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Jhonny Vergel - New Earth (CEDM)

Get ready to experience the power of faith and electronic dance music with Jhonny Vergel's latest track, 'New Earth'. This high-energy Christian EDM masterpiece is sure to get you moving and leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. With its catchy melody, epic euphoric moments, and expert production, 'New Earth' is guaranteed to make a splash on the dance floor. So don't miss out on the opportunity to listen to Jhonny Vergel, a talented DJ/Producer from Colombia and Jesus follower. Be sure to check out the music video and let the uplifting message of 'New Earth' carry you to new heights. You can listen to the track on Spotify: Here is a link to the video on Youtube: Would you like to hear more CEDM music? Then check out our Christian playlists on:

Do you love Christian Music? We are looking for volunteers to help us find & screen Christian Music (various genres). is more than 'just' a faith-based playlist curator. Our aim is to make various genres of Christian Music easily accessible to all, because we believe that wholesome music gives support, comfort, encouragement and has the power to keep/turn the focus of hearts and minds towards the Lord. Our efforts start with an endless passion for people, for music, for charity, for love, and our God. We curate weekly changing playlists in almost every genre of Christian Music and we inform our followers about relevant new CCM / CEDM / CHH and Gospel releases! We are looking for volunteers to help us find and screen Christian Music relevant to the genres that we support. You can help us to verify music if you have an account on Spotify and have some time each week to review music. You can live anywhere in the world... we use the internet to stay in contact. About the task: We run an automated search for new music every day, and this search results in a number of

Major change to our New Christian Music playlist - Introducing separate New Music playlists for CCM, CHH, CEDM & Gospel

We are changing our New Christian Music playlist. Our original playlist setup has almost drowned in its own success, so we have decided to split the New Music playlist into a separate playlist per genre. This change makes it easier for our followers to see what is new in the Christian music genre that they love. As of today we have four New Christian Music playlists: - New Christian EDM (CEDM) - New Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) - New Christian Hip Hop (CHH) - New Gospel Music Our original New Christian Music playlist has been converted to the New Christian EDM (CEDM) playlist. These playlists are available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube, Napster, Qobuz. Please visit our website for a link to the playlist on your streaming platform ( ) It is now easier for you to follow the New Releases in the Christian music genres that you love.

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DJJIREH - Heavenly Trance 3

Heavenly Trance 3 is OUT NOW - Album Preview ( ) This album has no less than 12 great tracks! 1. DJJIREH - Knowing You (ft Elzaan Reynierse) 2. DJJIREH - Let Go! (Original mix) 3. DJJIREH - Pie Jesu (ft Elzaan Reynierse) 4. DJJIREH - Remote Island (Original mix) 5. DJJIREH - Kairos  (Original mix) 6. DJJIREH - Matter (Original mix) 7. DJJIREH - Never give up (Original mix) 8. DJJIREH - Valour - (Original Mix) 9. DJJIREH - So Loved Ft. Liezl - (Jhonny Vergel Remix) 10. Jhonny Vergel - Shalom (Original Mix) 11. DJJIREH - Amazing Grace (ft Elzaan Reynierse) 12. Monique & DJJIREH - Reach out ft Elzaan Reynierse (Original mix) You can hear these tracks on Youtube: On Spotify: You will also hear these tracks on our playlists: New Arrivals: Chris

New overview - Genres of Electronic Music v2.1

Most of the music that we air on our internet radio stream is what you call CEDM / EDM - (Christian) Electronic Dance Music.  Did you know that there are 28 genres of Electronic Music? Now if you think that 28 genres are a challenge to remember, then just realize that in these 28 genres there are 162 sub-genres! To increase the fun... 10 of these sub-genres have so-called sub-sub genres.   And one of the sub-sub-genres has an even finer division into 3 sub-sub-sub-genres. This is already confusing for Electronic music artists who sometimes need to ask around to find someone who can tell them in which sub-sub-genre their music belongs. Now just imagine how confusing this can be for listeners. We have a solution to this challenge! We have a free overview (PDF) of the Electronic Music genres for your personal use.  Now you can know that if electronic music is Progressive, then it is part of the House Music genre. If someone starts talking about Dubstep, you can be the smart

Mykynes - Any Given Day

Mykynes continues to reinspire Trance with epic productions and powerful singles. Mykynes arrives on Premier League Recordings with a winter warmer that’ll keep your temperature burning hot into the cold season. The air might be cold, but the production line at this exciting emerging label remains at full speed as we close out 2019 in style. Marco Svarda sets the standard for his Premier League Recordings imprint under the Mykynes pseudonym with the anticipated release of ‘Any Given Day’ – a glowing uptempo trancer that amalgamates glistening arpeggiators, gritty FM synths, shimmering leads and a rolling bassline that harks back to vintage euphoric electronic dance music whilst retaining a professional and modernistic production ethic. Lashings of heavily side-chained synth stacks thrust through the dynamic space of the kick and bass creating a cosmic journey that is both perfect for the dancefloor or equally suitable to get totally lost in headphones too. Mykynes laces his melod

This Light - Invasion (Trance Version)

‘Invasion’ is an uptempo trance piece that will make you rock to a fast beat and energetic feel. This Light is a Canadian musician based in Toronto. Active since 2009, the artist initially focused on psytrance, his work distinguished by an experimental fusion of heavy metal and electronic sounds. Over the years, however, This Light started to cover a broader range of styles, including downtempo, ambient, house and EDM. In 2019, London-based Miami Sundown Records, a label under Crossworlder Music Ltd, released the EP ‘The Abyss’ worldwide. The release is described by Miami Sundown as “a conceptual EP in the form of an electronica experimental six tracks package. Beatless sounds, majestic chords, and uplifting synths uncover the great talent and productive skills of 'This Light'.” In the same year, the Russian label Neostatic Sounds, a brand under Exia Recordings, released the EP N3 / Vault 501. Additionally, in 2019, This Light rereleased part of his catalog on the main

Christian Dance Radio can now be heard globally

We are happy to announce that Christian Dance Radio can now be heard globally. There are no geographical limitations imposed by our new Internet Radio provider (Shoutcast). Tune in to our internet radio stream for the newest releases in the CEDM, upbeat CCM and Trance genres of Christian Music. From time to time we will include songs from other Christian music genres on the Internet stream. For more information about our Internet Radio stream, visit:

Found - metro2020

Great driving bassline and with haunting melodies. Really nice, with great counter-melodies during the drop. Great emotion with the driving bass and melodies. Very solid trance. metro2020 embodies progressive tech trance. The high energy lead synth, euphoria-inducing pads, and a heavy driving bassline takes the listener on a journey. The deep robotic voice immerses the listener in the beginning launch stage of a voyage - one in which, once they embark on, they must never look back. After Jack King, the Apollo 11 launch commentator, announces, "We have lift off!", the listener is encapsulated by metro2020's climax and taken to a whole new dimension - a journey through space and time. Inspired by Mike Push, Stoneface & Terminal, Andrew Bayer, Rank 1, and David Gravell, while morphing space, technology, future, deep-sea, and mythology, Found develops unique, cutting edge, powerful, and moving progressive trance/tech trance. On Spotify:

Selrom - Kuroko

Selrom released "Kuroko" (Japanese for "beautiful place"). (Genre = #trance) Roman Seleznev (Selrom) is an electronic music producer from Russia. He began his career in 2013. This is the second of Selrom's releases that we are featuring on Christian Dance Radio. Listen to Kuroko on: Spotify: Apple Music: Youtube: Deezer: Soundcloud: Also on our CEDM weekly playlist:

Chapter 47 - Flux

Flux is a great track that can be seen as a mixture of progressive house and trance. It has nice chord progressions with a good build-up and drop. London-based Chapter 47 exemplifies what progressive house and trance enthusiasts devote themselves to on the regular. Having graced some of Europe and the UK’s most renowned clubs and events, sharing bills with Calvin Harris, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell and more, Pablo, the face behind the decks, has established a booming career in the electronic music industry. Eliciting the attention of admirers far and wide, this success ultimately led him to the Chapter 47 project. From Pacha and live-streamed radio sessions to over 20 major events at London’s infamous Ministry of Sound and the city’s long-standing EGG, the path has been paved firm with a sense of electric energy from the Malaga-born DJ and producer. Adorning high-end nights like Roger Sanchez’s Release Yourself, Toolroom Knights, and the 100% Pure Label Night, Pablo h

Selrom - Be

Selrom (Russia) releases an amazing trance track. Just like we are used to with many Russian artists, Selrom comes straight to the point. Here is the music, Love it or Leave it. No story to tell. Well, we indeed love the sounds of this track, so here it is... On Deezer: On Youtube: On Soundcloud: If and when the track os out on Spotify, we will surely be adding it to our playlists.

Want to join our Playlist team and help us curate the playlists on Spotify & Deezer?

Do you love to listen to music and share (new) Christian music that you have discovered/love? Why not join one (or more) of our Playlist Teams? On our Volunteers page ( ) you can see which teams we have. We are looking for people to support us with the following playlists CEDM team - CEDM Weekly (+ our Christian Trance database) CCM team - Christian Contemporary Music Weekly CHH team - Christian Hip Hop Weekly Christian Easy Listening and Conservative Christian Music Gospel Weekly team CCM - Dutch playlists All you need is an account on Spotify (we have a system running on the background that syncs with Deezer). Interested?  Tell us which playlists you would like to participate in. (Use our contact form or send a personal message via our facebook page.) We will reach out to you and explain the details (if possible we do this via Skype / Google Hangout). The WIIFM factor (What's in it for me) Know

Cryostasis - Enter the Stasis (Uplifting Club Rework)

Cryostasis lands a truly amazing club tune called "Enter the Stasis (Uplifting Club Rework)" for his debut on EDM Cell Records! Straight to the point, his uplifting trance remix packs all the loved trance elements together in one track. Stunning melodies, epic piano sounds, rolling basslines and energizing acid lines give you a higher feeling of trance. On Spotify: On Soundcloud: On Youtube: On Apple Music: And on our CEDM Weekly playlist:

DIP TEE - Still Dreaming

DipTee (the artist name of Tsholofelo Diphoko Mokheleli) has dropped a new Trance track called: "Still Dreaming". We have featured DipTee a couple of times during the past months. DipTee is a South African House, Deep House and EDM producer. Being only 20 years of age, he has already released 10 tracks deep house albums, a 5 Track EP, and multiple house and EDM singles. DipTee is currently focusing on being a full-time EDM / Trance music artist... which we find to be quite a challenging goal for someone currently studying at the University of Johannesburg. We trust that you will enjoy "Still Dreaming". The track can be heard on the following platforms... On Spotify: On Youtube: Also featured on our Christian Dance Weekly playlist: 

John Darque - Signs of Omission

Check out this massive Techno Banger! John Darque is a DJ and Producer living in Germany and the UK. With a background in Rock, Trip-Hop and many other genres, John Darque tries to infuse his many influences in his own productions. Creating driving and hypnotic music, with a dark and melodic demeanor. John is also part of the Electronica Duo Darque&Dearest and currently based in Berlin. Spotify: Om Apple Music: On Deezer: , On Youtube:

Tye & Geo / Barry Omar - The Story

Tye & Geo and Barry Omar drop an impressive track called "The Story". While we were evaluating the song, we actually all stopped what we were doing, cranked up the volume, sat back and just soaked up the vibes and lyrics. The Song originally was going to be released as a Worship anthem without any vocals, but then Barry Omar heard the song and the vocal brought the song full circle! The Song is about our journey as Christians and God's Goodness to carry us over to the "Promised Land". On Spotify: On Apple Music: On Soundcloud:

Gianluca Rey - The Nightwalk

Gianluca Rey grew up by the age of 3 in front of a spinning turntable. He finished college at the age of 19 and started to play professionally as a DJ & showman, traveling to connect with people and music. In 2014 Gianluca started to learn how to express his music, to give back all the feeling he received from the audience. His logo \°/ reflect his name and personality, and his passion to talk about the King in all of us. Gianluca has once again demonstrated with The Nightwalk that creativity in music is not strictly in the dance music, but that it is an emotion enhancer and a dream inspirer sound set. On Spotify:

StanV - Ancient World

Anyone who remembers the greatest era of trance music - the early 2000's - should check out this tune. Melodic but fierce, ideal for peak-time energy. This track is inspired by the sounds & atmosphere of early 2000's trance - think the likes of early Armin van Buuren or Ferry Corsten. However, it also has the sound of today's peak-time progressive trance in there as well. It's released on Above All Records, known for proper under-the-radar trance tunes. On Spotify: On Deezer: On Youtube: