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Adam Cruz - Born to Win

“Born to Win” is a track created by Adam Cruz. The song is all about finally believing in yourself and the fact that God has created us to succeed in what we were called for. On Spotify: On Soundcloud:

Vanessa Bejine - Breathe You

Vanessa: "My music is based off of true life experiences. I feel it adds more emotion and character to every song. Some songs you may have to listen between the lyrics. Every song depends on the mood I am feeling when writing. Though I currently only have (2) Originals out for the public, I am working on an album and can't wait to share with the world " On Spotify: On Youtube:  (Lyric Video)

We Are Leo - Your Voice

Chicago-area pop group, We Are Leo, released "Your Voice".  The song is about discovering Jesus as the Good Shepherd, (John 10) how He knows his sheep by name, and how He came to lead us to an abundant life. On Spotify:

Player2 Feat. Manshin - Average

Have you ever been bullied, felt like you didn't fit in, or just average and wanted more? We all have, and this song is exactly about that. This song is a true story about the younger life of Player2. Many will be able to relate to the lyrics, and hopefully many will also get comfort from the fact that we are not average. We are all unique, and whatever happens, there is still heavenly love flowing our way. On Spotify:

Christen Ball - First Love

Christen and Michael Ball have created a beautiful track called "First Love". Such a sweet and gentle track. A track that will also be aired during the show this Friday (towards the end). A few lines from the lyrics: Bring me back to the first love, my first love of You... Your love makes my heart alive again... You came and found me, and loved me first... You came to save me... On Spotify: On Youtube:

Yes!!! Dj Matt Black & Eric B Turner are on board for this Friday's show!

Quote: "We both feel extremely blessed and honored to be on your show... also to say thank you I have added a gift for you guys." The gift is a tagline made especially for Christian Dance Radio... and you can hear it during the show on Friday! Woohoo!!!

Dj Matt Black & Eric B Turner - Still Here

Wow... fabulous track alert!! This track starts off with the magnificent voice of Eric Turner, a real R&B/ Soul Music / House Music legend,...  and you wonder where is this going! You don't know how this track is going to develop... and then the song erupts with an explosion of energy. Listening to this is an experience, a beautiful example of how genres can be blended. Eric Turner is one of the most brilliant voices of the current panorama of Soul and Afro-American music. Let this track surprise you and carry you away! I am trying to onboard Eric Turner for the show this coming Friday... but it will depend on copyright permission... Let's see how that part goes! On Spotify:

Ben Potter - Search Me

This is truly a gentle track that is so relevant to me, and I believe to all of us. The lyrics, and Ben's voice, his music.... it touched my heart, and I have to share this with you. From Down-Under, Ben Potter is sharing an organic and jazzy prayer and response type song that is very multilayered and intensely acoustic vibes. Ben is going to be in this week's New Releases Show to share his story behind "Search Me". This track will be the last track on this week's show. Listen to the track on Spotify:

John Quintin - Wild and Free

"Wild and Free" is available on all streaming platforms! John Quintin wanted us to share the following with our readers: Thank you for listening to my music. It’s not easy to be an independent artist. It’s expensive and the return on investment tends to come very slowly. However, the most important lesson I’ve learned since releasing my own music is to have faith, take courage, and be consistent.  HAVE FAITH that Jesus will walk with you through life. He cares and he loves you. TAKE COURAGE and go after his plan for your life. His presence doesn’t promise ease, but he is faithful. Take courage. BE CONSISTENT, because it’s easier to quit. Now, go forth and listen! Be ushered into thoughts of Jesus, deeper things, higher things, good things. Love,  John Quintin The track is available on all platforms, e.g. Spotify: Apple Music: YouTube: 

Completely Royal - My Yahweh

This is an unabashed shout out to God! A prayer, a petition, and a praise! A worship song full of joy! Completely Royal, combines powerful vocals, lyrics, and driving syncopation to create original, inspired music from the heart. You can hear the track on Soundcloud: Not (yet) on Spotify

Amazing things are happening - I want to share an experience

Nobody less than INNA (a very well known Romanian artist) reached out with a request to feature her newest track "Te Vas". At first, I experienced it as a big honor... and then got back to my senses and praised God that we are getting noticed. I had concerns with the lyrics (I don't speak Romanian), but I couldn't dismiss a whisper in my mind that there was an issue. After some searching I found that a fan had already published the lyrics and the song turned out to be a song about a man leaving a woman, and she was hoping for him to come back, someday, etc. etc. ... not the kind of music that should be aired on Christian Dance Radio and be added to our playlists. This experience reminded me that: although it is very clear what kind of tracks I am looking for, not everyone (even though they have certain fame) will see the same harm in lyrics that Christians see. There was no wrong intent, but many people won't see any harm in certain behavior that Christians

Grace and Corey Scarlett - King Of My Heart.

Grace and Corey Scarlett just released King Of My Heart. Now you may think: "What is so special about that?".  Well... this version of "King Of My Heart" is an energetic, EDM/Pop flip on one of their favorite worship songs. It's upbeat and fun with a tropical groove and some funky vocoder sections. This track is a delight to listen to! Not only are we going to feature this one in our playlists... we are also going to air this on the New Releases Show! Even more exciting... they are going to tell a little bit about themselves and introduce the track during the show! On Spotify: Youtube: Deezer:

Bethel Music - Ain’t No Grave

What a magnificent track!! These lyrics hit home... Op Spotify: On Youtube: “Ain’t No Grave” Lyrics: Verse 1 Shame is a prison as cruel as a grave Shame is a robber and he’s come to take my name Love is my redeemer lifting me up from the ground Love is the power where my freedom song is found Chorus There ain’t no grave gonna hold my body down There ain’t no grave gonna hold my body down When I hear that trumpet sound, I’m gonna rise up out of the ground There ain’t no grave gonna hold my body down Verse 2 Fear is a liar with a smooth and velvet tongue Fear is a tyrant, he’s always telling me to run Love is resurrection and love is a trumpet sound Love is my weapon, I’m gonna take my giants down Verse 3 There was a battle, a war between death and life There on a tree the Lamb of God was crucified He went on down to hell, He took back every key He rose up as a lion and He’s s

The Genres of Electronic Music - an overview... (v2)

If you thought that it was easy to memorize all of the genres of Electonic Music, then you may be in for a surprise... I created this chart in an attempt to help the team (as well as myself) understand which sub-genre belongs where, but it is just overwhelming... It turned out to be a nice poster. Feel free to download for personal use only. PS: Thanks to all who gave feedback to help improve this overview This illustration is registered with ID gJWBdSDq1QjX3HSu on

Did you miss today's New Releases show on Christian Dance Radio?

Did you miss today's New Releases show on Christian Dance Radio? Don't worry... here is the link to a recording of the show on SoundCloud. You can listen to the show for the coming week or two.

Matthew West - The God Who Stays

Singer/songwriter Matthew West released a new the track today: "The God Who Stays". The song will be the first from West since 2017, when he released a highly-successful album called: 'All In'. Martin shared the following: "Here we go...the beginning of a new season. I have dreamed and prayed that I would be able to have a place to create songs without being away from my family, and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to do so. I've written a bunch of new songs in the Storyhouse that I am really excited about and I can't wait to share them with you guys" This track is available on all major music platforms, including Spotify: On Facebook:

Planetboom - Praise On Praise

Planetshakers Church, planetboom, releases their “Praise On Praise” single today (July 26). The track is produced by the Planetshakers’ worship leader Joth Hunt and creative director Josh Ham, written by Ham and youth pastor, songwriter and drummer Andy Harrison and featuring worship leaders Aimee Evans and Noah Walker. This track conveys the goodness and greatness of God. Part of the lyrics: "... My God’s got no limits! My God is the biggest! My God reigns on high! That’s why Praise on praise on praise on ..." (“Praise On Praise” chorus) On Spotify: On YouTube:

Wishing all of the visitors and artists at the Joshua Fest this weekend in Quincy, CA a fantasic festival!

We are a bit jealous here at Christian Dance Radio. The Joshua Fest Quincy, CA (USA) starts today. Just a little bit jealous ... because we have our own party tonight with the New Releases Show. :-D So if you are going to Joshua Fest this weekend: Enjoy and be safe! If you are staying home, then tune in at 19:00 hrs CET to hear fantastic releases of the week... You'll hear known and less known talent. Tune in at 19:00 hrs CET to If you want to stream the audio to other devices, then click on the "How to Listen"-button or go to: Have a great weekend!

Sarah Reeves - Single: Feel The Waters (RUSLAN Remix)

Released today, July 26th: The Sarah Reeves Single: Feel The Waters (RUSLAN Remix) The genre: Christian EDM On Spotify:

This is the playlist for the New Releases Show of Friday July 26th.

We received so many great tracks this week, that one hour is too short... so this week we will extend the New Releases Show! We will be airing the following tracks: Teg Ylow - Remember the Night ENTT - Mumbai Philip Parchment - Where We Go XyberBoT - Hallelujah Michael Rogel - What Else is There Protektor33 - Forcefield Nik Alevizos - Africa Romerlin - Boris The Tailors - Different Roads Nemke - Liberty (Radio Mix) Fabiano.J - Fever  Zyrille Zuño - we Harriet Manice - Color Machine Remix by Max Wrye David Vaters - RED SEA Charisse Vaughn - Feel So Good Some may have already noticed, but we are airing a couple of relaxed tracks towards the end. Even though they are more CCM genre, these tracks made such an impression that we feel that they deserve to be heard... And after all the energy that is being pumped up, these tracks make a great landing back to earth.

Travis Dupri - Inner Light

Travis Dupri released a new album called 'Thank God'. The track 'Inner Light' is being well appreciated by the CHH community. On Spotify: On Youtube:

Adriel M.U. - Kid at Hart

Adriel is no stranger to the independent Christian Hip Hop scene, nor the ministry. His release, “Kid @ Heart”, is picture-perfect display of Adriel skills and maturity in both the industry and ministry. On Spotify:

G.L.O. - Reborn

"Reborn' is an album of uncompromised, Scriptural-based lyrics alongside R&B, rock and hip hop melodies," G.L.O says. "My mission with this project is to reach the lost, encourage the saints and to prepare others for battle, which is why I grace the cover of my album wearing warrior attire." Reborn on Spotify:

California Dreamin (feat. Lecrae & John Givez)

California Dreamin is now available on Reach Records Summer Nineteen. The 2nd verse by Lecrae says it all... "... It was all a dream, Southern California's the real thing (West Coast) That's when I saw some people turn into real fiends (Whoa) Helicopters in the sky, put that light off in yo' eye I was just a teen doin' my lil' thing (Yeah) And Mexicanos got them hydros on the low-lows They was so dope and I was sold on Couldn't wait 'til I could roll on, ha (Woo) I was doin' out there doin' dirt all by my lonesome (Lonesome) Stealin' candy from the store, I'd let you hold some (Ayy, whatchu want, fool?) Granny havin' Sunday service in the back room (Hallelujah) I was runnin' from it, but I guess she prayed me back to Him (Yeah) Palm trees, sea breeze, BCs, BGs to the OGs sippin' on a OE (OE) H-Town made a screw-up (Screw-up) And Cali showed me gang signs that I threw up (What up?) The hood called me OG '

V.Rose - Pretty Sad (feat. Wande)

Singer-songwriter V. Rose is continuing to release great music, and she will also be releasing her album this coming Friday(July26th). In this track, “Pretty Sad,” V.Rose and Wande are singing about how finding your identity in money and clothes is “pretty sad.” On Spotify:

Caitie Hurst & Rogue Sails - How Could I Be Silent (Rogue Sails Remix)

On the 19th of July Caitie announced: "Hey y’all! THE MOST fun remix of “How Could I Be Silent” is out today!!! Thanks to my friends Rogue Sails !! I’m so excited for y’all to finally hear it!! Happy Friday!" Here are the links to this wonderful track... On Spotify: On Youtube: Caitie on Facebook:

Quinten Coblentz - We EP

People go through different seasons, have different struggles, and chase different goals. Yet at the core, we share so many of the same needs, desires, and fears. Our horizontal relationships can bring great happiness, but also pain. 'We' is a project that explores some different aspects of these horizontal relationships, drawing subtle connections to the vertical relationship we all need with God. The project touches on topics like isolation, distrust, confidence, romantic love, peer pressure, depression, depravity, and redemption, while delivering a mix of upbeat hip-pop, subtle EDM layers, and mellowed, emotional vibes. We on Spotify:

The lineup for the Joshua Fest - Christian EDM festival in Quincy, CA

This is the lineup for the Joshua Fest July 26-28 - Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds - Quincy, CA: chris quilala disciple lacey sturm fireflight 7eventh time down remedy drive neon feather mike mains & the branches manic drive ac & brady canon nobigdyl whatuprg 1k phew comrades heath mcnease weathered deathbreaker toarn anker kevin aleksander lumbercat aaron ray debi spurlock waltz first sons well collective aireana & dj tempo heart like war mainsail from the ashes evan egerer iamsentmee asfirefalls your hands write history signal vs. noise jaisua subvoltage cardboard boys datboitss valerie anne justin gambino dj hunts hghts tru lyric flagship armada light the way ...and many more! More details on

Kevin Aleksander - Day N Night

For many Kevin Aleksander will need little to no introduction. Kevin Aleksander is one of the artists playing at the Josua Fest in Quincy, California July 26 - 28. Day N Night is one of the new tracks that Kevin has released, and I am sure that it will also be enjoyed during Josua Fest. You can enjoy Day N Night on: Spotify: Soundcloud:

Nemke - Liberty

Nemke (Serbia) is well known on the international dance floors. He returns with his brand new track “Liberty,” on Intonenation Records.  “Liberty” opens with an unfamiliar tech sounding twist, which builds quickly into a descending synth theme. Rising with a circular trance bass riff which grows underneath the beat, it approaches a breakdown with the synth theme hitting hard and the tension soaring. The breakdown hits like a tsunami of bass voices, obliterating everything that came before and a new world order is unmistakably laid bare. Reaching and climbing with piano melodies and sweeping strings, the breakdown develops into a massive saw synth theme which proudly stands alone while your hands reach for the sky.  When the beat drops, the synths continue to grow and you again realize that nobody can take away the freedom that you have in your mind, your heart, your soul. Your freedom to choose how you will respond to any situation, your freedom to just accept the biggest gift of

HARBER "Savior" feat. Axel.

This isn't just any artist... "Savior" has just been released on the label '450 Music', following a premiere on FORBES and exclusive announcement on US Weekly. "Savior" is groovy, summery, and a must-add to your playlists! You will see it on our New Arrivals Playlist ( ) Savior is available on Spotify:

Harriet Manice - Color Machine Remix by Max Wrye

Harriet Manice - Color Machine Remix by Max Wrye This is a remix of Harriet's third and latest single, “Color Machine”. A track considering that is all about building something new and colorful! Color Machine was released on March 8th is definitely more pop-infused, and Max Wrye created a remix. If you listen to the New Releases Show on Friday, I'll let you hear how a remix adds a nice variation. You'll hear the original and then I'll transition into the remix. You'll never hear me say that a remix will make a song better, but just like J.S. Bach wrote variations to his work on old times, remixes are modern-day variations that require an original track that good and well structured. I personally see remixes as a compliment to the original artist. The track is available on Spotify:

Heart Hours - With Me In This

Heart Hours just released 'With Me In This'. What a magnificent CCM track! I trust that you will also enjoy it! 'With Me In This' is a special song to us. It's a song that we hope addresses real-world things. Things like panic attacks, depression, abandonment, rejection, fear, shame, and loneliness. It's a song about finding healing, from these very real things, and finding it nonetheless in the simple gift of "with". That most times healing isn't found in some carefully crafted advice, or a well-timed sermon, or a self-help book, or anything quite like that. But that true healing comes from being in a true relationship. Perhaps with a friend or family member, but in this case, Jesus. That there is healing in the simple sharing of presence. On Spotify: blog posts will auto-sync with Facebook

We keep trying to make technology work for us, so we can spend more time with artists and their music. Going forward, our blog posts on the ChristianDance website ( will automatically sync with Facebook. Now you don't have to miss a thing! Enjoy!

The Tailors - Different Roads

Fresh from The Netherlands... The Tailors with 'Different Roads'. The track has a very light and happy atmosphere and reflects those easy summer days where you just let those everyday burdens slide off your back, and let your soul dance. The track starts off with a bouncy kick and groove supported by male vocals getting you to dance and shake your body right away. The basic beat structure is supported by a walking bass line as well as e-guitar and mellow bass chords forming the melody of the track. Furthermore, a happy sax melody will get you in the right mood to shake. The Tailors is a producing and performing DJ duo based in The Hague, the Netherlands. Their style is described as funky tech-house with a twist of soul. Bastiaan & Jesse met during high school at age 15. They discovered that they both shared a passion for music and creating it. Their love for different styles of music helped them find their own. Their fame started with funky remixes of classics fr
Michael Rogel has released 'What Else is There', an ACID DUBSTEP track with a 90's feel, latest track by the great underground gem Michael Rogel. It's the second release with Bass Off Records label, out now on Beatport and all the worldwide digital stores. On Spotify:

Nik Alevizos - Africa

Africa is a new EDM / Deep House release by Nik Alevizos. It is a melodic techno /progressive house track with African chants layered over dreamy synth melodies and an African landscape as the backdrop. A track that is suitable for chill or dance to it. It's fresh and very much on trend. Listen to the track on Spotify:

New Releases Show

Listen to the latest new releases every Friday, 19:00 CET and Saturday, 03:00 CET on Christian Dance Radio. ( )

Jamal Brown - Been Got Saved

I am happy to announce a new release by Jamal Brown, called: Been Got Saved. This is a Christian Hip Hop track. Jamal Brown is a singer/songwriter/producer born in Statesboro, GA (USA). His musical development started at an early age in church. He started writing and recording his own music in high school, together with a number of friends, and is now becoming a more established artist. The track 'Been Got Saved' is a song that he wrote to a beat that he made some time ago, a nd the words came right to him as a testament to his faith. Jamal was baptized when he was 7 years old, but even still, he lost his faith at one point in his life. This song is Jamal's is about the battle he has every day to keep his faith in God. Listen to 'Been Got Saved'on Spotify:

Did you miss the New Releases show last night on Christian Dance Radio?

Did you miss the New Releases show last night on Christian Dance Radio? Don't worry... here is the link to a recording of the show on SoundCloud. You can listen to the show for the coming week or two.…/2019-07-19-new-releases-show

Xyberbot is on the roll!!!

Xyberbot is on the roll!!! She has just announced her next release called "Hallelujah", and I've heard it in the pre-release and it is delightfull Future House track. The official release date is this coming Friday, July 26th, exactly on time to be aired in the next New Releases show... (I wonder if Xyberbot actually timed it so that the release date would coincide with my show? Nah... that is too much honor... let's just call it good luck!) It it isn't clear by now, I hav e already reserved a slot in the program for this track! So watch your favorite platform for the actual release, and don't forget to listen to the show  : -D

Lars Kristian has released a CEDM track called "Praise The Lord".

Interested in a banger for the summer to Dance for JESUS! Lars Kristian has released a CEDM track called "Praise The Lord". More about Lars: Lars is from Denmark. He owns and runs the CEDM promotional channel Cross Nation on Youtube and is currently working on getting Cross Nation to grow (as well as trying to get Christian Dj's to Denmark and play music). Lars also helps out on Gods Dj's. So, here is the link to Praise the Lord on SoundCloud (with Free download!):

Here are the tracks for tomorrows New Releases Show between 19:00 - 20:00 hrs.

Here are the tracks for tomorrows New Releases Show between 19:00 - 20:00 hrs. 274 19:03:23 0:09 RJVIP Stop the press Soak up the vibes You're listening to the newest (1) 275 19:03:33 0:19 Nico 1 Intro 276 19:03:53 1:24 Nico 2 Intro to JINXSPR0 - Break 277 19:05:17 3:38 JINXSPR0 BREAK minus bass treble 278 19:08:56 0:27 Nico 3 Intro to Eon9 - Crystalline 279 19:09:23 3:50 Eon9 Crystalline 280 19:13:14 0:08 RJVIP NR RJVIP - Listen to our weekly wrap up of the newest Christian Dance (2) 281 19:13:23 0:43 Nico 4 Intro Otherwise fine - Loneliness is Underrated - Club Mix 282 19:14:06 4:33 Otherwise Fine Loneliness Is Underrated (Club Mix) 283 19:15:00 Advert Custom Filler 284 19:18:40 0:04 RJVIP Christian Dance Radio (10) 285 19:18:44 0:22 Nico 5 Intro to Tolga Mahmut & Veneta - Sing 286 19:19:07 4:25 Tolga Mahmut ft. Veneta Sing (Extended) 287 19:23:32 0:07 RJVIP NR 288 19:23:40 0:27 Nico 6 Intro to Up in the Air 289 19:24:08 7:00 Madwave meets XiJaro & Pitch Up In The Ai

'Life Line'. A track produced by PROTEKTOR33

You need to sit down for this introduction ... I'm going to share the story with you behind the track 'Life Line'. A track produced by PROTEKTOR33. This is what Michael Yuri (aka PROTEKTOR33) shared: "Life Line has the greatest meaning behind it compared to my other tracks. It took me about a half a year to mix and master. I began writing it in October 2018, while a dear friend of mine was battling terminal pancreatic cancer. Early November my girlfriend (Jeani) was having  small abdominal surgery and due to surgical complications, she developed internal bleeding during recovery and almost died. My friend passed away at the end of November and my girlfriend remained hospitalized until Spring. She is currently in rehabilitation therapy learning to walk again. I am Eastern Orthodox, and throughout this whole ordeal, I was heavily praying to Saint Niktarios for her healing and recovery. Today she is doing much better, recovering and regaining her life back. Life

DJ R3N3 - Space Man (Extended Mix).

DJ R3N3 has just released a new track called Space Man (Extended Mix). The genre is Future House, EDM. DJ R3N3 is a German DJ / Producer from Stuttgart. He started with his first single Rampage Extended Mix, and has developed a very distinct style. The track "Tujamo's Say What You Wanna Remix" has been streamed over 3,700 times on Soundcloud. So get ready to dance! On Spotify:

Fabiano.J - Fever

Fresh from Zambia is this track by Fabiano.J called Fever. This track is all about dancing! It is a nice track that can be used during a workout, and by anyone that is just in the mood to express a lot of energy through dance. About Fabiano.J... Fabiano.J is an electronic dance music/Hip-hop artist and producer from Zambia. He loves electronic music and hip-hop music and has been a fan of both genres of music for almost 10 years. He has been producing music for three years now. Fever on Spotify:

Madwave meets XiJaro & Pitch - Up In The Air

The project "Madwave meets XiJaro & Pitch" have released 'Up In The Air' on July 5th (I only discovered this today). I am sure you will appreciate the track. What makes this project special is the fact that Pitch (one of the two artists in this project) is a blind artist & DJ! This track can be enjoyed by anyone since it is also published on SoundCloud. The track on Spotify:   On Soundcloud:…/madwave-meets-xijaro-pitch-up
I have just been listening to a pre-release of JINXSPR0's EDM track called: "Break". I can hardly wait for this to be officially released on the 20th of July! I really wish that you could hear this today, but I am committed to respecting the rules of the game... 'Break' is an uptempo future house//Future bounce track. Story of this track is about breaking away from daily routines and starting something new and unexpected, exploring new ways to enjoy everyday life without bei ng stuck in the same loop. JINXSPR0 is from Indonesia, currently living in San Fransisco, California, USA. With a background in video and audio producing, he's taken the EDM scene by storm; with signature Sidechains built within a unique melody take on the future bass world. JINXSPR0 was featured in few Jakarta Online radio stations as a growing artist in Summer 2017. He mainly produces Future house, Future Bass, and Hardstyle. So, this is the track record of JINXSPR0 in a nuts

Otherwise Fine - Loneliness is Underrated

With recent singles hitting #5 on the HypeM popular charts, and being featured in the Fresh Finds and Bangers playlists "Otherwise Fine" are back with a Club Mix of ‘Loneliness is Underrated’ (itself a moody, atmospheric and cinematic slice of downtempo electronic pop). This club mix brings new life into 'Loneliness is Underrated' with bright drums that provide a forward pushing energy that translates well in any dance floor. No lyrics... just 100% dancing pleasure. We also h ave a free download link for you! Loneliness is Underrated - Club mix on Spotify: On Soundcloud:…/otherwise-fine-loneliness-is-under… Free Download Link (Loneliness Is Underrated - Club Mix):…/otherwise-fine-loneliness-is-under… You may not yet have heard the name 'Otherwise Fine' before. 'Otherwise Fine' is a relatively new project (November 2018), combining severa

Eon9 - Crystalline

Eon9 is an independent Future Bass artist who started producing in September, 2018. Eon9 has already released quite a few tracks, and Crystalline is the latest addition to that collection. This track is a euphoric, Melodic Dubstep track within the setting of an "underground crystal cave". 135 BPM and guaranteed to pump up the energy. On Spotify: On Soundcloud: