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Presley Tennant - Pray for Peace (CCM)

Presley Tennant has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called 'Pray for Peace'. The song 'Pray for Peace' was written by Harrison Sheckler, who was deeply affected by the tragic massacre that occurred in Uvalde, Texas on May 24th, 2022. She was inspired to write this song after watching the news unfold and hearing about how parents were grieving over their lost children. Harrison asked Presley Tennant to record the song. The melody is distinctive, rich, and warm—just like Presley herself! The lyrics of this song are inspiring, heart-warming, and comforting. They're meant to remind us all that we can make a difference in the world around us if we just try. That's why all proceeds from sales and streams will be donated to Victims First Charity. We encourage you to listen to this video or the song on Spotify right now because it's sure to bring tears to your eyes—but also hope! You can listen to the track on Spotify:

Destiny Music - Let The Church Say Amen (CCM)

Destiny Music, the primary worship band for Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin, CA., drops a new song called 'Let The Church Say Amen'. A beautiful song that explores what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit and how that can help us be more bold in sharing the gospel. We want to encourage you to listen to the video, but if you're short on time right now, here's a quick summary: The song starts out with great energy as we sing about waking up tired ones and moving restless people to action. Destiny Music sings about restoring broken hearts and dreaming again. There's also a strong beat and engaging rhythm that grabs you from the beginning and carries you along through the whole song. 'Wake up the tired ones. Move restlessly to action. Restore the broken hearts. It's time to dream again!' The melody is easy to remember and recognize. I found it easy to sing along with parts of the song while hearing the song for the first time. I feel that

Fr Mark Baumgarten - A Newborn King (Christmas)

Fr Mark Baumgarten has released a Christian Christmas (CCM) track called 'A Newborn King'. The Christmas season is a time of joy, but it can also be a time of great anxiety. We're all trying to make our lives better, but it can be difficult to know how to do that when our world seems so full of pain.  In this new song by Fr Mark Baumgarten, we get a glimpse into the struggle between cynicism and hope.  Fr Mark is a priest and musician from Perth, Australia. The song has been produced by Fr Mark Baumgarten on the piano and lead vocal, Naya Chorale, St Mary’s Cathedral Choir, Graeme Bell (bass), Andre Bourgault du Coudray (trombone), and Simon Groves (trumpet). My favorite part of the lyrics is where Fr Mark sings: 'There's a newborn King, who's turned everything upside down. But 'pretender kings' are still clinging to their crowns... and so am I. Yet still the star, it shines on a weary world. And still our hearts, they pine for a priceless pearl of ho

Wole Awolola - Immanuel (Gospel)

Wole Awolola has released a Gospel track called 'Immanuel'. We are rapidly approaching a special time of year, and Christmas time is an especially great time to reflect on the birth of baby Jesus. 'Immanuel' is a brand-new song by Wole Awolola. The song is a soulful fusion of Afrobeat and R&B that will make you feel festive. The song was written by Wole and Mr. Eff, who also served as the producer. Immanuel is a masterfully crafted medley of contemporary and classic songs honoring the magnificent gift that was given to us through the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, more than 2000 years ago. Wole explains succinctly how the arrival of the baby Jesus in the manger was the greatest thing to happen to humanity because it meant that God had actually come to live among us. The simple but artistically written verses and chorus are interjected with a quote from the scriptures where the name Immanuel is first mentioned --Isaiah 7:13-- and the chorus of the popular Christm

Oge Stan - Rejoice - Live (Gospel)

Oge Stan has released a live recording of her song 'Rejoice.' The song is a reminder that we are created as worshippers, and that there's a great mystery in worshiping God when things are going well and also when everything isn't going well in our lives. It's our duty to worship. Oge created this song to make her listeners feel, grasp, or believe that the Lord is always near and He hears us when we worship Him. 'The heaven is here, now!' she sings with confidence and conviction. The lyrics are melodic and easy to follow, but they are also deeply moving: 'The atmosphere has changed,' Oge sings. 'For the heaven is here, now! There's an outpour of the Spirit of God all over this room! The glory of the Lord fills this place! The King of Glory is here!' If you want to feel at home with Oge's music, then check out 'Rejoice - Live' today! Lyrics Read “Rejoice - Live” by Oge Stan on Genius

Fabio Mazz - In the Night (feat. Nadja Nowak) (CEDM)

Fabio Mazz has released a Christian EDM (CEDM) track called 'In the Night (feat. Nadja Nowak)'. Fabio writes: "For about a year, my wife and I have been interested in people with mental illness. These stories touched us again and again. We also decided to go regularly to a psychiatric clinic and spend time with these people. Unfortunately, I lost 2 close people to this illness in the last few years. I know that these people are going through many dark valleys. But since I believe in God, I also know that He is always by our side and will never give up on us. Even we give up on ourselves. That's how the song is structured, at the beginning rather devotional and a bit sad but I wanted to express the hope and joy when we hold on to God in the chorus and the instrumental part. I hope this message of hope, even in the dark valley, reaches the listeners." Lyrics Read “In the Night (feat. Nadja Nowak)” by Fabio Mazz on Genius

Daniel Mayer - Let Your Light Shine (CCM)

Daniel Mayer has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called 'Let Your Light Shine'. This song is an expression of Daniel's unapologetically Christian faith, breaking into the contemporary Christian music world where he is not afraid to speak what is on his heart and give all of his praise and creativity to God. 'Let Your Light Shine' has a catchy melody and lyrics that remind me of a passage from Matthew 5: 14-16: 'Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.' Nobody lights a candle and places it underneath a table because the light will be obscured if you do so. To allow the candlelight to shine fully, light the candle, place it on a candlestick, and place it on a t

Thoughts And Notions/Tirada Featuring Elvis Rocha, Wile Lile, and AJ Alburo - What Real Christmas Means to Me (Christmas)

Hey, everyone! We're so excited to introduce you to the latest release by Thoughts And Notions, 'What Real Christmas Means to Me.' It's a song that's been a while in the making. They've been working on this song for months, and finally got it just right. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Thoughts And Notions wrote this song with the intention of helping people refocus on what Christmas truly means. For years now, there seems to be an over-commercialization of Christmas—and this in a way leads young people to focus less and less on the child born in the manger, Jesus Christ. So that was the primary reason why they decided to write this song. As for the music itself: originally, Thoughts And Notions wanted to write a traditional Christmas ballad/carol time of song to match the lyrics. But then these musicians came together and decided they wanted something different—something that would catch your attention by making their unique sound stand out from other

GTheChosen - We Rise (R&B/CHH)

GTheChosen has released a Christian R&B Hip Hop track called 'We Rise'. I've always been inspired by Christian musicians who let their faith shine through their music. Their messages of inspiration and hope are inspiring! This song is no different.  GTheChosen (Gabriel Burroughs) wrote the inspirational Christian rap song 'We Rise'. This song has played an important role in his life, guiding him through many trials and tribulations. 'As a Christian man who has suffered from anxiety, writing lyrics about God's Word has been my safe haven,' Gabriel writes.  'I believe that these words can inspire others to never give up and never stop trying no matter how difficult things get.' The chorus perfectly captures the song's main message: 'We rise up through pain and trials, all my tears drift away as I pray; We might fall but we'll never break His glory too great His love must praise.' I hope you enjoy the music video I've includ

Belema - Alive (R&B/CHH)

Belema has released a Christian R&B Hip Hop track called 'Alive'. Belema Briggs is a 25 year old singer/songwriter based in Lagos, Nigeria. He has struggled with self-esteem issues, anxiety and fear of not being good enough his whole life. But when he finally realized that the revelation of Jesus Christ was real and he accepted the call to submit to Him, things changed! Belema wrote 'Alive' to share his new found freedom in Christ with others who may also be struggling with similar issues. The song is a fusion of Reggae and R&B that tells people what God does for them when they submit to Him. Click on the video below to hear this song! Lyrics Read “Alive” by Belema on Genius You can listen to the track on Spotify: Here is a link to the video on Youtube: Would you like to hear more R&B/CHH music? Then check out our Ch

Amanda Joy Powell - This Child of Bethlehem (Christmas)

Amanda Joy Powell has released a Christian Christmas (CCM) track called 'This Child of Bethlehem'. When I was going through a collection of Christmas music, I came across a song released in December 2020 called “This Child of Bethlehem' by Amanda Joy Powell. I enjoy Amanda's beautiful voice, it is the kind of voice that I can listen to again and again—but more importantly, I want to share this song with you! Amanda's Christmas message is one that I feel everyone needs to hear. She sings: 'He came so softly to this world, no one could fathom that He would choose this way. He chose a manger not a throne, humble beginnings for the one who came to save.' She continues: 'The angels sing about Him, for He alone is worthy. The shepherds bow down before His glory. This baby is the promise, He’s the redeeming plan! He changes everything!' I think we can all agree that these lyrics are so important at this time of year—and even more so during other times

Hunter Fraser - Angels From the Realms of Glory (Christmas)

Hunter Fraser has released a Christian Christmas (CCM) track called 'Angels From the Realms of Glory'. Have you ever heard a song that makes you feel like you're at home? A song that feels like the world is made of gold and all your worries have melted away—you just want to sit back and let the music wash over you. That's what Hunter Fraser's new single 'Angels From the Realms of Glory' does for me. It reminds me of a favorite Christmas hymn, but it also feels fresh and new in a way that makes me want to listen again and again. Hunter's voice is incredible—deep, rich, and  soothing—and he sings with such emotional depth that I can feel the emotions running down my back in a pleasant and relaxing way.His voice really is something special. If you haven't heard this song yet, click on the video below right now! You can listen to the track on Spotify: Here is a link to the video on Youtube: http

Seyi Senzino - A1 (R&B/CHH)

Seyi Senzino has released a Christian R&B Hip Hop track called 'A1'. Have you ever felt like the world is conspiring against you? Like you're just not good enough, and you need to be something better? Well, this song is for you. A1 is a song that talks about perfection. Seyi Senzino depicts how much better his life is with God in it. Although it came at a cost and required a lifestyle change, it was well worth it. He hopes to send a message of hope to people, encouraging them not to give up and to rely on God. My favorite part of the lyrics: 'My life's journey, take a guess; not so easy such a mess. Found the truth I told him yes; please get this feeling off my chest. God my father here I go; I've been walking down this road. All for Jesus, All for God; I live my life just by the code.' Listen to this song by clicking on the video below! Lyrics Read “A1” by Seyi Senzino on Genius You can listen to the track

Tim Moberly - The Prophecy We Heard (Christmas)

Let's be honest: Christian Christmas songs are a dime a dozen. But when you find one that's a little different, it's worth sharing. I'm talking about 'The Prophecy We Heard', a modern, rockin' take on the story of the three wise men and their journey to Bethlehem. The song is by Tim Moberly, and if you're not familiar with him, I highly recommend checking out his other work—he's been writing, recording, and performing his brand of 'Americana pop' for over twenty years as one of the creative forces behind indie band 'The Vinyl Goods'. His songs blend driving acoustic rhythms and melodies with memorable lyrics and vocal harmonies to create a wonderful musical tapestry. Click on the video below to listen to and watch the studio recording session of this song!  Lyrics Read “The Prophecy We Heard” by Tim Moberly on Genius Connect with Tim Moberly You c

Harbor & Home - I'll Lead You On (CCM)

Harbor & Home released a new song called "I'll Lead You On". This is an acoustic Contemporary Christian track with a Country feel. It's one of those songs that will make you cry happy tears, if that makes sense. It's about the weary and downtrodden—people who are struggling with doubt and discouragement—and it's written from the perspective of our loving Heavenly Father, reassuring us that He is there for us and he will never leave us nor forsake us. My favorite part of the lyrics is: "There is nothing wrong when doubt keeps you from seeing Me. ...  Trust Me when all hope seems gone." We hope you enjoy this song! Click on the video below to listen to this song. Producer / Composer / Lyricist / Writer: Kaleb John Williams You can listen to the track on Spotify: Here is a link to the video on Youtube: Would you like to hear more CCM music? Then check

VoxMusic - The Wait Is Over (Christmas)

VoxMusic has released a Christian Christmas (CCM) track called 'The Wait Is Over'. The song, centered on the simple yet mind-boggling truth that ' he chose to be near to us ,' speaks of both Christ's birth into humanity and the reality that, with faith, he now makes his dwelling in our hearts. The arrival of Jesus, fully divine yet born as a baby, the Creator entering His creation. Celebrating Christ's birth is also a celebration of His salvation, of His drawing near to a broken humanity and of His everlasting hope triumphing over a weary world. This is why we celebrate Christmas and it is the heartbeat behind 'The Wait Is Over'. About VoxMusic: VoxMusic is a collective of musicians and worship leaders committed to Jesus and the mission of the Church. It is the worship outflow of one of New England's fastest-growing multi-site churches. They are passionate about creating music, growing together, and leading others into encounters with Jesus as th

The Top 100 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) for Saturday, November 26th, 2022

We have quite a few new tracks in this week's chart, because we have reduced the scope to music released in the past five years. This will keep the Top 100 list fresh and more exciting. The highest new entry this week is 'In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)' by Katy Nichole at position number 49. The highest climber in the chart this week is 'Be A Light' by Thomas Rhett, Reba McEntire, Hillary Scott, Chris Tomlin, and Keith Urban, moving up 49 positions to number 39. PS: The weekly Top 100 charts are based on Christian music released during the past five years. Our Top 2000 chart is compiled from all of the music in our database. The Top 100 Music Chart is available as a playlist on: Spotify : Deezer : Youtube :   This week's chart... Rank - Title - Artist (Change) #1 'Way Maker -

The Top 100 Christian EDM (CEDM) for Saturday, November 26th, 2022

We have quite a few new tracks in this week's chart, because we have reduced the scope to music released in the past five years. This will keep the Top 100 list fresh. The highest new entry this week is 'Light Up My World - From "God's Not Dead: A Light In Darkness" Soundtrack' by We Are Leo, David Josiah at position number 61. The highest climber in the chart this week is 'Bold' by LEDGER, moving up 40 positions to number 60. PS: The weekly Top 100 charts are based on Christian music released during the past five years. Our Top 2000 chart is compiled from all of the music in our database. The Top 100 Music Chart is available as a playlist on: Spotify : Deezer : Youtube :   This week's chart... Rank - Title - Artist (Change) #1 'Wanted' by NOTD, Daya (+0) #

CS Survival Kit - Manger (Christmas)

CS Survival Kit has released a Christian Christmas (CCM) track called 'Manger'. There are many people who spend time thinking about what Christmas is all about this year. Take some time this year, as you celebrate everything you have, to think about what Christmas means to you. CS Survival Kit has put together this Christmas tune in the form of a melancholy ballad, as they examine the holiday, its significance, and their place in it all. About CS Survival Kit: CS Survival Kit is a Maine-based artist collective creating music, lyric, and art in pursuit to rekindle light, warmth, and community in a world that’s often far too cold. 'CS' stands for 'Cold Soul' and also tips the hat to author CS Lewis - a man who masterfully embedded truth within art, layer by layer, as CS Survival Kit seeks to do. CS Survival Kit was founded by Douglas Elder after completing his tenure as singer and guitarist for The Wrecking. Other contributing CS Survival Kit members include

Home Sweet Homes - Oversimplify (CCM)

Home Sweet Homes has released a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) track called 'Oversimplify'. This song originated from a spontaneous jam session. After that, the band spent 9 months rewriting and recording it. Eleven musicians were involved in its creation and recording. The song is written specifically for Christians, particularly those who are lukewarm and need to be reminded not to take Jesus' sacrifice for granted. This is a song that immediately gets you thinking, as it raises questions that every Christian should be asking themselves... Have we simplified the cross too much? Are we making the cross appear more beautiful than it was? Do we really understand what it means to be free (the kind of freedom Christ has given us)? I personally don't believe this will ever become a song that we will all sing together during church services, but that doesn't make it any less important. Do we truly understand and appreciate the pain and sacrifice Christ made for us?

Rorie - O Come O Come Emmanuel (Christmas)

Rorie has released a Christian Christmas (CCM) track called 'O Come O Come Emmanuel'. Rorie’s one-of-a-kind cover of “O Come O Come Emmanuel” is a beautiful and emotive rendition of the classic Christmas carol. Released just in time for the advent season, Rorie’s song is a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season. While the original song is based on biblical scripture, Rorie’s version is a unique and ethereal take on the carol. Her emotive vocals are at home in the minor key, while her lyrics ring with the hope of the advent season. The track builds from a nostalgic solo piano to a soaring instrumental, culminating in a powerful finish. Whether you’re a fan of Rorie’s music or just enjoy a beautiful Christmas carol, you’ll love her one-of-a-kind cover of “O Come O Come Emmanuel”. Lyrics Read “O Come O Come Emmanuel” by Rorie on Genius You can listen to the track on Spotify: