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Kell Bailey - Evidence (CCM) - Pre-release Interview

Kell Bailey - Evidence

If you're looking for inspiration in Christian music, then Kell Bailey's upcoming album 'Evidence' is a must-listen. With his soulful voice and powerful lyrics, Kell has become a rising star in the Christian music scene. One of the tracks 'Faithful God' is already making waves during the pre-release, and we can hardly wait for the official release on May 26th. In the words of Kell himself, the album has 'that CCM, modern feel but a Gospel edge to keep the listener engaged'. The song features collaborations with talented artists like Alicia Peters-Jordan and Chris Bender. 

We are honored to feature an interview with Kell, where he shares his passion for gospel music and the inspiration behind 'Evidence.' As he sings in the single, 'Beyond what I can see, I know one thing for sure, God is him, I put my trust.' Get ready to let Kell Bailey's powerful voice and message of faith inspire you.


Hello Kell! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Tell us how you got started in gospel music? How did you make the switch from dreams of a pro football career to a career in serving the Lord with music?

[Kell:] Thank you for having me! Gospel music has always been a love of mine, growing up around Godly parents I feel like the only music I got exposed to was gospel music. It was foreign to hear any other genre. When I started producing music and writing songs there was no other genre I had interest in contributing to other than the gospel genre. It's definitely what I feel called to. My dream shifted from football to music after going to the doctor my freshman year of high school and finding out I had an enlarged heart. I wasn't feeling my greatest mentally or physically during this time period but I felt encouraged more than ever to pursue music after going through that difficult time I'm grateful that my health is restored, and my body has been healed. God has given me a testimony that he truly is a healer.

You're from Richmond, VA. How has being from that area influenced your music career?

[Kell:] Richmond VA is a unique area. We have some incredible talent and awesome humans here. Guys like James Johnson are the reason I decided to pursue songwriting and producing music. He has left a huge mark on me inspirationally in pursuing music as a career.

You've had past success on the iTunes Christian/Gospel charts. Congrats! What has that meant to you? How has that driven you forward in your career?

[Kell:] Yes I have! It is mindblowing to make achievements like that while being an independent artist and not having help with pushing my music out. Making it to the top 10 on the iTunes charts on my first EP release in 2019 was a very proud moment for me. It allows me to know if I do my part and continue to make the music that I enjoy making, my audience will show up and support. That is very motivating for me.

You have a new album coming out on May 26th, 'Evidence' with a smokin' hot single, 'Faithful God' already tearing up some radio stations. Tell us about the album. What can listeners expect?

[Kell:] Evidence is my sophomore album that I strongly believe is my best work yet! These are songs the Holy Spirit dropped on me and I can't wait for everyone to hear it. This album has that CCM, modern feel but a Gospel edge to keep the listener engaged. I'm glad that this album not only musically sounds great but it's just as powerful lyrically as well.

What about the single? How did you decide to release that one as the first single?

[Kell:] Faithful God is a song I feel like most people can connect with and it's one of the stronger songs on the album. This is a song I really want to share with the world because God has been so faithful in my life.

You have guests on the album. How did you decide who was going to be on the album, and how did you meet all of them?

[Kell:] I do have some great friends and guests on this album. Some of those guests are people I have always wanted to work with who I grew up admiring like Alicia Peters-Jordan Other artists are new friends that I just connected with online within the past year like Chris Bender. I'm grateful for everyone I've been able to collaborate with on this album. These featured artists were chosen based on relationship and skill and they all delivered.

Tell us about your church. What is the #1 thing you love about it?

[Kell:] Right now I serve at Speaking Spirit Ministries “Home of the Hope Giver”. I love my pastors Fred and Inger Wyatt. It is a ministry that forces you to grow spiritually and challenges you not to remain the same. The #1 thing I love is how my leaders believe in doing everything at a high level for the kingdom of God. Nothing about the ministry is average.

What would you like to tell non-believers, to convince them that Jesus is their Savior?

[Kell:] I’d simply communicate that we all are empty and looking for things to fill a void in our lives. We all are in need of a savior to save us from our sins and to reconcile us back to our heavenly father. It is ONLY through Jesus that we can receive forgiveness for our sins and get back connected to God. If you are tired of repeating the same cycles and struggling with things of the flesh Jesus is the only savior and he desires to be in a relationship with you. He wants you today.

Thanks Kell! Any last words to your fans, or any advice for aspiring musicians?

[Kell:] On May 26th my new album "Evidence" will be available on all digital outlets. You can preorder exclusively on the iTunes Store. Thank you for having me!

Good luck with the release!

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