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Johan Skoog - Given By God - A donation to Ukraine (CCM)

Introducing 'Given By God - A donation to Ukraine', a powerful and emotive song by Johan Skoog. This song is not just any ordinary song, it is also a gift to the people of Ukraine, a country that has been through so much hardship and turmoil. Johan shares that the royalties from this song will be used to help the people of Ukraine, providing them with humanitarian aid and helping to rebuild their country.

Johan Skoog was inspired to write this song after seeing the plight of refugees who came to Sweden by boat. He wanted to do something extra to help, and he decided to donate the royalties to support Ukraine. The song is also a message of love and hope to the world. It reminds us that love is not something we should take for granted, it is something that should be cherished and treasured.

Johan Skoog - Given By God - A donation to Ukraine

Part of the lyrics that stayed in my head after listening to the song is: 'Love can be the wildest thing / It finds your deepest sin / But don’t you take for granted, no / Did you know it was given by God'

We encourage you to listen to 'Given By God - A donation to Ukraine' and share it with others. Help Johan spread his message of love and hope to the world, and at the same time know that each time the song is streamed, you too are supporting the people of Ukraine. So, don't wait any longer, listen today and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Celebrate God's gift of Love, support the Ukraine by listening, and help to make a difference in the world.


A final message from Johan Skoog

My name is Johan Skoog and I come from Ă„lmhult in Sweden. The producer Martin Klaman, who has produced Kikki Danielsson and written songs for a lot of Swedish artists, also contributes his part as an arranger and producer. Were you interested in finding a collaboration for the song? Don't just think big when I say collaboration, it can be anything from just playing it once, passing it on to someone who might like it, or just listening to it yourself. The more it is used, the more money the song brings in. 

You can listen to the track directly on Spotify:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

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