jesus walking on the water in Matthew 14? The disciples are in a boat on their way to the other side of the lake and the waves are tossing them back and forth. How often does your life feel like that? Overwhelmed by the waves of stress, worry, and doubt? You need an anchor. That's exactly what Circanineti and Mireya Harris offer in their pulsing track 'Anchor'.  This energetic track invites you to see Jesus, not as a distant Savior, but as a Savior who is present and helps in challenging times. As you listen, you'll find yourself in the lyrics, maybe realizing for the first time or perhaps remembering that there is no one but Jesus who can calm the storm you're facing.  'Anchor' isn't just a song; it's a lifeline, extending to you through a track in the liquid Drum and Bass genre. 'I found my anchor in the stormy sea the world has been,' is pointing to Jesus as that anchor. Jesus is the one who gives you the coura

'Your Grace' by Anthony Calvette: A Musical Journey from Despair to Hope

In Anthony Calvette's soul-stirring track 'Your Grace,' Anthony takes you along his journey from despair to a declaration of faith. He describes how an unwavering call to follow a path of righteousness saved him from the brink of hopelessness. A path of grace that resulted in a radical change in his life.  The song mirrors our own stories of stumbling, then being gently guided back by hands of divine mercy and love. A powerful reminder that you can count God's promise of a brighter road ahead, illuminated by His love, if you will surrender your pride and embrace His grace.  'Your Grace' is a call to look at your life, recognize the many ways that God's grace has changed you. Thank Him for His grace and join the celebration as part of this beautiful big family, united under His everlasting love.  Let 'Your Grace' be a reminder His love always endures in every trial. God's love gives us the strength to continue on our path. In His grace, you will f

'You're Beautiful' by The Rock Music: Seeing Creation Through the Eyes of Praise

'You're Beautiful' by The Rock Music is a worship anthem that stirs up a beautiful feeling. It's like the awesome feeling I get when I'm sitting on the beach to watch the sun come up on the horizon. That is what this song also does for me. It leads my thoughts to recognizing God's hand in the mundane, His majesty in the cosmos, and a feeling a tremendous gratitude for His sacrifice on the cross. The song invites you to see God's artwork in the break of day, feel His power in the silent watch of the night sky, and experience His love throughout your life. It's everywhere, and also very personal, and you're right at the heart of it. When the music swells, it's almost as if it is lifting you up so you can see your own life reflected in these divine moments, and it creates a subtle longing for a joyful reunion on eternity's shore. The key message is to be more aware of His beauty around you, because this awareness cements your faith, helps you f

'Living Water (Fill Us Up)' by Lucas Hampton - A Song to Quench Your Spiritual Thirst

Have you ever been outside on a sunny day for so long that your throat and mouth is dry and you really wish you had something to quench your thirst? Hang onto that feeling and think about what it would feel like if your soul is thirsting for something. Lucas Hampton's 'Living Water (Fill Us Up)' is about our spiritual longing / thirsting to have a deeper connection with God.  From the first strum of the acoustic guitar to the ambient sounds that build up to an uplifting bridge, this song creates a perfect setting to understand the longing that is expressed in Psalm 63. It speaks directly to that part of us that longs for God in the dry and weary moments of life that we may be facing.  'Living Water' is a nicely crafted reminder that no matter how empty or thirsty you may be, God is always ready to share His living water. It's an invitation to open your heart to His spirit, let it flow through you, revitalize you, and empower you to carry out His will.  If you

'Glorious King Jesus' by The Praise Project: A Heartfelt Anthem to Refocus Your Worship

Ever feel like worship music can sometimes miss the mark, focusing more on us than the One we're singing to? That's what The Praise Project feels, and 'Glorious King Jesus' is their response to do something about it. This song is a heart-stirring anthem that puts Jesus center stage! It calls you to open your heart to the One who deserves all of your praise.  The lyrics remind you of His love, sacrifice, and presence in your life. Isn't it comforting to know that the same Jesus who confronted evil and brought light into darkness is with you every step of the way?  As you listen, you realize what He has done for us, His followers, and you may find yourself standing in awe of His might, and yet overwhelmed by His tenderness towards those who struggle. The song isn't one of those songs where you can lay back and soak it all up. No way! It's actually a call to lay your burdens at His feet and lift your eyes to the One who overcame the grave for us.  Go ahead and