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California Dreamin (feat. Lecrae & John Givez)

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor California Dreamin (feat. Lecrae & John Givez)California Dreamin is now available on Reach Records Summer Nineteen.

The 2nd verse by Lecrae says it all...

"... It was all a dream, Southern California's the real thing (West Coast)
That's when I saw some people turn into real fiends (Whoa)
Helicopters in the sky, put that light off in yo' eye
I was just a teen doin' my lil' thing (Yeah)
And Mexicanos got them hydros on the low-lows
They was so dope and I was sold on
Couldn't wait 'til I could roll on, ha (Woo)
I was doin' out there doin' dirt all by my lonesome (Lonesome)
Stealin' candy from the store, I'd let you hold some (Ayy, whatchu want, fool?)
Granny havin' Sunday service in the back room (Hallelujah)
I was runnin' from it, but I guess she prayed me back to Him (Yeah)
Palm trees, sea breeze, BCs, BGs to the OGs sippin' on a OE (OE)
H-Town made a screw-up (Screw-up)
And Cali showed me gang signs that I threw up (What up?)
The hood called me OG 'cause I blew up
It's all God if you knew the way I grew up (Yeah)
California dreamin'"

You can hear it on

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