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Mr. Weaverface - These Lungs (Rock)

If you're looking for a powerful and inspiring rock song, you need to check out 'These Lungs' by Mr. Weaverface. This song is not just a piece of music, but it's also a testimony of God's healing power. The lyrics are honest, heartfelt, and straight from the soul. The song tells the story of Mr. Weaverface's struggle with COVID pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, collapsed lung, and a softball-sized lung cyst. But despite all the odds, God brought him through it all and healed him. 'These Lungs' is a song of gratitude, praising God for His miraculous healing. The chorus is incredibly catchy, with the lyrics 'You made these lungs to shout Your name, to sing Your praise.' The song is a powerful reminder of the role that music can play in our lives, as it can be used to glorify God and express our thankfulness. The rock instrumentation is intense and engaging, with a driving beat that perfectly complements the heartfelt lyrics. Mr. Weaverface's vocal

JJ McGuigan - Save My Life (Rock)

JJ McGuigan's 'Save My Life' is a powerful and moving Christian rock song that is not to be missed. This song perfectly captures the raw emotion of someone struggling with mental health issues, as JJ himself has experienced. The lyrics are heartfelt and relatable, making it an anthem for anyone who has ever had to fight for their life. The song features JJ's signature guitar riffs, layered over a strong rock beat, creating a sound that is both energizing and cathartic. The chorus is especially poignant, with lyrics that plead with God to 'save my life' and 'help me rise above my strife.' The use of the name 'El Shaddai,' one of the Hebrew names for God, adds a spiritual dimension to the song, making it a powerful prayer for anyone who has struggled with mental health. JJ's honesty and vulnerability in sharing his own struggles make this song even more impactful. If you or someone you know has ever experienced mental health issues, 'Save M