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Mykynes - Any Given Day

Mykynes continues to reinspire Trance with epic productions and powerful singles.

Mykynes arrives on Premier League Recordings with a winter warmer that’ll keep your temperature burning hot into the cold season. The air might be cold, but the production line at this exciting emerging label remains at full speed as we close out 2019 in style.

Marco Svarda sets the standard for his Premier League Recordings imprint under the Mykynes pseudonym with the anticipated release of ‘Any Given Day’ – a glowing uptempo trancer that amalgamates glistening arpeggiators, gritty FM synths, shimmering leads and a rolling bassline that harks back to vintage euphoric electronic dance music whilst retaining a professional and modernistic production ethic. Lashings of heavily side-chained synth stacks thrust through the dynamic space of the kick and bass creating a cosmic journey that is both perfect for the dancefloor or equally suitable to get totally lost in headphones too. Mykynes laces his melodic content with emotion, progression and stylish musical theory with every element combining to create a purposeful and effective state of sonic rapture.

Lumin-8 takes the reigns on remix duty with a sultry stack of epic piano chords and phrases laced over celestial vocal pads and metallic leads which are backed by the driving drops that rally back into a 4/4 signature for the dancefloor moments. Lumin-8 preserves the feel of the original while adding his own energy, which made his name for himself on labels such as Grotesque, Silent Shore, Digital Society Recordings (DS-R), Mondo Records and Black Hole.

It’s a silky smooth package from Mykynes as he leads his label by example with this fresh but familiar release. Premier League Recordings once again reinforce their position as purveyors of classy and professional-grade euphoric dance music, a sound that they will be taking forward into the next decade. Trance done right in all its forms will never become old and with the likes of Mykynes and his imprint bubbling up through the underground scene, the future looks as bright as its famous past for one of dance music’s most adored sub-genres.

‘Any Given Day’ is out now on Premier League Recordings.

Listen Now:

Soundcloud: (Original) (Lumin-8 Remix)

Spotify: (Original) (Lumin-8 Remix)

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