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Emanuel Harrold - Shine Light (Gospel)

'Shine Light,' Emanuel Harrold's new single, is a powerful and moving prayer for guidance and clarity. Written at a time when the artist's view of happiness was no longer as clear as it once was. In the words of Emanuel: 'In that thought, I ask God to shine light on me. Not for fame or popularity, but in the notion of showing me the way with clarity I should go. The actual direction I should walk into, in a practical sense.' The song's lyrics perfectly capture this sentiment, as the singer asks for God's grace and love to guide him through difficult times and to see his way forward. The repeated refrain of 'Shine light on me' is a plea for direction and understanding. But 'Shine Light' is more than just a song for those in a dark place. It is a reminder to all of us that we all need a little help and support from time to time. The lyrics remind us to pause and appreciate the beauty around us, and connect with our inner selves in order to

Christy Nockels - Valor (CCM)

Are you tired of feeling weary and defeated in the face of life's challenges? Then let Christy Nockels' latest hit, 'Valor', fill you with energy! This song reminds us that we don't have to face these struggles alone and that God's strength is always available to us. Christy takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of life, acknowledging the pain and loss that can come with it. But instead of giving in to fear and hopelessness, 'Valor' encourages us to choose to believe in the promises of God. Christy's passion for the message in this song is evident as she shares, 'My hope is that this song takes people on a journey—and trust me, it’s a journey—and that they find themselves still standing in a perfect Strength, knowing full well that they don’t face this hour alone!' With lyrics that declare 'I'm standing in a battle, that's already won' and 'You'll always be my valor,' this song is the perfect anthem for

Jonas Lozano - Cross (CCM)

'Cross', is an uplifting song by Jonas Lozano, and a joyful expression of faith and love for Jesus. Jonas shared that he wanted to create something that was energetic, lively, and easy to remember, even for children. The lyrics of this song are simple yet profound. It expresses the gratitude and love that Jonas feels for Jesus and the sacrifice that He made for us all. It reminds us of the power of the cross and the love that we have been given through it. The song is meant to stick in your head, and be easy to sing along to. It's a song that will make you want to celebrate your faith. Part of the lyrics that stayed in my head after listening to the song is: 'You are my righteousness / My Holiness / Complete Forgiveness / Words cannot express / how much You mean to me / and all You did for me' We encourage you to listen to 'Cross' and share it with others. Jonas's message of faith and love is one that needs to be heard and shared. So, don't wait any

Matthew West - You Changed My Name (CCM)

Matthew West's latest hit, 'You Changed My Name,' is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of grace. Through the lyrics, West reminds us of the incredible change that takes place in our lives when we accept Jesus as our Savior. Matthew's message is simple, yet profound, as we are reminded that our past doesn't define us and that we are no longer defined by our sin and shame. Instead, we are defined by the love and grace of God, which changes our name and our identity. We're not lost, but found. We're not slaves, but children of God. 'You Changed My Name' is a song that will make you want to sing along and declare your freedom in Jesus. West hopes you’ll keep on singing the following line long after you hear it: “I don’t have to answer to any name but CHOSEN CHILD OF GOD!” If you haven't heard this song yet, be sure to give it a listen and let the message of grace change your name and life forever. Lyrics: Read “You Changed My Name” b

Johan Skoog - Given By God - A donation to Ukraine (CCM)

Introducing 'Given By God - A donation to Ukraine', a powerful and emotive song by Johan Skoog. This song is not just any ordinary song, it is also a gift to the people of Ukraine, a country that has been through so much hardship and turmoil. Johan shares that the royalties from this song will be used to help the people of Ukraine, providing them with humanitarian aid and helping to rebuild their country. Johan Skoog was inspired to write this song after seeing the plight of refugees who came to Sweden by boat. He wanted to do something extra to help, and he decided to donate the royalties to support Ukraine. The song is also a message of love and hope to the world. It reminds us that love is not something we should take for granted, it is something that should be cherished and treasured. Part of the lyrics that stayed in my head after listening to the song is: 'Love can be the wildest thing / It finds your deepest sin / But don’t you take for granted, no / Did you know it