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Dany Vaise - Take It Higher Now (feat. Tomy Drako)

French indie electronic music producer Dany Vaise dropped a new single made with "Tomy Drako" called "Take It Higher Now". The song is available on all of the major platforms. On Spotify: On Soundcloud: On Youtube: On Deezer: And last, but not least: "Take It Higher Now" is also available on our CEDM Playlist:

Cabela and Schmitt - Need A Love

Cabela and Schmitt dropped a new song called "Need A Love". It is a song about a man's desperate need for a love that will bind his life together in true happiness and contentment. All the while love waits and watches as he stumbles through the ups and downs of his path to get there. On Spotify: On Soundcloud: On Apple Music: On Youtube: On Deezer:

B-SHOC - Let It Go

Don't hold a grudge, let it go! You really don't to be like that. Everyone needs forgiveness... With lyrics such as this, Bryan is sharing a powerful and inspiring message. Bryan Edmonds (aka B-SHOC), was raised in a Christian home in the small town of Toccoa, GA. He gave his life to Jesus at a very young age. B-SHOC spent most of his childhood with a tennis racquet in his hand. He attended Garner Webb University on a tennis scholarship. At GWU, he was named All American and won an NCCAA College Championship. His love for music began at the age of 16 when he was introduced to hip hop. It was love at first beat. The beat moved him in a special way, so much that he pursued a music career. After many years in the studio and mastering his talent, the music developed a whole new lifestyle for him, which landed him in the night clubs many nights of the week. As his success grew, and he partook of the lifestyle that came with it, depression set in. Something had to change. He

John Finch - Live For You

John Finch’s new single “Live For You” is an upbeat anthem praising Jesus’s Name! From a very young age, music was a game-changer for John. Born and raised in Pearl River, Louisiana, he discovered his love for worship and Christian unity early on. For over five years, he has led congregations in worship across the US. In addition to touring, John is a dedicated songwriter, frequently collaborating with other artists. To this day, his belief as a worship leader, artist and songwriter is to pursue the heart of God with passion and authenticity. Through heartfelt piano melodies, it is his desire to create songs for the Church that lead people to encounter the redemptive freedom that is found in Christ. On Spotify: On Deezer: On Apple Music: On Youtube: And of course on o

Gianluca Rey - The Nightwalk

Gianluca Rey grew up by the age of 3 in front of a spinning turntable. He finished college at the age of 19 and started to play professionally as a DJ & showman, traveling to connect with people and music. In 2014 Gianluca started to learn how to express his music, to give back all the feeling he received from the audience. His logo \°/ reflect his name and personality, and his passion to talk about the King in all of us. Gianluca has once again demonstrated with The Nightwalk that creativity in music is not strictly in the dance music, but that it is an emotion enhancer and a dream inspirer sound set. On Spotify:

Samuel Elias - Rocks Cry Out

This song has been over 15 years in the making. It was written during a difficult time in Samuel Elias life. A time when he felt his voice was silenced, a time when he had no voice or opinion that could be shared. Remembering the younger years when he would share the Gospel to all who would hear he felt inspired to write the "Rocks Cry Out". The Gospel of Jesus Christ should be shared in season and out of season, in other words, it should be shared to all who would give an ear, because Jesus is coming again, and everyone needs to know the truth, so shout out with a voice of praise or the Rocks will Cry Out. Samuel Elias is a Christian singer/songwriter/musician from Waukesha, Wisconsin, but was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. In addition, He was raised in a Christian home where a life of Praise and Worship was embedded into his heart. In addition, Samuel is also a Pastor of Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer in Waukesha, and has shared the Gospel of JesusChrist worldwi

Loudbrook - Light Cancels Darkness

Loudbrook, consisting of husband and wife team Bryan (writer) and Melissa (singer) Lautenbach has released their brand new 15 song album 'No More Night'. This album mixes together rock, indie and pop together. The song more "Light Cancels Darkness" is a real joy to listen to... and I encourage you to also listen to the other songs on the album. What also makes this album interesting is the fact that the album was funded on Kickstarter to help finish everything and to help re-launch the band Loudbrook through its release. ( ) The songs on this album tell the true story of Bryan and Melissa Lautenbach, of following Jesus Christ out of their personal night, supported by a caring community of friends. Bryan and Melissa believe life is better lived in community with others: to love and be loved back, to be known for who we really are and not for who we may pretend to be. T