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'Holiday Season' by Marcus & Jalyn McGill - Heaven and Earth Join in Song

As the year comes to a close, Marcus and Jalyn McGill's profound song 'Holiday Season' sheds light on the true heart of the holiday season. This spirited duo, known for their passion for involving the church in a deeper relationship with Christ, creates music that instills a divine passion in the soul of the listener. This song, which Jalyn started working on when she was 16, was inspired by her desire to focus her thoughts on Jesus during the Christmas season. 'Holiday Season' has a personal message. It is a prayerful, heartfelt song that gently reminds you of the true reason for the season — Jesus. 'Every house is filled with light... But what is Christmas without Christ... Did we even take the time to focus on your birth? ' The song's thought-provoking lyrics capture the listener's attention, nudging us to really include Christ in our Christmas celebrations. Marcus and Jalyn take us back to the heart of worship, away from the commercialism, to the

'Silent Night' by Erica Violet - A Reverent Nostalgic Blend

With Christmas approaching, it's time to revive the tunes that tune our hearts to the reason for the season, unfolding tales of God's magnificent love and his incredible gift to mankind. Erica Violet's rendition of the much-loved 'Silent Night' is one such song to treasure this season, a melodious blend of traditional charm and contemporary freshness. Remember the hushed reverence of silent nights at church, when the soft glow of candles brought the beloved hymn to life? Erica does. She magically combines her childhood memories of candlelit Christmas Eve services with a modern sound, creating an experience that is as captivating as it is soothing. Silent Night's familiar lines, peppered with the rhythmic charm of a 6/8 beat, convey the tranquil peace and divine light of that first Christmas night. The true gem, however, is the newly crafted bridge: a melody leading into intimate worship, a humble adoration of the child who would become our Wonderful Counselor, M

'Story Of Christmas' by Sovereign Worship - The Christmas Feel Perfected

A melody that takes you to a time of Christmas magic and profound spiritual significance comes from the heart of Russian-born musician Yuriy Andreyev, the founder of Seattle-based Sovereign Worship. The contemporary Christian music (CCM) composition 'Story Of Christmas' takes you on a journey beyond the traditional celebration and right into the heart of the divine. The song, which was inspired by a spontaneous outpouring of creativity, has an unmistakable Christmas charm. This composition paints the Christmas story as a tale of redemption, guided by an ever-flowing melody and energized by a chord progression that happened to Yuriy on a regular day of music brainstorming. A story about God's immense love for His creation, not just the birth of Christ. 'Story Of Christmas' resonates with the imprint of divine orchestration, with lyrics that echo the power and love of God's Son. Each rhythm, each string, crafted to perfection by the skilled musician Matt Riley, re

New Christian Music Releases For Friday, December 1st, 2023 (Possibly the last New Music Overview that we can publish in this form)

Here are the new Christian Music releases that we have gathered for you over the past week. This overview contains releases in the genres: Christian Contemporary Music (CCM), Christian EDM (CEDM), and Gospel.  At the end of this post, you can find links to our playlists with recent releases. Upcoming Thursday we will share an overview of the most popular songs that were released today (based on the number of streams). We're not sure how long we'll be able to keep publishing this overview... Spotify recently laid off a large number of their employees, including a data scientist who was publishing the extracts that we use as a source for our reviews every Friday. It is unclear whether or not this service will continue.    View New Release Archive   (The song titles on our webpage are clickable and open the album / song on Spotify.)   The Servant by Bria Jean (CCM) Story of Christmas by Sovereign Worship (CCM) A Christmas Hallelujah by Joshua Springs Worship, Dylan Bennett

'The Servant' by Bria Jean - Following the Humble Footsteps of Jesus

The Servant, a stunning song sung by the talented Bria Jean, is nestled in the heart of this week's new Christian music releases. This song captures the depth of Christ's sacrifice and humility - His journey from the glory of heaven to our world as a humble servant to redeem us. Bria Jean's sincerity and passion reverberate in each lyric, transporting us to sacred realms of worship. 'The Servant' is more than just a melody; it is Bria's heartfelt prayer, in which she hopes to evoke moments of divine connection in all who listen. The song is based on Biblical teaching, specifically Philippians 2, which explains Jesus' humility and servitude. Every word, every note is an invitation to comprehend the vastness of Christ's love, to be humbled by His sacrifice, and to respond with unrivaled devotion. The song guides us through the divine story, from the humble manger's cry to the triumphant resurrection. As each verse unfolds, the inevitable response is su

'Light of the World' by Reality Project - Heartfelt Homage to the Savior.

Christmas, a season filled with warmth, love and faith, calls for songs that encapsulate its joyous spirit. A song that earnestly does this is Reality Project's latest Christmas single, 'Light of the World.' This soothing melody, adorned with the velvety vocals of Kota G, is beautifully crafted with elements of piano, cello, synths, and bass, skillfully weaving together a symphony that is both nostalgic and heart-rendingly poignant. 'Light of The World' invites you to step out of the cold and into the divine warmth of Christ’s love. It urges us to channel that magical energy of Christmas to view the world through the eyes of a child. In its simplicity, this song reminds us of the beauty of showing kindness, extending trust, and shining a healing light into the darkness. Its uplifting chorus encourages us to join the angelic choir to celebrate the Light of the World, Jesus Christ, whose birth ignites the Christmas spirit in each of us. This melodic hymn not only stir

'Go Tell It On the Mountain' by Dave Pettigrew - Immersed in the Divine History of Christmas

'Go Tell It on the Mountain' is a timeless song that has been passed down through generations. It is a gentle invitation to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the world's Salvation, and has been covered by countless artists. Dave Pettigrew, a well-known worship leader and recording artist, gives a fresh take on this timeless hymn, wrapping it in the mellow tones of guitar and piano and harmonizing vocals that stir the soul. Allow the soft strains of Pettigrew's version to sweep you away to the silent night when heaven came down to earth, when humble shepherds were struck with holy awe, and angelic voices proclaimed the birth of our Savior. This song is a divine invitation, not just a melody. As Christians, we are called not only to be recipients of God's grace, but also to be carriers of His love. We are encouraged to 'go tell it on the mountain,' to spread the Good News everywhere, to spread the hope that shines brighter than any Christmas light, the hope

Red Letter Society’s ‘How Beautiful - Orchestral Version': A Symphony of Faith and Rejoicing

Within every gentle swell and soaring crescendo of Red Letter Society's 'How Beautiful,' we encounter the familiar touch of divine grace, woven into a symphony that both soothes and energizes our faith-seeking hearts. This song envelops us with the meaning of Christ's birth while also delivering the raw power of contemporary Christian music, bursting with spiritual imagery that connects us to the heavenly majesty interwoven within our daily struggles. As I listen to the lyrics 'The Lion and the Lamb held in a mother's hands,' I am reminded of Jesus' paradoxes and mysteries. Our Savior's strength and humility, power and restraint coexist in perfect balance throughout the song, echoing throughout the vast expanses of our hearts. A reminder of a fallen world bathed in divine light, the redeemed hope in lyrics like 'for the hope that was lost is being found, is being bought,' stirs a a renewed faith within us in His life-changing power. The son

Metro Life Worship’s 'Christmas at Church': A Harmonious Canvas of Community and Faith

The song 'Christmas at Church' by Metro Life Worship is nestled against the steady pulse of a heart anticipating Christ's birth. Steeped in the essence of Luke 14:23, this song serves as an earnest invitation to all, far and wide, to the Church's protective embrace. Christmas, a time of happiness, is enhanced by an undercurrent of communal spirituality brought to life by this inspiring song. Imagine yourself joining the chorus of joyful voices, soaking in the stories, and joining in the hymns that celebrate the birth of Christ as you enter the festive rhythm. There is no need for rehearsing; all that is required is a willing heart. 'Christmas at Church' depicts vibrant images of churches festively wrapped in holiday cheer, inviting families to gather and share the joyous sound of carols while basking in the warm light of Christmas candles. This song is more than just music; it is a gathering place for tradition and fellowship, for sacred celebrations filled with

'Hear! O Peoples (Acoustic)' by Kingsway Worship: Listening to the Timeless Melody of Redemption

Kingsway Worship's 'Hear! O Peoples' is a deeply moving melody that invites listeners to experience the divine truth shared through generations. This song, created by Harley Rowell and Sharon Byrd's intuitive harmonies, is a clarion call, echoing the resilient faith that stretches 'all through the ages.' The lyrics of the song unfold like a river, narrating God's steadfast love, unwavering in His words and promises. This constant assurance is heard in the prophets' passionate song, which foretells God's redeeming grace. The image of a child, hailed as our Messiah, the Promised One, characterizes the climax of this beautiful story. This humble depiction of salvation is a testament to His love, which left His throne and descended to our world, bringing hope, Emmanuel - God with us. Join in this song as it joyfully proclaims our deliverance from the curse of sin and sorrow. Its melodic crescendo calls all peoples of the earth to join heaven and sing joy

'O Come O Come Emmanuel (How Long)' by Perry LaHaie: Rediscovering Our Yearning for Christ's Return

Perry LaHaie's rendition of the ancient carol 'O Come O Come Emmanuel' is a touching reminder of our collective longing for the Messiah, not only for His first coming but also His second. LaHaie's rendition of this powerful song invites us to reflect on our desire for Jesus' second coming. A lament emerges from a sea of swirling melodies and poignant lyrics, echoing the cries of the prophets of old: 'How long, O Lord, till you bring justice to the earth, till you make all things right, till all the sad things come untrue?' It speaks to those of us who are overwhelmed by the world's suffering, transgressions, and injustices. We find comfort in a Father who hears, cares, and promises to heal all things when we surrender our feelings through lament. The promise of His glorious return is at the heart of Perry's new vision of Emmanuel (meaning 'God with us'). This song reminds us that we are all bound together under the reign of the King of Peace

'About a Baby' by Landon Stewart: Rediscovering the Heart of Christmas

When the season scatters snowflakes like confetti and heartwarming carols wrap homes in whimsical winter wonder, it's tempting to lose ourselves in the shimmering spectacle of Christmas. However, Landon Stewart wonderfully refocuses our gaze onto the true heart of Christmas in his song, 'About a Baby'. This song gently reminds us that the essence of Christmas goes far beyond the twinkling lights, fanciful festivities, and neatly wrapped gifts tucked under the tree. It leaps past the earthly and touches the hem of the divine. This beautiful ballad centers on the humble birth of Jesus, the baby born in a manger, destined to be our Savior, our King. In joyous refrains and sincere prayers, 'About a Baby' goes beyond the tangible touch of Christmas to reach for the love that lies at its core. It speaks of the miracle that has stood the test of time, extending an invitation to partake in the jubilation of Christ's coming. As the Bethlehem star blazes brightly in the n

'Take Me Back to Christmas' by Hannah Stott: A Beautiful Reminder of Christ-centered Celebrations

Take Me Back to Christmas' by Hannah Stott speaks strongly to my inner being. I feel whisked back to the true meaning of Christmas, to a time when tinsel, trees, and material gifts were mere background noise to the glorious event of Christ's birth. Her captivating song melodically unfolds the divine story, taking me back to that holy silent night when God's only son gracefully departed from His throne on high. She recalls 'when joy was a name, when hope was a KING,'  reminding us to rekindle that Christ-centered essence in our Christmases today. 'Take me back to...Emmanuel, God with us,'  she sings. I can feel a divine warmth wrapping around me, and am reminded of God's eternal promise of His presence in our lives, not just around Christmas. This song is more than just a pleasant song to my ears; it is also a beautiful testament to the true meaning of Christmas. It is a call to celebrate not only Christ's birth, but also the spiritual gifts of joy,

'Gloria (A Child Is Born Tonight)' by Maria Segerholm: A Christmas Carol Resounding Divine Gratitude

The vibrant notes of Maria Segerholm's timeless song 'Gloria (A Child Is Born Tonight)' hold something like celestial magic. Segerholm weaves a Christmas narrative that resonates with both modern simplicity and rich spiritual tradition, helping listeners navigate their heavenly journey. Originally crafted in Swedish (Ett Barn Är Fött Idag) and cherished over eight meaningful years. The lyrical journey of the song begins with a humble 'Yes' from Mary, a courageous acceptance powered by faith in God's divine plan, progressing to the pivotal nativity scene within an unassuming stable, a testament to our Saviour, Jesus Christ's humble beginnings. The chorus - 'Gloria, gloria, a star is shining bright. Gloria, gloria, a child is born tonight.' The sound of heavenly proclamations heralding the arrival of God's greatest gift to humanity—Jesus Christ, the Saviour who brings us life. Segerholm's song, when combined with the innocence and purity of a c

'Prepare Him Room' by Colonial Heights Worship: Rekindling the Spirit of the Manger's Joy

A melody emerges from the richness of the Christmas season, gently whispering ancient truths anew. 'Prepare Him Room,' a song by Colonial Heights Worship encapsulates the warmth of Christ's love, which was born in a humble manger and has echoed across millennia. The song, which warmly cradles the spirit of holiday favorites like 'Joy to the World,' is a poignant invitation for every heart and soul to accommodate Christ, to make room for Him. The song breathes a blessed hope into all aspects of the Christmas story, from the beautiful night in Bethlehem when heaven graced earth to the heavenly chorus that adorned the skies. Every note and lyric illuminates the central truth of Christmas: the birth of our Savior, the Infinite incarnate, walking alongside us in humility and grace. The song calls us to look at the King of Kings in the cradle, a powerful symbol of eternal hope born on a joyful Christmas day. Above all, it inspires us to open our hearts and let them ring w

'All Year - Remix' by Billy Ballenger: Discovering a Love Beyond Seasons

As Christmas approaches, many artists are releasing music that captures the season's joy and hope. Billy Ballenger's 'All Year - Remix' is one such melody that rises above the festive clamor. This song, drenched in holiday spirit and brimming with heartfelt devotion, invites listeners on a spiritual journey beyond holiday cheer, unlocking a heartfelt truth. 'All Year' is an anthem of enduring faith. It's a melodic tapestry intricately woven with caroling bells and divine harmonies, resonating with the healing message of peace we're all looking for. The lyrics awaken a realization: when kindness reaches out to a stranger, it's echoing the love that began in a manger. Ballenger's soulful exploration into the spirit of the season gently spills the truth into our hearts: Christmas is a testament to the hope we find in Jesus, alive not only in the falling snow or the laughter of celebration, but in every breath we take. Beyond the gifts, carols, and t

Wishing You Precious Christmas Miracles - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our readers!  May the joy and hope of the Christmas season fill your hearts and remind you of the love and grace of Jesus. May you find peace and renewal as you celebrate the birth of our Savior. May your Christmas be filled with love, laughter, and all of your favorite Christian hits. May you be blessed in the coming year with health, happiness, and all of your heart's desires. May the light of Christ shine bright in your life and bring you closer to Him. Merry Christmas and God bless!  - The ChristianDance Team

Nathan and Sharon - All Hail Immanuel (Christmas)

Nathan and Sharon have a new Christmas song for you. All Hail Immanuel is a joyful and celebratory Christmas song that announces the birth of Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah. The song tells the story of Jesus' birth in a stable in Bethlehem, and how this event was announced by the angels as a message of great joy and hope for the world. It repeats the phrase 'Hail Immanuel,' which means 'Hail God with us,' and celebrates the fact that God has become man and is present with us. The song also includes two bridges that reflect on the significance of Jesus' birth and the role He will play in the world. The first bridge invites all people to hear, see, and know about the birth of Jesus and the deliverance He brings. The second bridge introduces the concept of the Trinity, referring to Jesus as the Son, The Father as 'Everlasting Father,' and The Holy Spirit as 'Wonderful Counsellor' and 'Spirit of our God.' Overall, All Hail Immanuel is a powe

Alan Cox - Memories of Christmas (Christmas)

Alan Cox is back with a new song! This time, he's bringing us Memories of Christmas. The song is an original Christmas single intended to evoke nostalgia and take listeners back to happier times spent with family when they were younger. Alan wrote this song in memory of his grandmother, who passed away several years ago. While the title refers to Christmas, the song does not have to be limited to this time of year. Alan is overjoyed to finally share this song with the world, and the response has been overwhelming! My favorite part of the lyrics is probably two lines in the chorus, because it also brings back precious memories of loved ones that have gone ahead of me: 'But of all the things I loved the most your smile laugh and way you spoke / And of all the things under the tree you were always good to me.' Check out his song / video to get a better sense of what Memories of Christmas means to Alan. You can listen to the track directly on Spotify:

Mama Tee (ft. Raphael Emeka) - שלום אלוהים עליך/Shalom Elohim Alaich (Peace Unto You) (Remix by Mama Tee) (Christmas)

Mama Tee (ft. Raphael Emeka) has released a Christian Christmas (CCM) track called 'שלום אלוהים עליך/Shalom Elohim Alaich (Peace Unto You) (Remix by Mama Tee)'. Mama Tee, a gospel singer and songwriter, performs together with Raphael Emeka a beautiful English and Hebrew version of her first Christmas song, Peace Unto You, a song which reminds us of the purpose of Christmas as stated in John 3:16-17. The song was remixed in Hebrew because the old testament was originally written in Hebrew. This project was a collaboration between recording artist Raphael Emeka and an Israeli team he had previously worked with on some of his previous releases. The old testament made numerous references to Christ's coming, and Mama Tee couldn't pass up the chance to have her song sung in one of the Bible's primary languages! Tolu wrote the original song, which was composed and produced by Emmanuel Awipi and sung by Rume (Raphael Emeka). Raphael Emeka and his wife Ikiomongha Opere tea