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Corona-Virus: Join Christians around the world in prayer

Large parts of the world have been affected by the Corona-virus. Each day the situation is becoming more and more serious day by day and the measures are affecting more and more people directly. As Christians, we are not immune to all of the suffering and uncertainty that this situation is bringing. But we don't have to be guided by uncertainty. We can trust that God is also our Lord in this situation. Christians don't have to panic. After all, we live for Christ, who enables us to stay sober and to look carefully for what is best for others. Each time we are tempted to give in to our fear, we can make a conscious choice to respond in confidence and openness. And we have hope - for ourselves and hope to pass on. Just like the corona at a solar eclipse, the light is never completely gone. In fact, the light is stronger than the darkness. Especially now, in dark times, we can show our hope to the people around us. First of all by our attitude. But also by addressing the pra

Do you love Christian Music? We are looking for volunteers to help us find & screen Christian Music (various genres). is more than 'just' a faith-based playlist curator. Our aim is to make various genres of Christian Music easily accessible to all, because we believe that wholesome music gives support, comfort, encouragement and has the power to keep/turn the focus of hearts and minds towards the Lord. Our efforts start with an endless passion for people, for music, for charity, for love, and our God. We curate weekly changing playlists in almost every genre of Christian Music and we inform our followers about relevant new CCM / CEDM / CHH and Gospel releases! We are looking for volunteers to help us find and screen Christian Music relevant to the genres that we support. You can help us to verify music if you have an account on Spotify and have some time each week to review music. You can live anywhere in the world... we use the internet to stay in contact. About the task: We run an automated search for new music every day, and this search results in a number of

Major change to our New Christian Music playlist - Introducing separate New Music playlists for CCM, CHH, CEDM & Gospel

We are changing our New Christian Music playlist. Our original playlist setup has almost drowned in its own success, so we have decided to split the New Music playlist into a separate playlist per genre. This change makes it easier for our followers to see what is new in the Christian music genre that they love. As of today we have four New Christian Music playlists: - New Christian EDM (CEDM) - New Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) - New Christian Hip Hop (CHH) - New Gospel Music Our original New Christian Music playlist has been converted to the New Christian EDM (CEDM) playlist. These playlists are available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube, Napster, Qobuz. Please visit our website for a link to the playlist on your streaming platform ( ) It is now easier for you to follow the New Releases in the Christian music genres that you love.

Christian gifts, apparel designed by

We are proud to announce a partnership with Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt is a global platform for personalized clothing and accessories. We provide designs and Spreadshirt realizes our creative ideas on quality fabrics. We receive royalties for any purchase you make using one of our designs. Spreadshirt has production facilities in various countries across the globe and can ship products to you at competitive rates (including shipping & handling). By waiving our commission on any sales, we keep the price as low as possible for you. Each of our designs can be used on any product. We have preselected a few products... but... you are completely free to select other products, change colors, and even customize the design (reducing size, changing the layout, adding personal texts, etc.) Visit and select a location nearest you.

Merry Christmas!

New overview - Genres of Electronic Music v2.1

Most of the music that we air on our internet radio stream is what you call CEDM / EDM - (Christian) Electronic Dance Music.  Did you know that there are 28 genres of Electronic Music? Now if you think that 28 genres are a challenge to remember, then just realize that in these 28 genres there are 162 sub-genres! To increase the fun... 10 of these sub-genres have so-called sub-sub genres.   And one of the sub-sub-genres has an even finer division into 3 sub-sub-sub-genres. This is already confusing for Electronic music artists who sometimes need to ask around to find someone who can tell them in which sub-sub-genre their music belongs. Now just imagine how confusing this can be for listeners. We have a solution to this challenge! We have a free overview (PDF) of the Electronic Music genres for your personal use.  Now you can know that if electronic music is Progressive, then it is part of the House Music genre. If someone starts talking about Dubstep, you can be the smart

** New ** The Christmas Weekly playlist - for when you are ready to get into the Christmas Spirit with the music you love

We are happy to announce the release of the Christmas Weekly playlist. This playlist is an alternative to many traditional Christian Christmas songs... not only contemporary variations of traditional arrangements but also songs produced in the CEDM, House and upbeat CCM genres. This playlist is refreshed weekly. Get into the Christmas spirit with the music you love. On Spotify: On Deezer:

Recording of today's show now available on Soundcloud (the last show before our summer break!)

On Soundcloud you can find a full recording of today's The New Releases Show (aired on August 9th, 2019), on Christian Dance Radio. Go to: This is the playlist of today's show (this was the last show before our summer break...) Guidedbyspirits - Feel Lodewijk Werle - Perpetual Dip Tee - Smooth Ride Bryan Jong - Collateral Damage Leffes - New Beginning Dip Tee - God's Vision Wish I Was - High Hopes Next show will be on September 6th. Please note: we have formal copyright permission from each of the artists

This is the playlist for the New Releases Show of Friday, August 9th.

This is the playlist for the New Releases Show of Friday, August 9th. (The last show before our summer break...) Guidedbyspirits - Feel Lodewijk Werle - Perpetual Dip Tee - Smooth Ride Bryan Jong - Collateral Damage Leffes - New Beginning Dip Tee - God's Vision Wish I Was - High Hopes Next show will be on September 6th.

This is the playlist for the New Releases Show of Friday August 2nd.

This is the playlist for the New Releases Show of Friday August 2nd. Grace and Corey Scarlett - King Of My Heart. Jamal Brown - Been Got Saved Planetboom - Praise On Praise - Live Neon Transmission - As I Look At You (Original Mix) John Quintin - Wild and Free Legin - On Adam Cruz - Born to Win Dj Matt Black & Eric B Turner - Still Here (Radio Edit) Completely Royal - My Yahweh Player2 Feat. Manshin - Average We are Leo - Your Voice Bethel Music - Molly Skaggs - Ain’t No Grave (Live) Christen Ball - First Love Ben Potter - Search Me

Yes!!! Dj Matt Black & Eric B Turner are on board for this Friday's show!

Quote: "We both feel extremely blessed and honored to be on your show... also to say thank you I have added a gift for you guys." The gift is a tagline made especially for Christian Dance Radio... and you can hear it during the show on Friday! Woohoo!!!

Dj Matt Black & Eric B Turner - Still Here

Wow... fabulous track alert!! This track starts off with the magnificent voice of Eric Turner, a real R&B/ Soul Music / House Music legend,...  and you wonder where is this going! You don't know how this track is going to develop... and then the song erupts with an explosion of energy. Listening to this is an experience, a beautiful example of how genres can be blended. Eric Turner is one of the most brilliant voices of the current panorama of Soul and Afro-American music. Let this track surprise you and carry you away! I am trying to onboard Eric Turner for the show this coming Friday... but it will depend on copyright permission... Let's see how that part goes! On Spotify:

The Genres of Electronic Music - an overview... (v2)

If you thought that it was easy to memorize all of the genres of Electonic Music, then you may be in for a surprise... I created this chart in an attempt to help the team (as well as myself) understand which sub-genre belongs where, but it is just overwhelming... It turned out to be a nice poster. Feel free to download for personal use only. PS: Thanks to all who gave feedback to help improve this overview This illustration is registered with ID gJWBdSDq1QjX3HSu on

Nik Alevizos - Africa

Africa is a new EDM / Deep House release by Nik Alevizos. It is a melodic techno /progressive house track with African chants layered over dreamy synth melodies and an African landscape as the backdrop. A track that is suitable for chill or dance to it. It's fresh and very much on trend. Listen to the track on Spotify:

Xyberbot is on the roll!!!

Xyberbot is on the roll!!! She has just announced her next release called "Hallelujah", and I've heard it in the pre-release and it is delightfull Future House track. The official release date is this coming Friday, July 26th, exactly on time to be aired in the next New Releases show... (I wonder if Xyberbot actually timed it so that the release date would coincide with my show? Nah... that is too much honor... let's just call it good luck!) It it isn't clear by now, I hav e already reserved a slot in the program for this track! So watch your favorite platform for the actual release, and don't forget to listen to the show  : -D

DJ R3N3 - Space Man (Extended Mix).

DJ R3N3 has just released a new track called Space Man (Extended Mix). The genre is Future House, EDM. DJ R3N3 is a German DJ / Producer from Stuttgart. He started with his first single Rampage Extended Mix, and has developed a very distinct style. The track "Tujamo's Say What You Wanna Remix" has been streamed over 3,700 times on Soundcloud. So get ready to dance! On Spotify: