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New Horizons Worship - Break the Bottle (This is My Perfume) (CCM)

New Horizons Worship's 'Break the Bottle (This is My Perfume)' is a powerful and moving song about worshiping Jesus with our all, inspired by the story of a woman who broke a costly bottle of perfume to anoint Jesus' feet. The lyrics speak to the idea of giving up everything we have to worship Him, and not worrying about what others may say or think. The song begins with the words, 'What if my bottle is my lips, I'll break them open at your feet, what if my fragrance is my song, I'll pour it out all life long.' This imagery of breaking open a bottle of perfume to anoint Jesus with our own lips and song is a powerful representation of what it means to worship Him with our all. The chorus of the song declares, 'Oo This is my perfume, Oo I brought it just for You.' It is a reminder that our worship is not for ourselves, but for Jesus alone. The lyrics continue to build on this idea with the lines, 'And as it rises, I'm falling more in love,

Healing Grace Worship - Shepherd Song (Psalm 23) - Studio (CCM)

Experience the powerful worship song, 'Shepherd Song (Psalm 23) - Studio,' by Healing Grace Worship featuring Cindy Ramirez. This contemporary Christian worship song, inspired by Psalm 23, will transport you to a place of peace and restoration. Recorded in Tulsa, OK, and mixed in Nashville, this song carries a divine anointing that resonates with listeners. The heartfelt lyrics remind us of the Lord's faithful provision and guidance as our Shepherd. Through soothing melodies and powerful vocals, the song creates a serene atmosphere that refreshes the soul. As you listen, you will feel a deep sense of rest and tranquility, knowing that the Lord is with you every step of the way. The chorus declares the overflowing of our hearts in the presence of God. His glory fills the room, and His presence is tangible. Allow the music to immerse you in a worshipful encounter with the living God. The bridge emphasizes the unwavering goodness and love of the Lord, assuring us that His purs

Saved By Grace - American Revival (CCM)

Experience the powerful and thought-provoking CCM / Country Rock song, 'American Revival,' by Saved By Grace. This timely and passionate anthem calls for a revival in our country, addressing pressing issues and drawing attention to the signs of the times.  The song opens with a plea for forgiveness, acknowledging how we have strayed from God's commandments and neglected His presence in our lives. It highlights the consequences of our actions and the burden we carry as a result. The lyrics capture the sense of urgency and the need for transformation. In the chorus, the call for revival echoes, emphasizing that it is crucial for our survival as a nation. The song emphasizes the importance of returning to God's ways and seeking His guidance, as this is the key to a brighter future. The desire to see a revival and a spiritual awakening in America is palpable in every word. The verses delve into specific societal issues, addressing topics such as the sanctity of life, the co

Seek and Surrender - Everyone Under The Sun (CCM)

Seek and Surrender's 'Everyone Under The Sun' is a powerful and inspiring Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) song that celebrates the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all humanity. The song was written by Tim on his 12-string guitar in 2016, and over time, it developed into the beautiful piece of music it is today. The lyrics are simple yet profound, touching on the key themes of Jesus' teachings and ultimate sacrifice. The song takes the listener on a spiritual journey through the life, teachings, and ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, reminding us of His love and the hope that comes through His resurrection. The song starts with the repetition of the words 'He's alive' as a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The chorus then declares the central message of the song, that Jesus gave His life for everyone under the sun, two thousand years ago. The lyrics then paint a picture of Jesus walking the earth, teaching and preaching His living words, which still

Avaraj - In The Water (CCM)

'In The Water' by Avaraj is a powerful and heartfelt Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) song that speaks to the journey of finding strength and peace in the midst of pain and loss. The music for this song was created by Rogue. The song was written during a challenging year for Avaraj, marked by the loss of two beloved grandparents who were instrumental in her musical journey. Despite the grief and sorrow, Avaraj discovered an inner resilience that felt like something more than personal growth—it felt like there was 'something in the water.' The lyrics beautifully express the theme of finding strength and healing in the face of heartache. Avaraj reflects on how she never thought she could endure pain without questioning God's love, but through it all, she recognizes that God is the source of her peace. The song acknowledges that pain and sorrow are inevitable, but it emphasizes the importance of finding the strength to navigate through them. The chorus, with its repe