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Olly Kiff - Ever Praise You (Psalm 71) (CCM)

Olly Kiff's CCM song, 'Ever Praise You (Psalm 71),' is a powerful declaration of faith and a reminder of God's unfailing presence and deliverance in times of trouble. It serves as a source of encouragement and hope, drawing inspiration from Psalm 71.

The song opens with a proclamation of taking refuge in the Lord, emphasizing the assurance that in Him, we find deliverance and are never put to shame. It acknowledges God as the solid rock and fortress, the source of strength and protection. The lyrics beautifully express gratitude for God's mighty hand, which has rescued and delivered us from adversity.

The chorus serves as a powerful anthem of trust and praise. It declares that God is our hope, the Sovereign Lord who remains our confidence through all circumstances. It acknowledges His faithfulness in leading us to where we are and assures us that He will continue to guide and sustain us. In response to His steadfast love, we commit to ever praise Him.

Olly Kiff - Ever Praise You (Psalm 71)In the subsequent verses, the song further explores the themes of God's provision and protection. It acknowledges Him as the source of strength when our own is depleted and as the shield and reward in our lives. The lyrics beautifully capture the reality of God's constant presence, lifting us up and remaining by our side through every season.

The bridge serves as a powerful culmination, expressing a heart of praise and joy. It declares the intent to praise God, acknowledging Him as the Most High and exclaiming the overflowing joy that rises from within. It becomes an invitation for listeners to join in this anthem of praise and adoration.

I encourage you to listen to Olly Kiff's 'Ever Praise You (Psalm 71).' Allow its inspiring lyrics and captivating melodies to resonate with your spirit. Let the song remind you of God's faithfulness, His role as your refuge and fortress, and the unwavering hope found in Him. Embrace the assurance that He is always with you, strengthening you in times of weakness and leading you through every trial. 'Ever Praise You (Psalm 71)' is a beautiful reminder that in all circumstances, praise and trust in God are our anchors, bringing us comfort, strength, and unwavering hope.


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