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'Rest' by Hannah B. Johnson: Nurture your Soul, Find His Peace

Moments of respite are much sought-after in the rush of our daily lives, perhaps none more so than in the heart of a believer yearning for God's peace. This is the poignant story behind Hannah B. Johnson's beautiful song 'Rest.' 'Rest' became Hannah's prayer, born from an overwhelmed heart seeking tranquility in an increasingly noisy world—a prayer she now shares with us, two years later and after uprooting her life to move closer to her family in Nashville. 'Make it quiet in here,' the song's heartfelt lyrics say. 'Calm my raging fears. Help me hear Your voice above the endless noise.'— 'Rest' speaks to tired souls navigating life's noisy turmoil. It leads us to divine solace—God's reassuring presence, which, in His vastness, blankets us in silent calm, quells our fears, and quiets the clamor. Hannah presents 'Rest' as a sanctifying hymn, a soothing antidote to life's hardships, with the humble invitation to d

'Refuge' by Badiaco: Finding Salvation in the Song

The story behind Badiaco's contemporary Christian Music (CCM) song 'Refuge' is as moving as the song itself. Let us follow Badiaco, who found salvation years ago, married his high school sweetheart, Barbara, and embarked on a lifelong spiritual journey with her that blossomed into a beautiful faith family. Badiaco devoted his musical talents to the Lord, and after a thirty-year sabbatical, he returned to his musical roots, but with a divine purpose. His song 'Refuge,' inspired by Psalm 91:1, bears witness to his spiritual journey. The lyrics of 'Refuge' are a poignant invitation and declaration—God as an unwavering pillar in our lives, a hand extended in grace and shelter to all seeking salvation. It encourages listeners to open their eyes, hearts, and souls to God's transformative love and protection through open dialogue and a recurring question, ' Why can't you see? ' 'Refuge' shows a God whose love is unwavering and constant—a God

'The Greatest Thing of All' by Contemporary Worship: A Melodious Journey Through God's Boundless Gifts

In the fertile music landscape of Atlanta, Georgia, blooms an extraordinary blossom named Contemporary Worship. A band with a unique and profound mission—to share God-breathed songs that echo a new, vibrant perspective on scripture and music. Their song, 'The Greatest Thing of All,' a deeply reverent narrative, breathes life into our understanding of God's boundless love and mighty works. In the seemingly ordinary, everyday walk of faith, 'The Greatest Thing of All' serves as an awakening to God's extraordinary interventions: living waters for our thirst, His Word as nourishment for our spirits, and divine songs to unleash our innate melodies. And above all, His greatest gift to us—His own Self through Yeshua, enriching our lives with His eternal presence. Together with Yeshua full of Yahweh's vastness, we witness the miraculous, the blind gain sight, the lame walk, the lepers cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the Good News heralded to the he

'home (ps twenty-seven)' by Son Francisco: A Melodic Comfort in Life's Storms

Son Francisco's uplifting song 'home' is a heartfelt testament of unwavering faith amidst life's stormy scenarios. Rendering Psalm 27 in a way that speaks directly to the soul, the song is a kind reminder of the divine promise that God is incessantly watching over us. Every note of the song resounds with divinely inspired compassion, evolving out of shared experiences of struggle, doubt, and the awe-inspiring realization of God's immovable presence amidst life's trials. It serves as a comforting echo to anyone feeling overpowered by darkness, reminding us that we're never alone as long as we hold onto our faith. Son Francisco intricately weaves a divine tapestry of comfort and courage. 'When evil comes to assail me, when enemies seem to surround, in weakness my heart will hold steady, 'Cause I know where I'm calling home,' he sings, giving voice to the struggle while confidently affirming God's steadfastness. The song's refrain, '

The Top 50 Songs in Christian Contemporary Music released in the past week - Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Discover the 50 most streamed Christian Contemporary Music & CEDM tracks released between October 12th and October 19th, 2023.  Every Thursday, we curate a chart showcasing the top 50 most-streamed CCM & CEDM releases of the past week. Be one of the first to explore our Top 50 chart and listen to these popular songs. Here is this week's chart of the most popular English-language Christian music released in the past week! (To open the songs on Spotify, click the song titles on our website.)  Rank - Title - Artist #1 - 'Shelter' by Pat Barrett #2 - 'Made For Heaven' by CAIN #3 - 'Dreams (Acoustic) [feat. Judah & The Lion]' by NEEDTOBREATHE, Judah & the Lion #4 - 'Manger Throne' by Phil Wickham #5 - 'Dreams (Madism Remix) [Feat. Judah & The Lion]' by NEEDTOBREATHE, Judah & the Lion, Madism #6 - 'All Along' by Sanctus Real #7 - 'The Commission - Live' by planetboom #8 - 'Antidote' by Capital Kings,

'Joy Comes in the Morning' by Taylor Pride: Surrendering Night's Sorrow for Morning's Joy

In the quiet, tender moments just before dawn, as darkness gives way to light, let the harmonious strains of 'Joy Comes in the Morning' by Taylor Pride awaken your spirit. This elevating contemporary Christian song is steeped in the sincerity of the Psalms and filled with the transformative power of faith. 'Joy Comes in the Morning' is a musical reflection of Psalm 30:5. Its gospel-infused rhythm carries us on a journey from night's deep mystery to the brilliant hope of morning. Pride's soothing voice, imbued with palpable faith, reassures us that no matter the magnitude of our struggles, our tears are temporary. As the night surrenders to the morning light, our sorrows will dissipate, replaced by profound joy bestowed by our loving Creator. The song's heartfelt and poetic lyrics serve as a comforting hymn reminding us that, even in the face of hardship and weariness, we are never alone. When we feel buried beneath the weight of the world, His love lifts us:

'Beauty for Ashes' by Emmanuel: A Harmonious Testament of Faith Amid Despair

Divine melodies often serve as a comforting balm in the midst of life's trials and tribulations, gently encouraging us to press on. 'Beauty for Ashes,' an impassioned gospel anthem by Emmanuel, a soul-stirring ensemble of eight female vocalists, is found among these extraordinary melodies. The harmonious resonance of this song reminds us of the wondrous transformation we go through with faith—from the ashes of trials to the beauty of triumphs. Each note and lyric conveys a powerful message about God's gracious act of giving freedom through His love. As the ensemble sings, 'You loosed all the chains, now I'm free,' listeners are reminded of the distinct liberty that comes with surrendering to God's endless love and compassion. 'Beauty for Ashes' depicts an inspiring image of unwavering faith in the face of challenges. It expresses the beauty of trusting your life to God and celebrating the newfound strength that comes from faith in Him. As the ens