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Top 2000 Christian Music (CCM/CEDM) for Winter 2022/2023 (UPDATE: Saturday, December 31, 2022)

As we come together to celebrate the start of 2023, we are grateful to present an updated version of our Top 2000 Christian music chart (we took out all of the Christmas music).  This year has been filled with challenges and uncertainty, but we hope that the music on this list will bring you hope and encouragement as you navigate these (difficult) times. Whether you are celebrating the new freedom that has come post-COVID or dealing with challenges in your own life, we pray that these songs will uplift your spirit and strengthen your faith in God. Remember that no matter what circumstances you may be facing, you are never alone and God is always with you, offering hope and guidance. May the music on this chart bring you joy and remind you of the goodness and love of God. The Top 2000 Chart is available as a playlist on: Spotify : Deezer : Youtube :