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'Holy Spirit (You Are With Us)' by Andrew Afton - Turning Fear into Faith

Have you already heard 'Holy Spirit (You Are With Us)' by Andrew Afton? The heart of this song is a call for the Holy Spirit to come into our lives, recognizing that true strength, joy, and fulfillment can only come when we completely surrender to God's will. It's about opening our hearts, letting the winds of heaven rush in, and turning our fear into steadfast faith.  What makes this song even more interesting is Andrew's personal story. Andrew is a young man who brushed with the brink of life itself while in the recovery room after his cancer surgery. His near-death experience has also had a huge impact on his outlook on life. A second chance, as Andrew calls it. This change of heart also finds its way into his songs, making the lyrics more relatable and conveying the message that God is present in every moment.  Andrew sings about the everyday challenges you may face and reminds you that you don't have to face them on our own. Just open the 'door' and

'An Undivided Heart' by Fr Mark Baumgarten: A Call to Wholehearted Living

'An Undivided Heart' by Fr Mark Baumgarten is a refreshing tune, and a prelude for his upcoming album called 'The Little Ones' (available on May 3rd). This song is a call to fully commit to those things that truly matter in life. Fr Mark loves to write songs that touch on deeper themes, and they cover a variety of genres including blues, ballads, gospel, rock and pop. 'An Undivided Heart' is all about ending that the internal tug-of-war, where you're walking that line between past regrets and the hope of what's yet to come. Fr Mark sings that it's time to stop living halfway and fully turn towards the source of true healing and love. This song is a journey from uncertainty to conviction, a personal vow to love without holding anything back. If you find yourself trapped in the cycle of 'what-ifs,' or feel split by life's demands, then listen close to the lyrics. It's sending a gentle reminder that choosing for a full-hearted commitment

'Forty Years in Babylon' by Paul Arendt: A Call to Return to Our Divine Roots

Forty Years in Babylon is a new concept album by Paul Arendt. This album is modern protest music with a mythic and mystical feel that is triggered by these maddening times.  At its heart is the story of Babylon, the mighty city falling, from a modern American perspective. The project blends Joni Mitchell and Anais Mitchell's lyrical and poetic depth, Nick Drake's haunting beauty, and Tool's hypnotic force, guided by a busy and masterful Spanish guitar that often participates in the storytelling as much as the singer.  Arendt wrestles with matters of the Spirit in an inviting and vulnerable way, and addresses topics such as social fracture, technology superstructures, the culture trembling and buckling beneath us, and our collective forgetting. The mesmerizing music blends whispers from India and West Africa, Bulgaria and Ireland, American heavy metal, and cross-cultural Blues, creating a unique style and innovative approach to playing the guitar. Arendt plays guitar with pa

'Dreaming With You' by Freedom Heart: A Heartfelt Invitation to Divine Dreams

Sometimes all it takes to feel a rush of hope is the press of a button on your streaming app, and listening to a song that reminds you that dreams are not fleeting thoughts but often divine inspirations waiting for the right moment to bloom. That's basically the journey that 'Dreaming with You' by Freedom Heart is offering. A song that whispers to your heart, saying, 'Let's dream together with the Father.' From the first verse, you're reminded that you have a loving God that plants dreams in your heart. Dreams promising good things and a hope-filled future, because He turns your mess into a masterpiece. 'Dreaming with You' is a musical reminder that eventhough fulfillment may not be instant, we're called to pursue what He's spoken over us. Why? Because He's part of your game plan, every step of the way. The heart of the song is not just about dreams, it is about the Creator of dreams. It's about staying in step with God, undeterred by

'Spirit Fire' by Gresha Schuilling & Shimron Fernando: Igniting Faith through Music

Dive into the power of 'Spirit Fire' to change your life. Gresha Schuilling and Shimron Fernando wrote this new song by combining their skills as human songwriters with AI in a very unique manner. This is a first-of-a-kind collaboration that uses AI to support the song creation process. The result is an amazing and natural-sounding song, that focuses on the fiery presence of the Holy Spirit, promises to spark your faith, and ignite your spirit.  As you dive into the song, you're reminded of the miracles that Jesus performed, the chains He broke, and the freedom He offers. The song takes you from despair to praise, is a testament to His miraculous power to heal, liberate, and change lives forever surrounded in His love. Every verse is an invitation to experience a personal revival, to feel the Spirit Fire igniting within you, burning away all of the inpurities, sickness, and parts of your life that are holding you back.  The lyrics speak directly to your longing to be healed

Nicole Spowart’s 'For the Lord is Good': A Call to Celebrate God’s Unwavering Love

Have you had the chance to listen to Nicole Spowart's latest song, 'For the Lord is Good'? It's a song that wraps up God's endless goodness in a beautiful melody. The message? Clear and powerful - God's unmatched mercy, love, and faithfulness are reasons to celebrate and sing about, no matter the season we're in.  This song is a source of comfort by reminding us that we're never really alone. It tells us that embracing God's presence is what keeps us safe, no matter what we are going through, because '… the Lord is Good' .  As Christians, this song is a call to unity. It's an invitation to acknowledging and sharing the wonders of His love that we find in our lives and in the lives of the people around us. It's about singing His praises with others, through the storms and the calm. The chorus is like a reassuring hug that confirms the decision we make to let God be our way forward.  Go ahead and give the song a listen. Let Nicole Spowa

'Heart of It All - Live' by Victory House Worship: A Call Back to What's Real

Let me introduce you to a song that's been echoing in my head the last couple of hours. It's the live rendition of the song 'Heart of It All' by Victory House Worship, and they also released a nice live video with it. This is a that cuts straight to the chase, demanding that Jesus takes His rightful place at the center of everything we are and do. It’s a beautiful outcry to be authentic in our faith, getting rid of those superficial layers of religion so that we can make a heart-deep connection with Jesus. The lyrics are a courageous call to strip away these distractions and false idols that are cluttering our spiritual walk. You're probably wondering, 'What's in it for me?' This song reflects how we often complicate our relationship with Jesus with our agendas and traditions. It’s a reminder that all He really wants is us, and our pure, undiluted devotion. It's a call to come back to where we started... with Jesus at the core of our existence. '

'Fine' by S-Dee: Embrace the Light, Embrace the Fight

S-Dee's latest track 'Fine', is a journey from being in a deep valley to a place of hope. The lyrics are relatable, as S-Dee sings about battles that we may be (or have been) facing - the kind of battles that make you want to throw in the towel. But instead of giving you an escape, S-Dee offers a powerful reminder: with God's grace, you're going to be more than just okay.  As you listen to the lyrics, it's like S-Dee's talking right to you. We've all faced challenges that knock the wind out of us, haven't we? But that's where the song becomes a mirror to our faith. He shares us that stumbles are part of the course, but quitting? No, that's not our story. Through the valleys and the storms, we've got a constant - Jesus saying that He'll give us peace.  You're encouraged to stand tall because we don't need to back down. We can look up. The bridge, it's your anthem when the nights get long, singing to you that every morning i

'Walk With Jesus' by Consumed By Fire: A Heartfelt Anthem of Faith

'Walk with Jesus' by Consumed By Fire is a call to follow Jesus, no matter what happens. A call that requires a deliberate choice to live in a manner that honors His teachings. Such a choice may feel like a huge step to take, but as the song says: 'I might not have all the answers, but I have tasted and I've seen, there's a better path with Jesus and there's no going back for me.' The story behind this song is just as powerful as its message. While the band was at their record label for a routine visit, they were moved by the words 'Walk with Jesus' , powerful words that one of the members had in mind for a hook. The words just started to pour out, and they really got down to the core of this message. From Joshua's statement in the book of Joshua, 'as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,' this song turns into an anthem for anyone who wants to live out this declaration in their own life.  The message of the song isn't about kn

'Children of the Son' by Emmanuel Adeniran: The Journey from Darkness to Light

Did you already have a chance to listen to 'Children of the Son' by Emmanuel Adeniran? It's a refreshing song, reminding us that through Jesus Christ we're not just passing through life's ups and downs on our own. The lyrics are a roadmap from feeling lost in the shadows to standing in the sunshine, fully aware and alive in God's grace.  You know those moments when life feels like a puzzle with pieces missing? This song tells us that in Jesus we find those missing pieces! I like this part of the lyrics, where it says, 'You're not just going through the motions. You're on a journey from death to life.' Going from spiritual death to spiritual life… that's pretty powerful, isn't it? The changes we face, the uncertainties we need to go through, they're all part of our transformation journey as we are skillfully molded into new creations in Christ, moving from despair to hope, and from defeat to victory.  The song is about freedom, peace,

'Will You Listen' by Eyricka Avila: A Call to Hear Beyond the Noise

Have you ever felt as if the world is just too loud, and you wish that there was a pause button to silence the noise? 'Will You Listen' by Eyricka Avila might just be a song that helps you find the pause button. The song is a gentle whisper that invites you to slow down and listen to what God has to say.  Imagine that you are looking over your schedule for the day, having back-to-back meetings and appointments, and your to-do list is getting longer by the minute… and then you notice this song playing. It's like God's is using Eyricka's voice to reach out to you, asking if you're ready to listen and to follow His Spirit. It's not just about passive listening. It's a call to action, an invitation to move where the Spirit leads you, and to find joy and energy in His divine direction.  So, what's in this for you? A moment of quiet, a break from the daily hustle and bustle, and a chance to reconnect with what's truly important… your connection with Go

'More of You' by Red Letter Society: Find Comfort in His Endlessness

The song 'More Of You - Live at The Heights' by Red Letter Society is one of those songs that immediately captivates and doesn't let go. Watch the live video, and I think you'll understand what I am talking about. The band captures our moments of feeling stuck, hitting lows, and acknowledges our limitations - and then links this all to God's unending greatness.  You hear the genuine cry for divine wisdom, a plea for God to guide your steps. It's as if they've gently plucked this prayer straight from your heart, along with your longing for God's Word to light up your way in this dark and winding path of life.  Throughout the song you hear 'More of You, and less of me,' a beautiful reminder that this should be your credo throughout life… a selfless life, where we prioritize Him in every aspect of our existence. There's an inherent confession there that we may all recognize in one way or another - that no matter our state, we need more of God. 

'Step Out' by Mark Dowdy: Your Anthem for Brave Faith

Imagine taking a morning walk while you're thinking about your next move. The morning is peaceful and calm, but the thoughts in your head are chaotic. You grab your earbuds in to listen to the CCM playlist we have, and the song 'Step Out' by Mark Dowdy comes by. The song is inspired by a moving scene from 'The Chosen'. It is a call to trust, and it whispers about the strength that you find in surrender and the power of faith. 'Step Out' is about following Jesus, even when the waves are high and the night is dark. Remember what Peter did… He stepped out onto the water, eyes locked on Jesus, full of faith and fear. Now, it's your turn. This song reassures you that it's okay to have doubts, to feel the wave beneath your feet, because it's not about the strength of your faith but in whom your faith is placed. Mark Dowdy has crafted a musical reminder that we're called to fix our eyes on Jesus, during any storm or calm. It's not just about o

'In the Shadows' by Danny Chis - Finding Your Place in His Embrace

Danny Chis released a song called 'In the Shadows.' It's about times in our lives where shadows loom, being in the thick of uncertainties, and clutching to hope like a lifeline while waiting for a glimmer of dawn. Right off the bat, verse 1 reaches out and grabs your hand. 'In the Shadows, Where Fears hide, Your Love Breaks Through. Shining Bright.' We've all felt that kind of fear somewhere in our lives, and then, that rush of Godly love that sweeps in, lighting up those doubts with with rays of hope. When the skies start turning grey, we still have security knowing that His steadfast Word remains our rock. Your heart responds to God's whisper, 'With Every Tear, you're by my side'? He is our stronghold, promising that in His love, we have a safe haven that is shielding us from the world's turmoil. I love how that chorus resonates! A beacon in your night, guiding you home with a holy light. That's where our strength is, where we find the

'Take All The Glory' by Raymond Okeke-Macauley: Driving Home Jesus’s Steadfast Love

Picture yourself driving along a highway, your mind distracted and a near miss with a motorcycle brings everything into sharp focus - your vulnerability, life's fleeting moments, the ceaseless grace that carries you through. That is happened as Raymond Okeke-Macauley's was writing 'Take All The Glory', and this near miss found it's way into the melody at the 1:47 minute mark as a gentle reminder. A song sparked from a thankful heart, inviting you to join in its praise. Each verse reminds us that, despite other people's best intentions, it's Jesus who is and remains our unwavering rock. No one else displays such a deep love for us, offers healing for our unseen wounds, or opens doors that we thought were permanently closed. The song reflects our own lives, our story told through vibrant lyrics and melody.  The chorus is a reminder to lift your eyes and hands in praise to Him, who leads you to victory and comforts you in your trials. 'You deserve it all

'Jesus Name' by Seek and Surrender: Embracing the Promise in Prayer

'Jesus Name' by Seek and Surrender is about how powerful it is to speak the name of Jesus. Many Christians will say, 'yes, I know that', but the truth of the matter is that speaking His name is a faith-driven force that is often overlooked as we go through our day-to-day activities.  This song gently reminds us that the truth of Jesus can overpower any lie we face, and reassures us of the freedom we find in Him. It's like having a conversation with your heart and reminding it of hope.  But there is more to this song. It expands on the promises that Jesus made about faith - especially the faith that can move mountains. I have to admit that I have doubts whether my faith can move mountains… I know I still have a way to grow in that. Thankfully, we don't need to to have mastered that level of faith before we see the effects of speaking His name.  Part of the lyrics refer to the passage, 'When you ask, it will be given unto you'. What does that mean? Anythin

'Flowing' by Samona: From Silence to Song, a Journey of Faith

Have you experienced a feeling that bubbles up during your quiet times with God? The song 'Flowing' by Samona started with such a feeling. What started as a picture in her mind of a girl in her prayer closet, grew into a whisper to her heart that she molded into a song that speaks volumes. Samona invites you into the sanctuary of a soul surrendered to God, where struggles turn into worship and melodies become prayers. It's that spot where you realize that your very breath is a testament to God's goodness, regardless of life's ups and downs.  The main message of 'Flowing' is simple: God is always there, ready to turn our chaos into peace and our silence into song. This isn't about having a flawless life but about recognizing the perfect presence of God in our imperfections.  Next time life feels like it's too much, hopefully you will remember how a picture of a girl in her prayer closet inspired this song. Tune in, and let 'Flowing' by Samona

'Replay' by Choirboi Cam: Melodies of Miracles

ChoirBoi Cam's 'Replay' is an energetic song, performed with the fire of a preacher, and a musical witness to God's faithfulness, no matter the storm you're facing.  'Every time I turn around, God keeps making a way,' the chorus echoes with the sweet assurance that He's got your back - over and over again. Every beat of the song is a reminder of those close-call moments in your life; when the rent is due, when the cupboards are bare, your body aches, and the balance on your bank account gets awfully close to zero. When you're about to give up, He steps in and takes over your burdens. Things fall back into place, your needs are met, and you're dancing out of the struggle and into the celebration.  'Replay' isn't just Cam's story; it's ours. Cam sings about experiences that are very familiar to most listeners, and fills us with the hope that His grace will turn the tides in our favor. 'He made a way, that time. Did it again,

"Tears (SVRS Remix)" by Anthem Worship: Finding God in the Shadows

Have you ever felt like your prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling, as if you're shouting into a void and coming up empty? If that's the case, then this energetic remix of 'Tears' by Anthem Worship is especially for you. 'Tears' is a heart-to-heart with God set to upbeat music. The lyrics dive right into the thick of it, bringing you face to face with God, who's holding you even when you feel you're falling apart. The lyrics were inspired by 1 Peter 5:7, it's a powerful invitation to place your worries before God because, believe it or not, God is closer than you may think. God is always faithful, even when you have doubts and fears. God is moving and working, keeping you safe, and telling you to hold on because He's got you.  So, go ahead and hit play. If you enjoy upbeat dance music, then 'Tears' will give you an extra boost of energy in your fight and remind you that you can find peace and strength by surrendering to the Lord. God&

'Drawing Me' by dwsyn - A Dance Anthem for the Soul Seeker

'Drawing Me' by dwsyn is an energetic track that reminds you of God’s endless love and the life-changing encounter that follows when you accept Him into your life. Maybe you are feeling a lost or are wandering through life without a purpose. All it really takes is just one moment, a smile, a kind word, a lyric, or a melody to make you aware of His presence. The message of the song is clear: it doesn't matter how blind you've been to God's work around you, His love is unshakeable and He invites you to see the world the way that He sees it. When you start to see the world through His eyes, you will find a meaningful life that is filled with His grace, where every day is a new beginning. The song is an invitation to open your heart, let Him in, allow the Holy Spirit to help you grow, and to live in the light of His love. 'Drawing Me' is a song worth playing, especially during those moments when you can use a reminder of who's really by your side. Let '

Tuning Into Faith: How 'Nashville Recordings' Bridges Our Lives to God's Melodies

Saved By Grace has released live videos of the 'Nashville Recordings' EP (2024). These videos draw you into each of the songs, and take you along on their faith filled musical journey. Discovered by Dean Miller on social media, the band's trip to Nashville's OmniSound Studios turned out to be a pivotal moment for them. A collection of five songs that has not only made waves back at home in Erie, Pennsylvania, but has also solidified a partnership with Bless Up Records. Since their first release, 'God's Master Plan', the band Saved By Grace has grown. In these recordings you will hear a beautiful blend of electric and acoustic vibes, and songs filled with strength and harmony. Just listen to the tracks of 'American Revival' and the touching 'Closer to Jesus'. These tracks energize you with spiritual 'fresh air', as the scripture based lyrics inspire hope and encourage a life centered on biblical values. The lyrics remind you to celebr

'He Rescued Me' by Cindy Marie Clark: Dance Through the Darkness

Imagine sitting in your room feeling gloomy, lights dimmed, and you let your music app randomly select a song for you. Cindy Marie Clark's voice pierces the silence with 'He Rescued Me,' a melody infused with a truth you've lived - a truth we've all felt in the tug-of-war with darkness.  You've had days, haven't you? The kind of days where it felt like the sun forgot to do its job and shadows lingered longer than they were welcome. You're not the only one who has these moments. Cindy was there - wrestling with anxiety, pain, and loss so raw, it stilled her song. But then, life came with a beautiful plot twist: He reached down, pulled her from the depths, and set her heart to dancing.  You know life's waves can knock the wind right out of the sails. Maybe it's a lost job, a prodigal child, a silent battle with addiction, or love that's taken a detour. Cindy's story reminds us that whatever is broken can be fixed - that the ropes of despair

'Parking Lot' by Stephanie Merkus: Finding Grace in Unexpected Places

God can be found in the most unexpected of places! 'Parking Lot' by Stephanie Merkus is about those unexpected places. Stephanie takes you along on a very personal journey, from a drinking problem to His revelation of grace and redemption. The song reminds you that it doesn't matter where you are, maybe your stuck in traffic or sitting in a parking lot after a long day, God's love can find you. Stephanie sings about moments of surrender, where the FM dial of life tunes into the frequency of Godly intervention. What's in this song for you? Well, it's simple. Stephanie shares the truth that His life changing grace can come to you any time and any place, even in a parking lot. It's a song for anyone that feels stuck in the consequences of their mistakes, looking for some way out. Stephanie's story tells us that change is a promise waiting to happen as soon as we decide to turn towards God. So, if you feel that your life is going nowhere, and you're look

'Pieces' by Bennie Parker - A Song of Restoration and Hope

As you listen to Bennie Parker's song 'Pieces,' you will probably realize that we've all felt broken at some point in time. A song that echo's the struggles, doubts, and desire for change and growth that we've all felt. We've been there before - feeling more lost than found and trying to keep everything together. Doesn't it feel comforting to know that we're not alone in this mess? Bennie sings that Jesus is a friend in the darkness, whispering words of peace. It's not just Bennie's story, it's also ours. That brokenness you feel? It's not the end. In fact, it's the start of something beautiful, because Jesus promises that He will take our pieces and put us back together again. Nope, this isn't a nursery rhyme or a bedtime story we share with our children. It's a promise that many people, like Bennie, have already experienced in their lives. 'Save my soul. Fill the hole,' lyrics that are echoed in every believer&#

'I will fight for you' by Romario Lela: Finding Courage in God's Faithful Assurance

  Along with all the stress of everyday life, there are times when you feel like you have the whole world on your shoulders. In spite of your best efforts, hope can sometimes seem like a long forgotten friend. This song by Romario Lela, 'I will fight for you,' is a soft but strong reminder that you're not alone in this.  The lyrics feel like a comforting arm around your shoulder and whisper, 'God's got this.' Romario isn't singing some empty words. He is reminding us of the vow that God will take our hands and fight our battles. It means that God will always be with us and carry our burdens, especially the burdens that we mistakenly thought were ours to bear on our own. What a liberating message!  Think about this vow when your faith feels like it's nothing more than a flickering light in the dark. Let this song remind you to hold on to your faith and help you remember that with God by your side there is no place for fear in your heart. The lyrics are a