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The Stories Behind The Song, November 3rd, 2023

    Every day, artists send us their latest Christian music releases, complete with lyrics and personal stories about the songs. Many of these stories have strengthened our faith, and we believe that these stories will do the same for you. In this week’s episode of ‘Stories Behind the Song’ I’m Alive’ by James Kelso: A Song of Divine Rebirth ‘home (ps twenty-seven)’ by Son Francisco: A Melodic Comfort in Life’s Storms ‘Holy Spirit Song (Carry On)’ by Shawn Thomas: A Musical Balm for Life’s Journey ‘In Your Name’ by Mel Collins Music: A Melodic Affirmation of God’s Healing Touch Click  here  to open this week's edition of ' Stories Behind the Song '. About 'Stories Behind the Song' The stories we share are unedited and act as a bridge to help you deepen your relationship with God and better understand the artist's message and intent behind the song. We pray that these stories inspire, uplift, and remind you of God's unending blessings for you. About

'Holy, Holy, Holy' by Sky Hymnal: An Instrumental Hymn Igniting Adoration

An instrumental melody fills the air in the quiet of the morning, picturing the vibrant autumn colors adorning the landscape of Middle Tennessee. Sky Hymnal's 'Holy, Holy, Holy' is an ambient guitar arrangement of the traditional hymn that takes you to a serene sanctuary of divine adoration for our Lord God Almighty. Sky Hymnal breathes new life into the classic hymn, cascading harmonies like dew among the words of praise to our merciful and mighty God. The captivating melody calls your soul to rise as images of Beersheba Springs, Tim's Ford Lake, and Cool Springs unfold, aligning with the early morning song of creation. The song invites us to look beyond the veil at reality. God's purity, power, and love are constant even in the dark - He alone is holy. As the lyrics declare reverently, 'There is none beside Thee,' the melody emphasizes this truth with each note. 'Holy, Holy, Holy,' from Sky Hymnal, celebrates God's magnificent creation - earth,

'Right Here' by Kelechi: Revel in the Emotive Melodies of Faith and Surrender

The warmth of God's love, the comforting sense of His presence, the serene peace that comes from an unfiltered connection with our heavenly father, it's all captured brilliantly in Kelechi's contemporary Christian music, 'Right Here.' With an unyielding passion to draw people closer to God, Kelechi's music reflects her heart, soul, and mind – immaculately immersed in divine love. 'Right Here' is an echo of profound devotion, a yearning plea to forever stay enveloped in God's warm embrace. Each note, each cord, channels the joy and peace uniquely found in surrendering one's life as a living sacrifice unto God. 'Right Here. Is where I wanna stay. In your arms... I’ve surrendered my life... 'Cause I wanna stay right here. My joy is right here. Yes, my peace lives right here.' Every verse elevates the soul, nourishing the faith of the steadfast and the seekers alike. God is our home and our heart His dwelling place. Kelechi utilizes her r

'Sunshine' by Richard Bas: A Melodic Reflection of God's Handiwork in Love

Richard Bas captures the essence of divine love and connection through his joyful and uplifting contemporary Christian music (CCM) song, 'Sunshine.' The song is a heartfelt ode to his fiancée, resonating with earnest anticipation for their shared future, under the protective umbrella of Christ's unconditional love. Bas pushes the boundaries of Christian music, melding soulful gospel melodies with earnest lyrics that echo the promise of a life in Christ’s love. The simplicity of the refrain – 'You're the sunshine, You're the rainbow, You're everything God wants you to be for me to take home' – reflects an intimate conversation between two souls, bound by shared faith and devotion. This intimacy rings with sincerity, painting a radiant picture of God as the divine Potter fashioning a soul mate, just as he yearns for. Listening to the song 'Sunshine' is akin to witnessing a gentle sunrise after the darkest hours; it reminds us of God's transform

'These Are The Days' by Cory Asbury, Amy Grant: Embracing Parenthood with Faith

Cory Asbury and Amy Grant combine their musical abilities in the CCM song 'These are the Days' to beautifully depict the fleeting essence of time as we nurture and raise our children. This tender anthem serves as a gentle reminder to parents to appreciate the precious moments that shape our life. Asbury, best known for his powerful song 'Reckless Love,' has developed as an artist to better connect with his fans. Cory Asbury's latest track, 'These Are The Days,' was created in collaboration with a team of brilliant Nashville composers and producers. This song, which has already reached millions of people through streaming platforms, encourages parents all around the world to embrace the path of parenthood while finding comfort and support in their faith. The heartfelt lyrics address our human desire to calm down, acknowledge our blessings, and develop a heavenly connection within our families. 'These are the Days' urges us to recognize the daily mirac

New Christian Music Releases For Friday, October 27th, 2023

Here are the new Christian Music releases that we have gathered for you over the past week. This overview contains releases in the genres: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM), Christian EDM (CEDM), and Gospel.  At the end of this post, you can find links to our playlists with recent releases. Upcoming Thursday we will share an overview of the most popular songs that were released today (based on the number of streams). View New Release Archive   (The song titles on our webpage are clickable and open the album / song on Spotify.)   These Are The Days by Cory Asbury, Amy Grant (CCM) Keep The Light On by David Leonard (CCM) Lost On Me by Landry Cantrell (CCM) True Self by Dara Maclean (CCM) Happy Face by Jimi Cravity (CCM) Not Even One by kalley (CCM) Don't Let The Rocks Cry (Live) by Justin Tweito (CCM) Christ Be Magnified by Dave Pettigrew (CCM) Blood Stains by Jimmy Clifton (CCM) Body and Blood (Live) by Damascus Worship, MarySarah Menkhaus (CCM) Praise the Lor

'Open Hands' by Mandie Walters: Embracing Divine Faith with Open Arms

Mandie Walters, embarking on a journey of surrender and trust, offers a heartfelt testimony in her contemporary Christian music (CCM) song 'Open Hands.' Mandie, a worship leader and songwriter from Washington state, eloquently captures the essence of surrendering to Jesus and fully relying on His promises. 'Open Hands' offers a soothing melodic experience that is enhanced by soul-stirring lyrics that invite listeners to fully trust in Jesus, exemplifying a profound message of faith and hope. The song, co-produced with Nashville producer Robby Valderrama and Grammy-nominated producer McKendree Tucker, is popular among Christians and encourages people to run into God's arms and embrace His open hands. Mandie is an active member of her local church and works with elementary school-aged children as an early learning coach and trainer. If you want to hear her music and learn more about her philosophy on life, go to . Mandie Walters has created a bea

'You're All I Need' by Emma Noonan: An Anthem for Divine Reliance

Emma Noonan's single 'You're All I Need,' which floats between indie pop and electronic dance, expresses an intimate hymn of faith and perseverance inspired by Psalm 23. The song's lyrics, crafted in the midst of personal adversity, skillfully mirror Emma's genuine experience, leading us on her journey through treacherous and uncertain terrain to discover God's unfailing guidance. When all earthly aids fail, the song echoes the quiet intensity of reliance on God. Just as she got lost on Cross Fell (a remote part of the Pennine Way in Cumbria), our own lives can become disorganized, leaving us yearning for divine guidance. Emma's heart cry resonates among the pulsating rhythm and smooth vocals - God is always there, a steadfast lantern amidst the storm, guiding us through our darkest ravines. 'You're All I Need' is more than just a song. It's an invitation to lean not on our understanding, but on the Higher Power who never fails to comfort

'Halfway There' by Zoetic: Charting the Course from Tepid Faith to Passionate Surrender

An intricate fusion of modern rhythms and soul-stirring lyrics, 'Halfway There' by Zoetic is more than just a song – it's a spirit-infused narrative touching the core issue of our spiritual journey. With a refreshing frankness, Zoetic addresses the internal struggle of choosing between the comforts of worldly life and the transformative surrender to Christ's teachings. 'Halfway There' comes from the heart of a person who is hesitant to follow Christ's path, straddling the familiar life of sin and an intense desire for spiritual liberation. Its moving lyrics evoke a mix of fear, confession, and longing, creating a realistic portrayal of modern faith struggles. The song's powerful message seeks to inspire change within rather than to judge. Zoetic passionately echoes the call to fully commit to Christ, revealing that true Christianity necessitates more than a superficial label - it necessitates an ongoing, ever-deepening relationship with God. Remember tha

The Top 50 Songs in Christian Contemporary Music released in the past week - Thursday, October 26th, 2023

Discover the 50 most streamed Christian Contemporary Music & CEDM tracks released between October 19th and October 26th, 2023.  Every Thursday, we curate a chart showcasing the top 50 most-streamed CCM & CEDM releases of the past week. Be one of the first to explore our Top 50 chart and listen to these popular songs. Here is this week's chart of the most popular English-language Christian music released in the past week! (To open the songs on Spotify, click the song titles on our website.)  Rank - Title - Artist #1 - 'Bless God' by Brooke Ligertwood #2 - 'MIRACLE CHILD' by Brandon Lake #3 - 'ADOPTION SONG' by Brandon Lake #4 - 'GOD IS NOT AGAINST ME' by Brandon Lake #5 - 'The Place Where I Belong' by Housefires, Davy Flowers #6 - 'NOTHING NEW' by Brandon Lake #7 - 'PALM OF YOUR HAND' by Brandon Lake #8 - 'Every Chance I Get' by Brooke Ligertwood #9 - 'KIDS' by Brandon Lake #10 - 'MORE' by Brando

'Heartbeats' by Thoughts And Notions, Rochy Dadivas: An Uplifting Journey from Darkness to Faith's Dawn

Thoughts And Notions' song 'Heartbeats,' featuring Rochy Dadivas, invites us into a melodious experience infused with a story of darkness turning into light. 'Heartbeats' is more than simply a song; it is a heartfelt testimony from chief lyricist JT, who journeyed from the depths of anxiety and depression to the dawn of peace, surrendering his battle to God and embracing an extraordinary path to healing. The song's raw tune conveys JT's struggle with his inner demons. The unsettling tones of heartbeats and the hum of an ECG life-support machine are subtly woven into this tapestry of sound. However, there is a deep message here: it is the pulsating rhythm of life within, our heartbeats, that should guide us, not the mind's illusion. The song's message is beautifully conveyed by Rochy Dadivas, who is herself a warrior, and her voice is a perfect accompaniment. A spark of resilience, a flicker of faith amidst the darker notes, is intertwined throughout

'In Your Name' by Mel Collins Music: A Melodic Affirmation of God's Healing Touch

'In Your Name' by Mel Collins Music emerges from the crucible of adversity and the shadows of a broken home as a moving testament to the transformative power of faith in Jesus. This song beautifully captures the truth that God can create powerful testimonies out of the most difficult of circumstances. The lyrics reference Ephesians 6:12, acknowledging the spiritual power that lies beneath our physical struggles. 'There is Power, Power in your name,' they exclaim joyfully. 'There is Healing, Healing is in your name. Mercy, Mercy is in your name. There is Deliverance, Deliverance in your name.' Each repetition echoes a crescendo of faith, a gracious battle cry affirming the deliverance promised to all believers who seek refuge in His name. Mel Collins vocally and vividly paints a compelling picture of redemption based on his lived experience of facing spiritual and physical battles. Today, the song serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging and blessing believers. Le

'Miracle Child' by Brandon Lake: A Symphony of Redemption and New Life

In the comforting embrace of Brandon Lake's song, 'Miracle Child,' we are invited to explore the tender mercies of God, to perceive ourselves not as mere beings surviving the odds but as divine miracles in motion. This contemporary Christian music (CCM) masterpiece assures listeners of the stunning grace of God, reminding us that the same power that conquered the grave resides within us. Opening the hymn with words brimming with poignant candor— 'I shouldn't be alive...But I'm a miracle child' —Lake underscores the transformative power of God's love. His soulful rendition paints an animated narrative, celebrating life's delivery from the brink through divine intervention. Death, he boldly challenges, hasn't claimed its victory over his life because 'My savior's word is final / I am resurrected / Blood protected / I am a miracle child.' These words echo with the astounding reassurance of Christ's resurrection and our security in

'Bless God' by Brooke Ligertwood: Immersing in an Ocean of Sacred Gratitude

In her uplifting contemporary Christian song 'Bless God,' Brooke Ligertwood beautifully encapsulates the heart's unwavering adoration for the divine, creating an anthem of praise that reverberates throughout the heavens and touches every soul on earth. It is a compelling call to immerse oneself in the validation and glory gifted by Jesus, our Savior. As the lyrics cascade from her voice, they etch a poignant, spiritual journey. 'Blessed are those who run to Him...He won't forsake them' she sings, illustrating the divine promise that we were never meant to walk our paths alone. With each verse, Brooke articulates the joy of surrendering and dedicating every moment of existence to Jesus— 'And for Him only...Oh Jesus, all for Your glory,' she proclaims. Her invitation to praise, framed with utmost sincerity, resonates deeply with an eager spirit, 'Come on and lift your voice with me... He's worthy of all our praise.' Such heartfelt declaratio

'One' by Holy Gather: Anchoring Hope in Chaos

In a world constantly torn by strife and conflict, Holy Gather's song, 'One,' stands as a beacon of hope, speaking directly to hearts weighed down by the burden of life's chaos. With a melody that gently calms the soul, its lyrics resonate in the hearts of all who rely on Jesus as their single unwavering source of strength and respite. The lyrics, starkly candid and profoundly touching, pose a question we've all murmured in quiet despair, 'Man this world is crazy, don’t you agree?' In our quest for freedom, we stumble and falter, inadvertently inviting conflict into our lives. Yet, in Jesus, we find our identities transformed, our spirits unbound. As we bear witness to the world unraveling at its seams, the sweet refrain reassures us of the enduring love of God, 'Lord tell me that you will remain / Cause we need a love that can sustain.' This heartfelt plea highlights our deep-seated need for the divine sustenance that is found only in Christ. Poig

'The Place Where I Belong' by Housefires, Davy Flowers: Guiding Souls Home with Every Note

In the midst of life's tumult, a song can be a beacon, reminding us of the Sacred Presence that enfolds us, guiding us home. In such spirit, Housefires and Davy Flowers offer us 'The Place Where I Belong.' This contemporary Christian song serves as a beacon of God's divine love, capturing the yearning of every heart to find its true home in God. From the first verse, the song gently carries us on a journey of faith, grounded in divine confidence. 'I couldn't lose you if I tried, I'm confident. I am yours and you are mine,' sings the hopeful believer, a testament to our innate belonging in God's boundless love. With the chorus echoing the promise of an ever-present God, the song becomes a lighthouse amidst the stormy seas of life's uncertainties. Yet, the song does not just dwell in divine promise. It urges us to let go, trust, and fully embrace God's welcoming arms. The song earnestly echoes our freed hearts: 'So fear be banished, and le

New Christian Music Releases For Friday, October 20th, 2023

Here are the new Christian Music releases that we have gathered for you over the past week. This overview contains releases in the genres: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM), Christian EDM (CEDM), and Gospel.  At the end of this post, you can find links to our playlists with recent releases. Upcoming Thursday we will share an overview of the most popular songs that were released today (based on the number of streams). View New Release Archive   (The song titles on our webpage are clickable and open the album / song on Spotify.)   03 | 23 (20th Anniversary EP) by Shawn Thomas (CCM) I've Got More by Hannah B. Johnson (CCM) To Be Wanted by Amanda Nolan (CCM) Shine by The Gray Havens (CCM) The Place Where I Belong by Housefires, Davy Flowers (CCM) EIGHT by Brooke Ligertwood (CCM) COAT OF MANY COLORS by Brandon Lake (CCM) Come Away by Local Sound, Sydney Lau (CCM) I'm Free (No Longer Bound) by Maverick City Music, Chandler Moore, Forrest Frank (CCM) Take Me With

'Holy Spirit Song (Carry On)' by Shawn Thomas: A Musical Balm for Life's Journey

As the seasons turn and we face life's uncertainties, Shawn Thomas' uplifting CCM song, 'Holy Spirit Song (Carry On),' serves as a tender reminder of God's constant presence and unwavering faithfulness. The song was inspired by a tearful farewell to a beloved congregation, a season of change, and the anticipation of God's unfolding plans in Shawn's life. 'Holy Spirit Song (Carry On)' is based on the profound reassurances found in Colossians 3:15-17 and Deuteronomy 31:6&8 of the Bible. These passages serve as beacons in our journey through life, reminding us of the Lord's transformative power, comfort, and unfailing love. Each verse of the song is heartfelt, encouraging us to embrace our identities as faithful servants, true believers, and prayerful warriors. The chorus echoes the call to let Christ's peace rule in our hearts and to be eternally grateful. Shawn's song invites us to let God's grace carry us forward, his unwavering p

'To Be Wanted' by Amanda Nolan: Beholding Our Worth in God’s Compassionate Lens

Amanda Nolan's song 'To Be Wanted' is a masterpiece. This song brilliantly expresses the raw, human yearning for unconditional love and acceptance, a theme that resonates with our inherent flaws and long-held rejection fears. However, embedded within its moving lyrics is the promise of divine love and unwavering support, echoing Romans 8:38-39 - 'neither death nor life...nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God.' A vivid story unfolds throughout the song, revealing a transformative encounter with Jesus, who lovingly assures us, 'You are loved without conditions,' and 'You will never be let go.' It wonderfully shows God's steadfast presence in the face of human infidelity, affirming our worth where we've felt unwanted and extending a grace-filled embrace where we've felt ignored. Amanda Nolan's warm, heartfelt voice only adds to this story, wrapping it in melodies that beckon listeners to sola