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How to Get Your Music on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube and more...

So you've written, produced, and mixed a masterpiece, and it's time to share it with the rest of the world. If you are an independent artist, the next step is to figure out how to distribute your music. This article provides a summary of the options we believe are the most popular for getting your music distributed to Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

What Options Do You Have?

There are plenty of music distributors who can help you get your music on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Some take a percentage of your royalties in exchange for allowing you to list your music for free, while others charge a fee upfront in exchange for allowing you to keep 100% of your royalties.

Some distributors offer additional services such as mixing and mastering, as well as tracking and marketing tools for your music. It all depends on your needs as an artist and your budget.

Every music distribution platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. The overviews will help you to understand the offerings in greater detail.

I have compared three services: CD Baby, DistroKid, and Tunecore.

CD Baby


Special offer when signing up: n/a

Instant music video generators: Yes

Spotify pre-save pages: Yes, with


  • CD Baby keeps 9% of your digital distribution revenue and you get the remaining 91%.
    Note: Earnings go beyond streaming income, and include sync licensing fees and video monetization revenue.

  • With Pro Single / Album: All Earnings from Global Music Distribution.

Automatic Revenue Splits: n/a

Distributes music to: 

  • 150+ streaming and download services around the world, including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, and Deezer.

Cover Song Licensing: n/a

Music Publishing Administration: 

  • Yes, if released as Pro Single / Album with total monetization


  • ONE-TIME fee per release with NO annual fees.
  • Single:
    • Standard Single: US$ 9.95
    • Pro Single (with total monetization): US$ 29.95
  • Album: 
    • Standard Album: US$ 29
    • Pro Album (with total monetization): US$ 69

Supports YouTube Content ID: 

  • Get notified & paid if your music is ever used in any YouTube videos. We'll add this single to YouTube's Content ID database, and continually scan for matches. When your music is detected in any YouTube video, you'll be notified—and ad revenue will automatically go to you, instead of to the person who uploaded the video.
  • Claim your YouTube Official Artist Channel
  • Monetize via YouTube Content ID



Special offer when signing up: 

  • 7% off of your 1st year's membership, if you sign up using the referral link of an existing DistroKid subscriber.

Instant music video generators: Yes

Spotify pre-save pages: Yes

Earnings: Keep 100% of your earnings, get paid monthly.

Automatic Revenue Splits: 

You can set up "splits" that automatically route any percentage of earnings, from any track, to anyone.

Distributes music to: 

  • Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Pandora, Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, Tidal, iHeartRadio, Deezer, plus a ton of other stores & streaming services.

Cover Song Licensing: 

  • Distributor obtains the required compulsory mechanical license for you, automatically deducts the legally-mandated fees from your earnings and pays it to the original songwriter. You get 100% of the rest. You don't have to do anything else.

    Cost: $12 per cover song, per year.

Music Publishing Administration: n/a


  • Flat rate of US$ 19.99 per year, and you can upload unlimited albums / songs during that year.

    Note: Songs are removed when you end your subscription (or your credit card is rejected), unless you have enabled an extra called ‘Leave a Legacy’ for that song / album.

  • Leave a Legacy: US$ 29.00 per single, US$ 49.00 per album of 2+ tracks (nonrecurring fee)

Supports YouTube Content ID: 

  • Optional. US$ 4.95 per single/year, US$ 14.95 per album/year, + 20% of YouTube ad revenue



Special offer when signing up: n/a

Instant music video generators: 

  • TuneCore Gets Your Music on YouTube Music as an Art Track - a video of your music synced with a still image of your cover art

Spotify pre-save pages: n/a


  • TuneCore pays 100% of the money owed to you from downloads and streams - every time someone purchases your release on iTunes or Amazon; every time someone streams your music on Spotify or Deezer. We'll never take a percentage of your rights or sales revenue.

  • If you have signed up for Music Publishing Administration:
    • 15% Commission to Tunecore. You keep 85% of the royalties collected.
    • 20% Sync Commission to Tunecore. You keep 80% of the revenue

Automatic Revenue Splits: n/a

Distributes music to:

  • Along with iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music, you can select up to 150 digital stores and streaming services across 100+ countries worldwide.

  • Get your music on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Reels and Resso for no annual fee.

Cover Song Licensing: n/a

Music Publishing Administration

  • Yes, if you have signed up for this (one-time setup fee)


    GBP 12.99 /year
    The essential distribution plan. Release unlimited music to 150+ Digital Stores across the globe.

    GBP 24.99 /year
    Release unlimited music plus advanced features to customize your releases.

    GBP 39.99 /year
    The premier plan for labels and industry pros. Release unlimited music plus access to premium products and services.
  • Music Publishing Administration fee:
    One-time Setup Fee GBP 55.99
    Submit as many compositions as you like.

Supports YouTube Content ID: 

  • Get notified & paid if your music is ever used in any YouTube videos. We'll add this single to YouTube's Content ID database, and continually scan for matches. When your music is detected in any YouTube video, you'll be notified—and ad revenue will automatically go to you, instead of to the person who uploaded the video.
  • Every play in YouTube Music earns you money, and 100% of that goes directly into your TuneCore account. No matter where fans are listening, you'll be paid every penny.


The distributor you select to get your music on digital platforms will be largely decided by your needs as an artist. I hope this overview helps you make a decision.

PS: Please send me a message if you know of a competitive alternative that I should consider for this overview.

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