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Eon9 - Crystalline

Eon9 is an independent Future Bass artist who started producing in September, 2018. Eon9 has already released quite a few tracks, and Crystalline is the latest addition to that collection. This track is a euphoric, Melodic Dubstep track within the setting of an "underground crystal cave". 135 BPM and guaranteed to pump up the energy. On Spotify: On Soundcloud:

Tolga Mahmut - Sing

Sing is a track created by Tolga Mahmut, and is featuring the Bulgarian singer "Veneta". A song about memories, dreams, the need to work and keep on going in order to achieve your dreams. Singing puts things back into perspective, such as the upside down world that we are in. So sing... The song is perfectly blending in Deep House emotions with Future House fresh and energetic sound. The track is released today on Spotify, and will be visible to the general public in the next hour: I will also be airing this song on next weeks New Releases program on  (every Friday between 19:00 - 20:00 hrs CET)

WYLD - Carry Me

Riding the success of his single 'Brighter', WYLD is back and ready to take over summer with his new and most ambitious collaboration yet titled 'Carry Me'. Bringing together the creative forces of hip-hop, pop artists Sajan Nauriyal and Jake James, as well as indie worshipper Montell Fish, WYLD composes and curates an adventurous blend of electronic pop, worship, future bass and hip-hop, to create a summer anthem like nothing else. Enjoy! On Spotify: More about WYLD: Having collaborated with the likes of Chris Howland, CASS, Jonathan Ogden and more, producer-artist WYLD sets to carve out a new path in the worship music scene. Fuelled by a passion for good, forward-thinking music that sits anywhere between hiphop, pop and electronica, WYLD constantly breaks free of genre constraints and always brings a fresh excitement to music fans looking for something new, and honest.

Nzobella feat. Cait Davies - What Is True (Waited On You)

New release... Nzobella feat. Cait Davies - What Is True (Waited On You) The story behind “What Is True” is one that we can all relate to, I’m sure. It’s not a love song, but, the song was definitely crafted around matters of the heart. More specifically, about the person or relationship that made you say things that you shouldn’t have, do things that you wouldn’t normally do, feel things that were never supposed to, and yet, there you are, waiting around for something or som eone who was never worthy of your affections in the first place. In lust, it’s so easy to question, to lose your truth, to misplace your worth, and to compromise on your ideas of what you want and deserve in a significant other. But, the one you wait for, will inevitably haunt you the most. “Sometime, maybe grow older, and you’ll look back, and think of the gist that was missed and you’ll fall, yeah you’ll fall” So build a relationship that will help you to grow, will support you, be there when you f

7 Hills Worship - Louder.

7 Hills Worship, the worship team and ministry of 7 Hills Church in the Cincinnati area, has just released a new track called Louder. So close your eyes and listen to the words. Let the music take your worries away, and rejoice, louder and louder! On Spotify: About 7 Hills Worship: Senior Pastor Marcus Mecum leads this team and vision in creating worship music that resides in the heart of the local church. We believe that the local church is the hope of the world and that through spreading Jesus in song, we can make the world a greater reflection of Him.