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Red Letter Society’s ‘How Beautiful - Orchestral Version': A Symphony of Faith and Rejoicing

Within every gentle swell and soaring crescendo of Red Letter Society's 'How Beautiful,' we encounter the familiar touch of divine grace, woven into a symphony that both soothes and energizes our faith-seeking hearts. This song envelops us with the meaning of Christ's birth while also delivering the raw power of contemporary Christian music, bursting with spiritual imagery that connects us to the heavenly majesty interwoven within our daily struggles.

Red Letter Society - How Beautiful - Orchestral VersionAs I listen to the lyrics 'The Lion and the Lamb held in a mother's hands,' I am reminded of Jesus' paradoxes and mysteries. Our Savior's strength and humility, power and restraint coexist in perfect balance throughout the song, echoing throughout the vast expanses of our hearts. A reminder of a fallen world bathed in divine light, the redeemed hope in lyrics like 'for the hope that was lost is being found, is being bought,' stirs a a renewed faith within us in His life-changing power.

The song, like our own journey with God, returns to its humble beginning - 'Rejoice'. It serves as a perfect affirmation of the cherished truth: God will never leave nor forsake us.

Listen. Embrace. Grow. Allow the song to enter your heart, strengthen your faith, and enlighten your spirit. Because this melody longs to rejoice within each of us.

(Related scripture: Luke 2:11; Isaiah 9:6; Revelation 5:5)


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