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The Top 100 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) for Saturday, April 22nd, 2023

The Top 100 Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
We have 4 new tracks in this week's chart. The highest new entry this week is 'Way Maker' by Mandisa at position number 84.

The highest climber in the chart this week is 'Above All / You Are My All in All' by Mass Anthem, moving up 35 positions to number 23.

The Top 100 Music Chart is available as a playlist on:

This week's chart...

Rank - Title - Artist (Change)
#1 'Gratitude' by Brandon Lake (+1)
#2 'Thank God I Do' by Lauren Daigle (-1)
#3 'Way Maker - Live' by Leeland (+0)
#4 'Goodness of God - Live' by Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson (+0)
#5 'My God Is Still The Same' by Sanctus Real (+0)
#6 'Firm Foundation (He Won't)' by Maverick City Music, Cody Carnes, Chandler Moore (+0)
#7 'Church (Take Me Back)' by Cochren & Co. (+1)
#8 'Depression' by Dax (-1)
#9 'One Day' by Cochren & Co. (+2)
#10 'Hold On To Me' by Lauren Daigle (+2)
#11 'LION (feat. Chris Brown & Brandon Lake)' by Elevation Worship, Chris Brown, Brandon Lake (+2)
#12 'Make Room' by The Church Will Sing, Elyssa Smith, Community Music (-3)
#13 'The Blessing (Live)' by Elevation Worship, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes (-3)
#14 'Goodness of God (Radio Version)' by Jenn Johnson (+0)
#15 'There Was Jesus' by Zach Williams, Dolly Parton (+2)
#16 'Gratitude (feat. Cheyenne Mitchell)' by I AM THEY, Cheyenne Mitchell (-1)
#17 'More Than Able (feat. Chandler Moore & Tiffany Hudson)' by Elevation Worship, Chandler Moore, Tiffany Hudson (+4)
#18 'Graves Into Gardens (Live)' by Elevation Worship, Brandon Lake (+4)
#19 'Run To The Father' by Cody Carnes (-3)
#20 'Prayed For You' by Matt Stell (+5)
#21 'Raise a Hallelujah (Studio Version)' by Bethel Music, Jonathan David Helser, Melissa Helser (-3)
#22 'Raise a Hallelujah - Live' by Bethel Music, Jonathan David Helser, Melissa Helser (-3)
#23 'Above All / You Are My All in All' by Mass Anthem (+35)
#24 'Million Little Miracles (feat. Joe L Barnes)' by Elevation Worship, Maverick City Music, Joe L Barnes (+3)
#25 'I Speak Jesus' by Charity Gayle, Steven Musso (-5)
#26 'Honey In The Rock - Live' by Brooke Ligertwood, Brandon Lake (+2)
#27 'I Believe It (The Life of Jesus)' by Jon Reddick (+13)
#28 'Goodness of God' by Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson (-5)
#29 'The Blessing - Live' by Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Elevation Worship (+1)
#30 'The Father's House - Studio' by Cory Asbury (-6)
#31 'King Of Kings' by Hillsong Worship, Brooke Ligertwood (-5)
#32 'Waymaker - Radio Version' by Michael W. Smith, Vanessa Campagna (+1)
#33 'Rescue Story' by Zach Williams (+1)
#34 'I'm So Blessed' by CAIN (+1)
#35 'I Worship You Almighty God' by Charity Gayle (+2)
#36 'New Creation' by Mac Powell (+2)
#37 'Build a Boat' by Colton Dixon (-8)
#38 'Graves Into Gardens (Studio)' by Elevation Worship (+4)
#39 'RATTLE! (Live)' by Elevation Worship (+5)
#40 'Nothing Else' by Cody Carnes (-9)
#41 'Famous For (I Believe)' by Tauren Wells, Jenn Johnson (-9)
#42 'This Is a Move' by Brandon Lake (+4)
#43 'Jireh (feat. Chandler Moore & Naomi Raine)' by Elevation Worship, Maverick City Music, Chandler Moore, Naomi Raine (+4)
#44 'Hymn Of Heaven' by Phil Wickham (-8)
#45 'Perfectly Loved' by Rachael Lampa, TobyMac (-6)
#46 'Authority (In The Name Of Jesus)' by Stars Go Dim (+6)
#47 'Waiting' by Lauren Daigle (+8)
#48 'Faithful God' by I AM THEY (-7)
#49 'The Father's House' by Cory Asbury (+7)
#50 'The Blessing' by Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes (-7)
#51 'Keep Me In The Moment - Radio Version' by Jeremy Camp (-6)
#52 'Less Like Me' by Zach Williams (+9)
#53 'Champion - Live' by Bethel Music, Dante Bowe (+6)
#54 'My Jesus' by Anne Wilson (-6)
#55 'God Really Loves Us' by Crowder, Dante Bowe, Maverick City Music (-6)
#56 'Battle Belongs' by Phil Wickham (-6)
#57 'Back To Life - Live' by Bethel Music, Zahriya Zachary (+9)
#58 'All Hail King Jesus - Live' by Bethel Music, Bethany Wohrle (-7)
#59 'Worthy of My Song (Worthy of It All)' by Phil Wickham, Chandler Moore, Maverick City Music, Mav City Gospel Choir (+10)
#60 'Joy In The Morning' by Tauren Wells (-7)
#61 'Over & Over' by ELEVATION RHYTHM (+7)
#62 'Build a Boat (feat. Gabby Barrett)' by Colton Dixon, Gabby Barrett (-8)
#63 'Sparrows' by Cory Asbury (-6)
#64 'TOGETHER' by for KING & COUNTRY, Kirk Franklin, Tori Kelly (-1)
#65 'You Already Know' by JJ Heller (-5)
#66 'Be A Light' by Thomas Rhett, Reba McEntire, Hillary Scott, Chris Tomlin, Keith Urban (+7)
#67 'Truth Be Told' by Matthew West (+8)
#68 'The God Who Stays' by Matthew West (-4)
#69 'Out Of My Hands' by Jeremy Camp (+8)
#70 'Dead Man Walking' by Jeremy Camp (+6)
#71 'I Will Fear No More' by The Afters (-9)
#72 'Goodness Of God - Live' by CeCe Winans (+6)
#73 'Old Church Basement (feat. Dante Bowe)' by Elevation Worship, Maverick City Music, Dante Bowe (-8)
#74 'Yes He Can' by CAIN (+5)
#75 'Sweet Ever After (feat. Bear Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE)' by Ellie Holcomb, Bear Rinehart, NEEDTOBREATHE (-8)
#76 'Firm Foundation (He Won't)' by Cody Carnes (+5)
#77 'Monday Morning Faith' by SEU Worship, Chelsea Plank (-7)
#78 'Take Your Time' by Joseph O'Brien (+7)
#79 'Precious Blood' by Bethel Music, Hannah McClure, Amanda Cook (-8)
#80 'There Was Jesus' by CAIN (+15)
#81 'Battle Belongs' by Phil Wickham (+7)
#82 'God of Revival - Live' by Bethel Music, Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson (-10)
#83 'Faithful Now' by Vertical Worship (-9)
#84 'Way Maker' by Mandisa (NEW)
#85 'Heaven Help Me' by Zach Williams (+8)
#86 'The Commission' by CAIN (+10)
#87 'Fighting For Me' by Riley Clemmons (-7)
#88 'In The House' by Crowder (+9)
#89 'In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)' by Katy Nichole (-7)
#90 'Believe' by Blessing Offor (-7)
#91 'Brighter Days' by Blessing Offor (-7)
#92 'Take You At Your Word (with Benjamin William Hastings) - Live' by Cody Carnes, Benjamin William Hastings (+8)
#93 'You Will Be Found' by Natalie Grant, Cory Asbury (-7)
#94 'Desert Road' by Casting Crowns, CAIN (-7)
#95 'Graves Into Gardens' by Brandon Lake (NEW)
#96 'Hallelujah Even Here' by Lydia Laird (-7)
#97 'Thank You Lord (feat. Thomas Rhett & Florida Georgia Line)' by Chris Tomlin, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line (-7)
#98 'Egypt - Live' by Bethel Music, Cory Asbury (-7)
#99 'My Testimony (Live)' by Elevation Worship (NEW)
#100 'No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus' by Steffany Gretzinger (NEW)

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