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The Top 100 Gospel for Saturday, November 27th, 2021

The Top 100 Gospel

We have 1 new track in this week's chart. The highest new entry this week is 'He Reigns / Awesome God' by Kirk Franklin at position number 99. 

The highest climber in the chart this week is 'Just Like God' by Evvie McKinney, moving up 16 positions to number 53. 

Rank - Artist - Title (Change)
#1 - 'When You Believe - from The Prince of Egypt' by Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey (+0)
#2 - 'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen (+0)
#3 - 'Refiner' by Maverick City Music, Chandler Moore, Steffany Gretzinger (+0)
#4 - 'God Is' by Kanye West (+0)
#5 - 'I Smile' by Kirk Franklin (+3)
#6 - 'Shackles (Praise You)' by Mary Mary (+0)
#7 - 'Joy of the Lord (feat. Dante Bowe, Naomi Raine, Katie Torwalt & Mav City Gospel Choir)' by Maverick City Music, Katie Torwalt, Naomi Raine, Mav City Gospel Choir, Dante Bowe (-2)
#8 - 'Every Hour' by Kanye West, Sunday Service Choir (-1)
#9 - 'Looking for You' by Kirk Franklin (+0)
#10 - 'Break Every Chain - Live' by Tasha Cobbs Leonard (+0)
#11 - 'You Know My Name' by Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Jimi Cravity (+0)
#12 - 'I'll Find You (feat. Tori Kelly)' by Lecrae, Tori Kelly (+0)
#13 - 'Never Would Have Made It' by Marvin Sapp (+0)
#14 - 'Love Theory' by Kirk Franklin (+0)
#15 - 'God Will Work It Out (feat. Naomi Raine, Israel Houghton & Mav City Gospel Choir)' by Maverick City Music, Naomi Raine, Israel Houghton, Mav City Gospel Choir (+1)
#16 - 'Wonder (feat. Le'Andria Johnson)' by Travis Greene, Le'Andria Johnson (+1)
#17 - 'Love Theory' by Kirk Franklin (+1)
#18 - 'Every Praise - (album edit)' by Hezekiah Walker (+1)
#19 - 'Won't He Do It' by Koryn Hawthorne (+1)
#20 - 'Your Spirit' by Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Kierra Sheard (+1)
#21 - 'I'm Getting Ready' by Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Nicki Minaj (+1)
#22 - 'Take Me to the King (feat. Kirk Franklin)' by Tamela Mann, Kirk Franklin (+1)
#23 - 'Step by Step' by Whitney Houston (+1)
#24 - 'Waymaker' by Michael W. Smith, Vanessa Campagna, Madelyn Berry (+1)
#25 - 'joyful' by Dante Bowe (+1)
#26 - 'Keep Praying (feat. DOE, Ryan Ofei & Mav City Gospel Choir)' by Maverick City Music, DOE, Ryan Ofei, Mav City Gospel Choir (+1)
#27 - 'Made A Way' by Travis Greene (+2)
#28 - 'For Your Glory - Live' by Tasha Cobbs Leonard (+2)
#29 - 'No Weapon' by Fred Hammond, Radical For Christ (+2)
#30 - 'Imagine Me' by Kirk Franklin (+2)
#31 - 'Bridge over Troubled Water' by Aretha Franklin (+8)
#32 - 'Gracefully Broken' by Tasha Cobbs Leonard (+1)
#33 - 'Revolution' by Kirk Franklin, The Family (+1)
#34 - 'Most Beautiful / So in Love' by Maverick City Music, Chandler Moore (-19)
#35 - 'Wade In The Water - Live' by The Spirituals (+1)
#36 - 'My Portion' by Jekalyn Carr (+1)
#37 - 'Never Let Me Down' by James Fortune (-9)
#38 - 'Way Maker' by Sinach (+0)
#39 - 'Psalm 23 (I Am Not Alone)' by People & Songs, Joshua Sherman (+1)
#40 - 'Something About the Name Jesus' by Kirk Franklin (+1)
#41 - 'I Need You Now' by Smokie Norful (+1)
#42 - 'You Get The Glory' by Jonathan Traylor (-7)
#43 - 'Believe For It - Live' by CeCe Winans (+0)
#44 - 'Breathe (feat. Chandler Moore, Jonathan Mcreynolds, Doe & Mav City Gospel Choir)' by Maverick City Music, Chandler Moore, Jonathan McReynolds, DOE, Mav City Gospel Choir (+0)
#45 - 'Never Alone' by Tori Kelly, Kirk Franklin (+0)
#46 - 'Fill Me Up - Live' by Tasha Cobbs Leonard (+0)
#47 - 'We're Blessed' by Fred Hammond (+0)
#48 - 'Redeemer' by Nicole C. Mullen (+0)
#49 - 'You Raise Me Up' by Secret Garden, Brian Kennedy (+0)
#50 - 'Father Stretch' by Sunday Service Choir (+0)
#51 - 'Nobody Greater' by VaShawn Mitchell (+0)
#52 - 'Brighter Day' by Kirk Franklin (+0)
#53 - 'Just Like God' by Evvie McKinney (+16)
#54 - 'joyful' by Dante Bowe (-1)
#55 - 'Mighty One (feat. Todd Dulaney, Maryanne J. George & Mav City Gospel Choir)' by Maverick City Music, Todd Dulaney, Maryanne J. George, Mav City Gospel Choir (-1)
#56 - 'This Is A Move - Live' by Tasha Cobbs Leonard (-1)
#57 - 'Change Me' by Tamela Mann (-1)
#58 - 'Intentional' by Travis Greene (-1)
#59 - 'In Jesus Name' by Israel & New Breed (-1)
#60 - 'Praise Him In Advance' by Marvin Sapp (-1)
#61 - 'A Change Is Gonna Come' by Sam Cooke (-1)
#62 - 'Open My Heart' by Yolanda Adams (-1)
#63 - 'What Can I Do - Live' by Tye Tribbett (+15)
#64 - 'God in Me (feat. Kierra Sheard)' by Mary Mary, Kierra Sheard (-2)
#65 - 'Because Of Who You Are' by Vicki Yohe (-2)
#66 - 'Can't Give Up Now' by Mary Mary (-2)
#67 - 'Count On Me - from "Waiting to Exhale" - Original Soundtrack' by Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans (+15)
#68 - 'A God Like You' by Kirk Franklin (-3)
#69 - 'He Wants It All' by Forever Jones (-3)
#70 - 'We Gon' Be Alright' by Tye Tribbett (-3)
#71 - 'Thank You For It All' by Marvin Sapp (-3)
#72 - 'Goodness of God' by Israel & New Breed, Cristabel Clack (-2)
#73 - 'Make It Right (feat. Dante Bowe, Todd Dulaney, Jekalyn Carr & Mav City Gospel Choir)' by Maverick City Music, Dante Bowe, Todd Dulaney, Jekalyn Carr, Mav City Gospel Choir (-2)
#74 - 'Son of Suffering (feat. Jekalyn Carr, Chandler Moore & Mav City Gospel Choir)' by Maverick City Music, Jekalyn Carr, Mav City Gospel Choir, Chandler Moore (-2)
#75 - 'Deliver Me (This Is My Exodus) (feat. Le'Andria Johnson)' by Donald Lawrence, The Tri-City Singers, Le'Andria Johnson (-2)
#76 - 'Wanna Be Happy?' by Kirk Franklin (-2)
#77 - 'Worth - Full Version' by Anthony Brown & group therAPy (-2)
#78 - 'It's Working' by William Murphy (-2)
#79 - 'Grateful' by Hezekiah Walker, Love Fellowship Choir (-2)
#80 - 'Let The Church Say Amen - Radio Edit' by Andrae Crouch, Marvin Winans (-1)
#81 - 'Stomp (Remix)' by Kirk Franklin (-1)
#82 - 'Just Want to Praise You' by Maurette Brown Clark (-1)
#83 - 'Strong God' by Kirk Franklin (+0)
#84 - 'Anything For You' by Ledisi (+0)
#85 - 'Something Has To Break (feat. Tasha Cobbs Leonard) - Live' by Kierra Sheard, Tasha Cobbs Leonard (+0)
#86 - 'Anything For You - The Duet' by Ledisi, PJ Morton (+0)
#87 - 'How Great (Single Mix)' by Koryn Hawthorne, Matt Maher (+0)
#88 - 'Sufficient for Today (feat. Maryanne J. George & Mav City Gospel Choir)' by Maverick City Music, Maryanne J. George, Mav City Gospel Choir (+0)
#89 - 'Listen' by Marvin Sapp (+1)
#90 - 'Everlasting God (feat. Bishop James Morton)' by William Murphy, Bishop James Morton (+1)
#91 - 'Speak The Name' by Koryn Hawthorne (+1)
#92 - 'Unstoppable' by Koryn Hawthorne (+1)
#93 - 'God Favored Me (Extended Version) (feat. Marvin Sapp & DJ Rogers)' by Hezekiah Walker, Love Fellowship Choir, Marvin Sapp, D.J. Rogers (+1)
#94 - 'I'm Gonna Be Ready' by Yolanda Adams (+1)
#95 - 'Go Get It' by Mary Mary (+1)
#96 - 'Better Days' by Le'Andria Johnson (+1)
#97 - 'If He Did It Before....Same God - Live' by Tye Tribbett (+1)
#98 - 'Love Him Like I Do' by Deitrick Haddon, Ruben Studdard, Mary Mary (+1)
#99 - 'He Reigns / Awesome God' by Kirk Franklin (NEW)
#100 - 'Lean On Me' by Kirk Franklin, The Family (+0)

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