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The Top 100 Christian EDM (CEDM) for Saturday, December 03, 2022

We have 2 new tracks in this week's chart. The highest new entry this week is 'Symphony - Dillon Chase Radio Edit' by Switch, and Dillon Chase at position number 21.

The highest climber in the chart this week is 'More Of You' by Hillsong Young & Free, moving up 17 positions to number 64.

PS: The weekly Top 100 charts are based on Christian music released during the past five years. Our Top 2000 chart is compiled from all of the music in our database.

This week's chart...

Rank - Title - Artist (Change)
#1 'Wanted' by NOTD, Daya (+0)
#2 'Symphony' by Switch, Dillon Chase (+0)
#3 'Love Me Like You' by The Young Escape, nobigdyl. (+1)
#4 'Kings & Queens' by Mat Kearney (-1)
#5 'Be Alright - Remix' by Evan Craft, KB, Sam Rivera (+0)
#6 'Everything' by TobyMac (+0)
#7 'Burn The Ships (R3HAB Remix)' by for KING & COUNTRY, R3HAB (+0)
#9 'High Low' by Alive City (+1)
#10 'Count Me In' by Switch (+1)
#11 'neverfade' by The Young Escape (-3)
#12 'God Only Knows (R3HAB Remix)' by for KING & COUNTRY, R3HAB (+1)
#13 'Firestarter (Doug Weier Remix)' by Manafest (+1)
#14 'SIMPLE (feat. Joe L Barnes)' by ELEVATION RHYTHM, Joe L Barnes (+1)
#15 'RELATE (R3HAB Remix)' by for KING & COUNTRY, R3HAB (-3)
#16 'Infinite Dream' by Cruce Merchant (+4)
#18 'Who We Are' by MDSN (-2)
#19 'Amazing Grace - HGHTS Remix' by Hyper Fenton, Moflo Music, HGHTS (-2)
#20 'Need Your Love - Live' by Hillsong Young & Free (+1)
#21 'Symphony - Dillon Chase Radio Edit' by Switch, Dillon Chase (NEW)
#22 'Nobody' by Local Sound (-3)
#23 'I just need U. - Capital Kings Remix' by TobyMac, Capital Kings (+0)
#24 'Braver' by Matthew Parker (+0)
#25 'Alive' by Big Daddy Weave (+0)
#26 'Not Today - Remix' by Hillsong UNITED, Cole Walowac (+0)
#27 'WIT IT' by Cape Lions (+0)
#28 'Won't Look Back' by SEU Worship (+0)
#29 'Every Little Thing' by Hillsong Young & Free, Andy Mineo (+0)
#30 'Jump' by Switch (+0)
#31 'So Alive' by The Young Escape (+0)
#32 'Where Do We Begin - Vigel Remix' by Tenishia, Vigel (+7)
#33 'Shepherd (Hotel Sessions)' by Local Sound (-1)
#34 'Roses' by Matthew Parker, Sajan Nauriyal (-1)
#35 'Heart On My Sleeve' by GATTÜSO, Laidback Luke, Sarah Reeves (-1)
#36 'Details' by Sarah Reeves (-1)
#37 'Love Me Like You - TYE Remix' by The Young Escape (-1)
#38 'Perfectly Loved - Remix' by Courtnie Ramirez, Wande (-1)
#39 'Just Jesus' by Hillsong Young & Free (-1)
#40 'I Wanna Remember (feat. Carrie Underwood) - R3HAB Remix' by NEEDTOBREATHE, R3HAB, Carrie Underwood (+0)
#41 'Friend' by Jaisua (+1)
#42 'Completely' by LEDGER (+1)
#43 'joy. (R3HAB Remix)' by for KING & COUNTRY, R3HAB (+1)
#44 'Echo (Studio Version) (feat. Tauren Wells)' by Elevation Worship, Tauren Wells (+1)
#45 'Glorious Day - Remix' by Passion, Kristian Stanfill, Jeff Lawson (+1)
#46 'Promise Keeper' by sxxnt. (+1)
#47 'Without You - Abe Parker Remix' by Social Club Misfits, Riley Clemmons, Abe Parker (+1)
#48 'High Low - Remix' by Alive City, Tryhard Society (+1)
#49 'Letting Go' by Verses (-8)
#52 'Right Where You Want Me' by Sarah Reeves (+1)
#53 'Fuego (R3HAB Remix)' by Steven Malcolm, Shaggy, R3HAB (+1)
#54 'Be Okay (Remix)' by ZOE Music (+1)
#55 'Headspace - GOLDHOUSE Remix' by Riley Clemmons, GOLDHOUSE (+1)
#56 'Rise Up (Lazarus) [FRANKLIN Remix]' by CAIN (+1)
#57 'Got Me Like' by planetboom (+1)
#58 'Oceans - Robbie Seed Remix' by Dash Berlin, Robbie Seed (+13)
#59 'I Love You (Remix)' by Alive City, Neon Feather, Tryhard Society (-9)
#60 'Up Again (Lucky Rose Remix)' by Dan Bremnes, Lucky Rose (-1)
#61 'Bold' by LEDGER (-1)
#62 'Light Up My World - From "God's Not Dead: A Light In Darkness" Soundtrack' by We Are Leo, David Josiah (-1)
#63 'Brighter' by WYLD, SSTEDI (-1)
#64 'More Of You' by Hillsong Young & Free (+17)
#65 'TOGETHER (R3HAB Remix) [feat. Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly]' by for KING & COUNTRY, Kirk Franklin, R3HAB (-2)
#66 'Not My Style (R3HAB Remix)' by Sarah Reeves, R3HAB (-2)
#67 'The Blessing - Reyer Remix' by Reyer, Skye Reedy (-2)
#68 'This Is My Son' by Neon Feather, Seph Schlueter (NEW)
#69 'Kingdom' by DJ Matheus Lazaretti, D'REIS, blu (-3)
#70 'Love We Lost (with R3HAB) - VIP Mix' by Armin van Buuren, R3HAB, Simon Ward (-3)
#71 'Down (Remix)' by Sajan Nauriyal, Evan Ford, Chris Howland (-3)
#72 'Come Home - Warehouse Mix' by Tauren Wells, Neon Feather (-3)
#73 'Heavenly - Ethan C. Davis Remix' by Pat Barrett, Elle Limebear, Ethan C. Davis (-3)
#74 'Heartache' by Local Sound (+0)
#75 'Wildest Dreams' by Jaisua, Mikae (+0)
#76 'Authentic' by Run51 (+0)
#77 'Earth' by Gateway Youth (+0)
#78 'Tomorrow Will Come' by CASS (+0)
#79 'Leka' by Armin van Buuren, Super8 & Tab (+0)
#80 'Chasing Quiet' by Elizabeth Grace (+0)
#81 'Stay (feat. Eris Ford) - Remix' by Quinten Coblentz, GIDI, Eris Ford (+1)
#82 'Hold Me Close' by Aaron Cole (-10)
#83 'Your Love (HGHTS Remix)' by Chris Howland, Sajan Nauriyal, HGHTS (-10)
#84 'Better For It' by Riley Clemmons (+0)
#85 'Belong (Remade)' by Alive City (+0)
#86 'Higher And Higher' by Switch (+0)
#87 'Even Louder - Michael Schawel Remix' by People of The Earth, Michael Schawel (+0)
#88 'Choose To Praise - Reinvented' by ICF Worship (+0)
#89 'Clear View (Remix)' by Chris Howland, CASS, Sajan Nauriyal (+0)
#90 'In My Blood - Serhat Durmus Remix' by Tommee Profitt, Fleurie, Serhat Durmus (+0)
#91 'Battle Cry' by The Two Fake Blondes (+0)
#92 'Never Far' by Local Sound (+1)
#93 'Made to Be' by Jesus Loves Electro (+1)
#94 'Where Would I Be - Remix' by Heart Youth, HGHTS (-11)
#95 'Never Let Me Go' by LIFE Worship (+0)
#96 'God Only Knows (GATTÜSO Remix)' by for KING & COUNTRY, GATTÜSO (+0)
#97 'Electric' by Influence Music, Whitney Medina (+0)
#98 'White Noise' by CASS, Chris Howland (+0)
#99 'Like Myself' by Elizabeth Grace (+0)
#100 'King' by Beckah Shae (+0)

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